Dec 31, 2020
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Show the Kass, our hair stylist, SOME LOVE!! @hairbykassandra
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  • ryan should shave the front part of his hair lmaoo

    Abby OlivaAbby Oliva23 days ago
  • I got a new iPad with a unicorn case

    Louis AlamedaLouis Alameda26 days ago
  • Ryan you and Leslie both look amazing together with your new hair styles ❤️and you guys are amazing together I love this channel ❤️

    Adrianna CabreraAdrianna CabreraMonth ago
  • Love you guys, but the worse acting ever!!!

    Jennifer CaceresJennifer CaceresMonth ago

    Jada HopkinsJada HopkinsMonth ago
  • Girl if u don’t use some birth control. Stop using children for views

    Blackberry juiceBlackberry juiceMonth ago
  • Lmfao Ryan saying the fuck is this and tapping it with the q tip still stuck in his ear 😂🤣🤣🤣

    SpirituAnaSpirituAnaMonth ago
  • Bruh wtf is this shit

    Simran DhandaySimran DhandayMonth ago
  • I hope it's fake because if it's real and the first thing he says is "wtf what is this shit?" he sounds angry, but the hypocrisy when they are live "oh, I'm going to be a dad, we are very happy"🙄

    Daniela OrdóñezDaniela OrdóñezMonth ago
  • i hope the karma goes well😂..i hope the prank become truth..may God bless ur family ❤️❤️

  • You both look very 👍 nice

    EnTouch Wind River ReservationEnTouch Wind River Reservation2 months ago
  • Barbara GagnonBarbara Gagnon2 months ago
  • All their stuff is clickbait af 😒

    Alondra’s LifeAlondra’s Life2 months ago
  • Your show is the best

    Sandra RoeSandra Roe2 months ago
  • 3 i like darker better

    Erin aka pebblesErin aka pebbles2 months ago
  • Take another one in two more months it my show than 🤷💯🤘

    Lisa Christina . H.Lisa Christina . H.2 months ago
  • We didn't get anything

    patti Jacksonpatti Jackson2 months ago
  • The fact that Ryan left the cotton swab in his ear 😂😂😂😂

    Darly CanastujDarly Canastuj2 months ago
    • @Kenziebear G same

      Darly CanastujDarly Canastuj2 months ago
    • my favorite part hahaha

      Kenziebear GKenziebear G2 months ago
  • Can you guys please tag her ?

    Genoveva QuinteroGenoveva Quintero2 months ago
  • Ryan knew he was being filmed 😂

    Anna SaadAnna Saad2 months ago
  • Tell me why she looks like Ryan’s sister

    forever untouchedforever untouched2 months ago
  • I feel like she might actually be pregnant. Especially since she said that shes been having pregnancy symptoms. Like she could be and just be really early in the pregnancy. Idk maybe we’ll find out in a month or 2

    Selena AbneySelena Abney2 months ago
    • Yeah and in this new video she kinda looks pregnant but idk

      H IH I2 months ago
  • I love the hot seat salon! But I go to holly she’s amazing!

    Cindy MartinezCindy Martinez2 months ago
  • Real fans know she found she was pregnant at age of 18 going on 19 Ik this cuz they started dating in 2018 and she just turned 19 mean while Ryan over here was 25 26 her first daughter birthday is in July and her birthday is in April so when she found her she was pregnant turned 19 took her 9 months to have the baby which turned into another year 2019 April passed again she tuned 20 had baby sum months after 2020 she turns 21 and has another baby now she will be turning 22 these upcoming months and Ryan will turn 29 or 30 I’m not sure but but I think 🤔 he’s 28 right now

    Yourfavchassidy WoodsonYourfavchassidy Woodson2 months ago
    • What?

      H IH I2 months ago
  • That hair color really fits Ryan !

    Sarah KellerSarah Keller2 months ago
  • now she will be pregnant lol

    Martina MorenoMartina Moreno2 months ago
  • So over these fake people

    tina pekartina pekar2 months ago
  • He looks like sharky 💯

    A Day in Jays lifeA Day in Jays life2 months ago
  • Am I the only one who thinks “Leslie is so beautiful” ❤️🥺 ???

    Thaveesha AkurugodaThaveesha Akurugoda2 months ago
  • I've missed my periods too normally when I get it it takes a long time to finish

    Anna ForeverAnna Forever2 months ago
  • Get the Qtip out of your ear

    Rachel CarlRachel Carl2 months ago

    Karinelle SantiagoKarinelle Santiago2 months ago
  • too many millennials as is.. get a damn vasectomy

    Brett DeWolfBrett DeWolf2 months ago

    Y GY G2 months ago
  • This is the worst acting I have ever seen 👎🏻 they’re always acting actually. I only have seen their videos maybe 3 times and it looks and feel fake at all times.

