Mar 10, 2021
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THIS WAS FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • poor Bellamy

    儒Day ago
  • Are you guys going to change the intro in 2021

    R.C LiveR.C Live13 days ago
  • No need to scream, y’all scared her.

    Orea AliOrea Ali16 days ago
  • Hi I love you guys

    Norma RivasNorma Rivas18 days ago
  • Awwww ☺️☺️☺️

    Jamie Lee AshtonJamie Lee Ashton19 days ago
  • omg lol with all the screaming freaked her out. but that was a good prank. lol

    tiffanypeterson95tiffanypeterson9525 days ago
  • people in the comments need to calm down.

    Adriana LAdriana L27 days ago
  • Lmao😂😂 I really thought Bellamy had something in her ear lol poor thing

    sonia mendozasonia mendoza29 days ago
  • Boys are so 4:00 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    ꧁PastelꨄCloud ꧂꧁PastelꨄCloud ꧂29 days ago
  • This was not even funny wtf

    Tina SalvatoriTina SalvatoriMonth ago
  • Ok I didn’t know that is was a prank that tells me how good of a mom that Leslie is but that was scary to me

    Samala SavoySamala SavoyMonth ago
  • You have to remain calm you teach your kids how to respond to situation .

    Samantha FaglieSamantha FaglieMonth ago
  • You guys with only some comments saying and recommending something it's enough they should understand by then but otherwise Lesley and Ryan God bless you guys and have a great day

    Sanjuana GarzaSanjuana GarzaMonth ago
  • Where did they buy the ear thing??

    Brenda DiazBrenda DiazMonth ago
  • Y’all have the cutest kids 🥺🥺🥺🥰🥰🥰

    Brianna WilliamsBrianna WilliamsMonth ago
  • A spider laid its eggs in my moms ear before

    angel maldovanangel maldovanMonth ago
  • Bellamy is reall unbothered, i an see that in her . ergh i love herr

    nur maisarahnur maisarahMonth ago
  • what is that

    Anna BruynAnna BruynMonth ago
  • What job are u doing

    Mohammed BasilMohammed BasilMonth ago
  • People are hilarious on this app lol.

    Esteisy AguilarEsteisy AguilarMonth ago
  • If you guys actually watched the video you’ll know it’s a prank,... people need to relax .if you’re the type to act entitled to commenting on someone else’s reaction, parenting , etc find something else to watch

    Esteisy AguilarEsteisy AguilarMonth ago
  • I love you guys !!❤❤❤

    gaby_gabygaby_gabyMonth ago
  • Where are your dogs? Didn't you take them with you?

    Evita KEvita KMonth ago
  • FACTS : All doctor's will tell you that ear wax is there to protect your ear . When you don't have wax to protect your ear is when you get ear aches and also the wind can cause your ear to hurt.

    Christina's Story'sChristina's Story'sMonth ago
  • All I saw was wax LOL But definitely got me 😂 “Let’s look at tik tok” Leslie face 💀💀😂😂😂

    SimplyDSimplyDMonth ago
  • Guys it’s ear wax

    Summer MayfieldSummer MayfieldMonth ago
  • Omg Leslie is so annoying in that video. I normally really like you but you reacted like a child and not like a mother....that's kind of sad:(

    LunaLunaMonth ago
  • Your poor daughter... you shouldn’t have screamed like that, you scared your daughter!

    melissa strappmelissa strappMonth ago
  • What device was that?

    melissa strappmelissa strappMonth ago
  • I feel like Leslie only screams thoes overreacting screams beacuse Catherine also do that

    Marilyn MonroeMarilyn MonroeMonth ago
  • Im here im late but im here! Los amo 🥺❤️

    Liz Alvarez0119Liz Alvarez0119Month ago
  • She can get an ear infection omg, don’t touch that child’s ear 🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴

    Jamie RichardsJamie RichardsMonth ago
  • Drama queen

    Jamie RichardsJamie RichardsMonth ago
  • I feel like i am watching two immature kids having kids...all that screaming was getting her scared...put their feelings before yours...time to grow up !!

    Day by DayDay by DayMonth ago
  • Ryan should propose to lesile.

    SatanSatanMonth ago
  • I also got pranked but it's okay

    Faith ChebetFaith ChebetMonth ago
  • Leslie was annoyin me tbh

    Shen LeeShen LeeMonth ago
  • Hi I love you guys

    AsèAsèMonth ago
  • ***Does anyone know the smartwatch that Leslie is wearing and the promo code? Please and thank you 😊***

    Vanessa ChavezVanessa ChavezMonth ago
  • Omg

    Destiny SotoDestiny SotoMonth ago
  • Fake Soryyyy

    Janet GrosskreuzJanet GrosskreuzMonth ago
  • Looks like Ryan has had some cupping done.

    Ashy HAshy HMonth ago
  • Girl tf it’s ear wax sit down Jesus.

    CharlotteCharlotteMonth ago
  • Special edition :Through our ears 😂😂😂aww Bellamy is so cuteee 😍

    Thegonjishk GonjishkThegonjishk GonjishkMonth ago
  • Do not clean your ears with cotton buds, filaments of cotton come off and ball up in the ears!! It's true nothing smaller than your elbow should go in your ears!

