Feb 24, 2021
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  • Issa VIBE!!!!!☺️ THANK you guys for the support, I’m SOOOOOOo excited for this new journey!!! AYEEEE!!❤️❤️

    Anely VelazquezAnely VelazquezMonth ago
    • Coming from a nanny for 19 years,its freaking amazing to find such amazing families who really care & appreciate you. Congratulations on your new journey with Ryan & his family. That's amazing. Welcome Home!! ❤

      Danielle CookinghamDanielle Cookingham28 days ago
    • @Anel Vega that's so cool awww😊

      TH - 08BO 746334 Sir William Gage MSTH - 08BO 746334 Sir William Gage MSMonth ago
    • Anely I love your name and how unique it is! You and I have very similar names. My name is Anel, it’s so cool to know someone with a similar name to mine. Also, congratulations!❤️

      Anel VegaAnel VegaMonth ago
    • Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww😘😘😘😍

      TH - 08BO 746334 Sir William Gage MSTH - 08BO 746334 Sir William Gage MSMonth ago
    • Girl this is my first video of theirs I’ve watched in a long time and just by the little clips of you, I can tell you’re so humble! They’re so lucky to have you! I was not crying... until the part where they showed your FaceTime call. Then I sobbed 😂😂

      Jessica LaraJessica LaraMonth ago
  • You guys at so kind live you guys 👏🏾👏🏾❤️❤️

    Janyah BestJanyah BestDay ago
  • What a beautiful person well deserved anely!

    Ashlynn SealAshlynn SealDay ago
  • I mean changed her life

    bobbie rojasbobbie rojas7 days ago
  • This is so freaking beautiful i'm tearing up

    SeleneSelene7 days ago
  • Who else is crying!!!! Love the energy!

    Ana MejiaAna Mejia9 days ago
  • So heartwarming ♥️

    MileeMilee15 days ago
  • Aww, this literally made me tear up🤩

    Princess Abyan’s tunesPrincess Abyan’s tunes17 days ago
  • i like her humor😭

    sabrinaasabrinaa18 days ago
  • Its been a year since I watched ryan's vlog. But they still the most humble couple Ive ever seen. Loved the relationship of them with anely. Wish them to always be grounded. Got teary eyed.

    Princess Delos ReyesPrincess Delos Reyes20 days ago
  • So nice

    America MccoyAmerica Mccoy21 day ago
  • I can totally relate by having the most amazing family to work for. They literally bought everything on my registry for my baby boy. They don’t know how much they helped by doing that I literally cried the day I logged on to my registry and saw that everything was purchased ❤️🙏🏼❤️ it’s amazing to be blessed with a great family when nannying or babysitting. I’m really just there 4 hours out of the day and they have completely done so much for me. God bless those who really appreciate their nannies, babysitters!! This was great

    Rising in Love.Rising in Love.22 days ago
  • .This was soo thoughtful of them it make me so happy how kind they are to everyone!! I love the good energy that they have. This channel is my most fav!!!

    Meah SimpsonMeah Simpson22 days ago
  • But it doesn’t have a bathroom 😩☹️ or closet?

    Nora SepulvedaNora Sepulveda22 days ago
  • I’m crying 🥲🥲

    Living life with teeLiving life with tee22 days ago
  • Awe I love you guys 🥺🥺

    Vanessa LopezVanessa Lopez22 days ago
  • Wb her 3 sibilings

    wjjwj2wjjwj222 days ago
  • I would love to have a nanny !! That’s awesome

    Brenda BBrenda B24 days ago
  • ❤️❤️

    Naira DiazNaira Diaz24 days ago
  • Awesome video. Please continue to show love and stay humble when you bless others from the heart blessings come to you. Never be afraid to let your light shine.

    Blessed4life4real JosiebcsBlessed4life4real Josiebcs25 days ago
  • My sister and brother in law did the same for me 😭

    Gracie GraceGracie Grace25 days ago
  • Aww.. I loved the surprise you did for nely so thoughtful and the room is beautiful 💕she looks so happy

    citlaly lopezcitlaly lopez26 days ago
  • Ryan’s good at anything!!❤️❤️

    Daniela BallesterosDaniela Ballesteros27 days ago
  • Awe I smiled throughout the whole video ❤️

    Melissa MedranoMelissa Medrano27 days ago
  • Aww I love how you guys are so close as good friends with your nanny what a beautiful family vlog ❤️