    Martha MartinezMartha Martinez2 months ago
  • I’m a mom of 7 kids 3 of them are 2 years and younger and honestly I’m glade I Had them so close together it’s amazing seeing them so close together and the stages they go through it’s hard taking care of them now they are so young but I would not change it for the world I’m excited to see them grow up and what they will become in the future. I love watching your video and if you guys do decide to have another baby I would say sooner rather then later love you guys keep up the good work.

    Mama of 7Mama of 72 months ago
  • They really aren't good actors... Do genuine pranks, or not at all. It's getting old.

    Netsirk84Netsirk842 months ago
  • 10

    Melany MunguiaMelany Munguia2 months ago
  • Leslie! You’re so sweet!!

    Busy BialasBusy Bialas2 months ago
  • He got so happy lol

    eleanor Phillipeleanor Phillip2 months ago
  • Why would u prank about being pregnant or not pregnant so inconsiderate about people that can not have children or for people that take years and years to be able to conceive or people that have to pay thousands of dollars to be able to get ivf treatment.

    The Espinosa'sThe Espinosa's2 months ago
  • Cow bag

    connor wilsonconnor wilson2 months ago
  • this is so fake I can't even cope LOOOL how is he perfectly in line with the camera every time???

    RachaelRachael2 months ago
  • She's pranking us she probably pregnant

    Kyra BrownKyra Brown2 months ago
  • even Through u r not pregnant but Girl u Better Take Some birth control 🤭

    oinam vishakhaoinam vishakha2 months ago
  • It’s so amazing to see their story evolve! I remember when Ryan saw her in the mall & he kept saying he just saw the most beautiful girl ever! 😍❤️

    Ashley DennardAshley Dennard2 months ago
  • Why don’t you all get married and get on birth control? 🤦🏻‍♀️

    Camille M.GCamille M.G2 months ago
  • It’s true?

    YTM MidnsetYTM Midnset2 months ago
  • Girl birth control,, let your body rest, young enjoy life with the 2 babies you have , give them all the attention..

    Sharon RangelSharon Rangel2 months ago
  • Forget the hair colour, I feel like Ryan needs to change his hairSTYLE for this fresh new year. His whole head is all flat and then he had this cloud at the front, why?

    AlaAla2 months ago
  • One new change you all need to start doing in the year 2021 is just start being yourselfs and stop trying to imitate Austin and Catherine

    Carmencita DavisCarmencita Davis3 months ago
  • Oh my😭😂

    Juelma CorreiaJuelma Correia3 months ago
  • Happy New Year 🎆🎊🎈

    Jamie Lee AshtonJamie Lee Ashton3 months ago
  • 10 out of 10

    Caitland SummersCaitland Summers3 months ago
  • He’s going to get her back by getting her pregnant lol 😂

    Chanelle PowellChanelle Powell3 months ago
  • Sorry I love you guys but that looked fake

    Kathleen WildKathleen Wild3 months ago
  • The things that made me laugh is that ryan left his q tip in his ear 😂😭

    Vivianna SalcidoVivianna Salcido3 months ago
    • 😂😂😂😂😂😂

      AlaAla2 months ago
  • I’m sorry but she definitely wants to be like Catherine 🙃

    Ashley MichelleAshley Michelle3 months ago
  • It’s kinda weird how he sounds just like Austin and she sounds just like Catherine 🧐

    Briana Leneé LandaBriana Leneé Landa3 months ago
  • "another angel on earth" ahhhh

    Taylor FawkesTaylor Fawkes3 months ago
  • Having a big family is amazing. She’s gonna be having full conversations with her kids and they’re gonna have her and Ryan’s back as they grow up yall think they care about your negative opinions?!

    Jaylen BJaylen B3 months ago
  • Congratulations Kassandra

    Alessia RomanoAlessia Romano3 months ago
  • Lol like he didn’t set up the whole camera. “Why you acting like that?” Hahahhaha y’all just 😂

    Karina MartinezKarina Martinez3 months ago
  • Awe 🥺 i still remember when you found out and told Ryan you were pregnant with Bel!!! 😩♥️ I feel so old!!!

    Alyssa RhodesAlyssa Rhodes3 months ago
  • I’m here!❤️

    Life With MichaelLife With Michael3 months ago
  • I've been a fan of them for so long they are one of the least problematic families on USworlds I Love y'all and God bless you guys and your children💜💜💜💙💙💎

    Stacey OtienoStacey Otieno3 months ago
  • My guy is walking around with a Q tip in his ear like- lmao

    Maisy-Jane GillettMaisy-Jane Gillett3 months ago
  • Click bait ofc

    charlotte B.charlotte B.3 months ago
  • Wow I liked the video on the first test I was so happyyy 😭 Ill still leave a like but I’m hoping for baby number three . Not the pregnancy part just the baby 😂😂

    TootzehTootzeh3 months ago
  • You guys I thought you fool me

    Cintia RiveraCintia Rivera3 months ago
  • Why did you delete the pet video guys? @throughoureyes

    Lea RoseLea Rose3 months ago
  • Leslie with red hair would look sexy

    Anselmo HuertaAnselmo Huerta3 months ago
  • Why does she try to sound and laugh like Kathrine she should be herself

    Stephanie JohnsonStephanie Johnson3 months ago
  • Girl get birth control before the pranks 😂

    Elizabeth Bravo JacquesElizabeth Bravo Jacques3 months ago
  • The cutest souls on earth❤ Stay humble forever💕

  • Lol as soon as I clicked the vid I read the comments to see if it was a prank so then I just didn’t watch the video can anyone relate?

    ASMaRsASMaRs3 months ago
  • Ryan's hair looks bomb and Leslie always looks gorgeous but she looks gorgeous as ever with her new hairstyle.

    Karmen LetourneauKarmen Letourneau3 months ago
  • I think Leslie picked blue or blonde

    Karmen LetourneauKarmen Letourneau3 months ago
  • Faking a pregnancy or pranking you’re pregnant in general is not ok. There’s women who go through so much to become pregnant. I just don’t think it’s a good way to get views

    Maria GMaria G3 months ago
  • ninguno de sus videos de "bromas" son creíbles , se les ve muy forzados.

    Maarinuus loMaarinuus lo3 months ago
  • The Q-tip still in his ear

    Angela DurandAngela Durand3 months ago
  • that was awsome prank you two are so beautiful together love tam💕💞💜💜❤💯💫

    Tammy iveyTammy ivey3 months ago
  • And Leslie looks better with dark hair so she actually looked better before but I never thought she was pretty

    Maria CarlosMaria Carlos3 months ago
  • I love Ryan hair color a lot but it would of looked way way better with that patch of hair shaved off like that color with a nice cut

    Maria CarlosMaria Carlos3 months ago
  • She probably did this prank because she really is and this was a way to see ppl reaction before putting it out there

    Maria CarlosMaria Carlos3 months ago
  • You know she wants another baby because we all know she wants to be like Catherine she has to have 3 kids like her so sick 😷 also work on the relationship instead of popping out so many kids.

    Maria CarlosMaria Carlos3 months ago
  • why does Rryan look like he belongs in a band lol

    pawleenbabyyxopawleenbabyyxo3 months ago
  • Why was i not suprised tho??? Lmaoooo i really wouldnt have been shocked if they were pregnant again 😂

    Lauren MarksLauren Marks3 months ago
    • I bet she has nannies. Lucky her

      Olivia OliviaOlivia Olivia3 months ago
    • She using Ryan I'm afraid. 3 kids this soon and not even engaged

      Olivia OliviaOlivia Olivia3 months ago
  • “Please just keep yourself closed” Ryan is just another level 😭😂😂😂

    OneOfMillionsOneOfMillions3 months ago
  • Is anyone going to talk about how Ryan just leaves a q-tip in his ear when he finds the pregnancy test??

    Trinity GilchristTrinity Gilchrist3 months ago
    • Lol I did find that funny 😄

      Sally FunakoshiSally Funakoshi3 months ago
  • I love and enjoy his positivity it seems more genuine than other USworldsrs

    ReynasMuseReynasMuse3 months ago
  • His qtip lmaooooo

    ReynasMuseReynasMuse3 months ago
  • Ryan is too immature for all these kids

    elle elleelle elle3 months ago
  • It’s really not a joke

    Samantha SanchezSamantha Sanchez3 months ago
  • Love the new looks on the both of you. Definitely a 10 for both. And Happy New Years!

    Anais RiveraAnais Rivera3 months ago
  • I let my boyfriend choose my new hair color and he pick out black and red and I did not like it at first but than the next day I was in love with my new hair color

    Raelynn HaunRaelynn Haun3 months ago
  • Her hair was healthy. Lol

    No - visor player YTNo - visor player YT3 months ago
  • Before I even watch this video I can tell you, she is not pregnant. 🙄

    Killa CKilla C3 months ago
  • Y’all know there’s birth control right?

    Estefani MargaritaEstefani Margarita3 months ago
  • Ryan’s hair is 🔥🔥🔥

    kailee borklundkailee borklund3 months ago