    Adrianna CabreraAdrianna Cabrera27 days ago
  • 🥺🥺🥺

    Zyriene MillsZyriene Mills28 days ago
  • I barely started to watch the video and I’m already tearing up this is amazing 🥲

    Gisselle RomanGisselle Roman28 days ago
  • Anely: Estas Llorando ? Me:*wiping tears Away* “NO” 😭

    Karime&CoKarime&Co28 days ago
  • Ryan basically said the whole surprise before they even showed her lol

    SteenTnuhSteenTnuh29 days ago
  • I found you guys from the ace family :)

    Sophia MoncrieffeSophia Moncrieffe29 days ago
  • This is amazing!!!!!🖤

    Miranda MalteseMiranda MalteseMonth ago
  • That was so awesome and so sweet

    Becky HeathBecky HeathMonth ago
  • How cool it would be if they surprise the babysitter family their own home so they can have their own room as well❤️

    Dayanara MartinezDayanara MartinezMonth ago
  • Leslie looks a lot like Catherine 😳

    Brittany LozanoBrittany LozanoMonth ago
  • This was so sweet😢😭

    LifeWithJuczLifeWithJuczMonth ago
  • Got a new subscriber from this. I can see the genuine love for someone who works for you instead of acting above them

    Erin HomanErin HomanMonth ago
  • She seems so sweet omg I love her

    Connie HernandezConnie HernandezMonth ago
  • Omg I love her energy 😭

    GianellaGianellaMonth ago
  • This was very teary eyed 🥺 it’s beautiful how y’all gave her something she will forever remember as her “first room” some people are not lucky enough to live in huge houses & experience what seems “ordinary” to others who are financially well off. Hope y’all never change 💓😫

    jessica venegasjessica venegasMonth ago
  • No one noticing how they and the ace family are literal copied of each other. The way they speak, act, edit. Close your eyes and Austin is there, blink your eyes and you see Catherine

    Carmen MCarmen MMonth ago
  • Bellamy and Aria are the lucky for having parents like Leslie and Ryan also having wonderful nanny like anely, god bless you

    berberberberMonth ago
  • I’m a nanny too! And I love that you did this for her 💜 awesome

    Earth Loving RitzEarth Loving RitzMonth ago
  • Goosebumps watching this 🥺. You guys are soooo amazing 🥰

    Chantelle MalupoChantelle MalupoMonth ago
  • She needs a dresser

    nice manice maMonth ago
  • Luv her so much. Mali is so adorable smart

    Maria Victoria OgoyMaria Victoria OgoyMonth ago
  • I love leslie her vibessss so sweet and sincere

    Karo BKaro BMonth ago
  • Awww I like her!!

    Brianna NelsonBrianna NelsonMonth ago
  • Awww so emotional 😭

    Jamie Lee AshtonJamie Lee AshtonMonth ago
  • My favorite video of all times! I really drop tears! This is beautiful and I wish nothing but beautiful blessings to y’all for everything you do! Changing a life of anely, a young beautiful girl my age, I’m so happy ❤️

    La EvaLa EvaMonth ago
  • i like how they’re open about having a nanny, unlike the ace family😂

    Valerie WardValerie WardMonth ago
    • wait who’s there nanny omg I’m jealous 😢

      Aubri Lauren DiazAubri Lauren Diaz17 days ago
    • Lmaooooo😭😭😭😭😭😭

      RR24 days ago
  • @11:41 I'm dead💀💀

    Oscar MOscar MMonth ago
  • you guys are Amazing!!!

  • i love her energy she’s so humble

    Gina MedinaGina MedinaMonth ago
  • Love this

    Ale HernandezAle HernandezMonth ago
  • Hooooooow cute, u guys are awesome 🥰

    Arjeta MArjeta MMonth ago
  • your baby girl is so cute shes already 6 months?? i havent watched your channel in a while, God bless yall. shes the luckiest nanny too wow yall too nice!

  • U guys areee so amazing for thatttt

    cindy valladarezcindy valladarezMonth ago
  • First time watching falling in love with this family thus suscribing

    Rachel PhoebhRachel PhoebhMonth ago
  • This is so sweet you all are so sweet the energy is immaculate they all deserve to be in each others lives heheh🥺🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️❣️❣️❣️

    astrid quiroaastrid quiroaMonth ago

    Onyi BekeeOnyi BekeeMonth ago
  • Y’all made me cry!

    ChantellChantellMonth ago
  • I cried. I love how genuine Leslie is I love her

    noa goldbergnoa goldbergMonth ago
  • Thank you to the both of you for doing this for her, shows what beautiful people you truly are!!!!

    Sharon MedelSharon MedelMonth ago
  • This was so sweet amazing

    Mia PryorMia PryorMonth ago
  • I love how humble Leslie is. Please never change, Leslie.

    Vic DCVic DCMonth ago
  • 🥰 I loved Anely’s reaction that was so nice for you to give her 1st beautiful bedroom ❤️

    Mani PowarMani PowarMonth ago
  • Leslie and Ryan are such beautiful souls, they make me feel so positive and smiley 😃

    rideremiirideremiiMonth ago
  • This is amazing!♥️

    Nikki MNikki MMonth ago
  • She dont even have her own private restroom 🚻 👎

    Sandra Chuy BlancoSandra Chuy BlancoMonth ago
  • Awww she’s a beautiful Pisces💕💕💕 happy bday to her

    Itzel LopezItzel LopezMonth ago
  • I love this soooo much

    Skylha DravenSkylha DravenMonth ago
  • aww shes such a great nanny you guys are great

    Jenah MedinaJenah MedinaMonth ago
  • Wow !

    Valerie RashidValerie RashidMonth ago

    Cathy HaodaCathy HaodaMonth ago
  • Wow a live in Nanny, dang

    Brandi BaskaBrandi BaskaMonth ago
  • She looks like Catherine

    Fantazia IbeFantazia IbeMonth ago
  • That's so sweet. I've been a nanny for years and I understand what you did means a lot. Showing appreciation to someone who helps you with your kids is the best thing ever. Good job guys!!!

    nanudinanudiMonth ago
  • I love her! Congats! :)

    Katelyn ShaverKatelyn ShaverMonth ago
  • shes so sweet omg! shes so appreciative

    Itzel GarciaItzel GarciaMonth ago
  • Awww soooo beautiful what blessings 🥰💗💗🙏🏾

    Arriana CarterArriana CarterMonth ago
  • Omg i was crying because I wish I could help someone u guys rock

    family villalobosfamily villalobosMonth ago
  • I love this ❤️❤️

    Leslo's channelLeslo's channelMonth ago
  • This made me have such a fonder appreciation and love for you guys! How amazing you both are. This was so genuine and just LOVE ❤️❤️❤️✨

    Marilyn GonzalezMarilyn GonzalezMonth ago
  • Thanks for making m cry 😅

    Kylee HawksKylee HawksMonth ago
  • Aw this was so sweet to see 💕✨

    Diamond EstradaDiamond EstradaMonth ago
  • i subscribed your channel through our eyes

    jeana ioriojeana iorioMonth ago
  • She dead ass looks like Catherine’s daught if she was grown up

    ReddbeautyReddbeautyMonth ago
  • Me confused cuz the last time I watched them was when she only had one kid and now there's this huge ass house 😂

    Emil PcEmil PcMonth ago
  • Her moms smile ❤️❤️

    Alicia SophiaAlicia SophiaMonth ago
  • Don’t really watch you guys but this is dope. Glad you guys are grateful for for others help and contributions to your lives

    Gilbert ChavezGilbert ChavezMonth ago
  • High key crying, its so emotional. Ryan and Leslie u guys are seriously so humble and genuine. Love that!

    Kali KatsKali KatsMonth ago
  • Awww that was nice anely is so sweet girl stay humble

  • Who is the dirtiest person in the household IS A GREAT VLOG. U MIGHT EVEN START A TREND!!

    Somaya JosephSomaya JosephMonth ago
  • 2:55 he could've been about to tell her to dress nice or do her hair cause she would wanna look good on camera

    Somaya JosephSomaya JosephMonth ago
  • So sweet

    Lovely JacksonsLovely JacksonsMonth ago
  • Oh my god I literally cried😭❤️

    Anavia _Anavia _Month ago
  • I never seen someone so appreciative for something, even her mom. The things we all take for granted and think nothing of are things others dream for. I'm glad she got her dream room ❤

    Trisha KootenhayooTrisha KootenhayooMonth ago
  • I love how Ryan’s Spanish “accent” got SOOOOOO strong as soon as nelly walked in lol

    kaylee roebuckkaylee roebuckMonth ago
  • Made me tear up 💖 You guys are amazing people 😘

    Stacey’s MamiBreakStacey’s MamiBreakMonth ago
  • Crying