    Niff LofairNiff LofairMonth ago
  • Ear

    a c ea c eMonth ago
  • What the heck was in her era

    a c ea c eMonth ago
  • Why am I the idiot trying to eat and watching this...

    Brea’s ChannelBrea’s ChannelMonth ago
  • 8:00 Bellamy’s a whole mood 😂😂

    Joua LorJoua LorMonth ago
  • Done 🥰💕

    Brittney KnappekBrittney KnappekMonth ago
  • Bruh that’s fake that was a video

    Fabian ReyesFabian ReyesMonth ago
  • Lets sie wat in your girlfrend

    Anushka SoendaAnushka SoendaMonth ago
  • Love u guys the kids are growing quick and they are beautiful!!!❤️😘🥰🌸❤️

    Barbara RodriguezBarbara RodriguezMonth ago
  • Kids shouldn’t be raising kids 😒 when they gonna start acting like adults, poor kids

    teffy Vargasteffy VargasMonth ago
    • @Jay Pocean I had my kids in my earliest 20s but I never acted like that of course I’m not a youtuber they do stupid shit for camera and think is cool and stupid people like you think is cool too

      teffy Vargasteffy VargasMonth ago
    • How you meaaaannnn? You must be some boring parent/aunt/uncle. What’s the correct age to have kids?

      Jay PoceanJay PoceanMonth ago
    • For real

      CharlotteCharlotteMonth ago
  • Her:"omg we need to take her to the doctor's" Me:😱🤢😬

    BrianaavilaBrianaavilaMonth ago
  • She was fine and calm till Leslie starting screaming then she didn’t want them to touch her no more

    jennna waltonjennna waltonMonth ago
  • That damn braid 🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭 Ryan clearly did suction cup therapy, Lmfaooo he’s an ass lol

    ItsMizzyItsMizzyMonth ago
  • He should of acted like it was in Leslie's ear not his daughter, hes always using the kids like when he pretended to drop her over the stairs. Idk just dont like using the kids.

    Amy AdamsAmy AdamsMonth ago
    • Super irrelevant comment lol

      Esteisy AguilarEsteisy AguilarMonth ago
  • Dramatic Exaggeration! 🏆 telenovela Univision ocurrió Así🙄

    Christina MaldonadoChristina MaldonadoMonth ago
  • Dramatic it’s freaking wax. Me and my bf clean each other’s ears every week with that . The more you scream and make a fuss it’s going to scare her more.

    Lili SanchezLili SanchezMonth ago
  • Do you have a link for the camera ?

    Amanda WellsAmanda WellsMonth ago
  • but why so much hate here? like hello guys.. chill ouht

    Claire HernandezClaire HernandezMonth ago
  • My son had so much earwax that he could not hear

    Life Of LizLife Of LizMonth ago
  • What’s on Ryan’s arm and neck like big suction cup marks I’ve never seen before

    Christy AmbrocioChristy AmbrocioMonth ago
  • They really expect their ears to be squeaky clean?? Wax forms in the ear for protection so its really more of a good thing than a gross thing and tbh all of their ears are pretty clean i dont understand why Leslie was reacting like that

    Pablo LoviePablo LovieMonth ago
  • I got so scared lol oh oh

    eleanor Phillipeleanor PhillipMonth ago
  • leslie is so damn dramatic tf is wrong with her

    Nina QistinaNina QistinaMonth ago
  • When is Ryan gonna put a ring on it

    Sydney ConnersSydney ConnersMonth ago
  • Lmfaooooo he said we could look on tic tock how to get it out 🤣🤣🤣🤣TIC TOCK LMFAOO

    Deanmaraw Nails710Deanmaraw Nails710Month ago
  • Hello Love you guys but this device sent me to urgent care! I wanted to send a warning out to anyone who is thinking of buying this device. I bought this on a whim and part of the device actually fell out into my ear and sent me to urgent care to get it removed. It’s not great to stick anything into your ears and earwax naturally cleans your ears. This device is super intriguing but be extra careful with it going to far and would avoid using it with babies entirely. ❤️❤️‼️

    Sienna PaleySienna PaleyMonth ago
  • Wtf😂 why are you acting like this in front of your kid?😑

    Eleni StylianouEleni StylianouMonth ago
  • I used to love her but in this video she is so annoying 🙈 sooo overreacting and loud 🙈

    Sonja SchenkSonja SchenkMonth ago
  • Clever

    Jón G. HnnessonJón G. HnnessonMonth ago
  • I was eating then I was like nah I can’t watch this 🥴

    Jose TurciosJose TurciosMonth ago
  • leslie stoppppp

    Rupam RL RanaRupam RL RanaMonth ago
  • Leslie doing to much over earwax😐

    ShyraBrielle TvShyraBrielle TvMonth ago
  • Camera guy sucks!!!!

    Rebecca LovatoRebecca LovatoMonth ago
  • Bye pinky!!!!!!

    Kelly StroudKelly StroudMonth ago
  • Yall should be more careful yall scared Bellamy Yall screaming and overreacting like that can cause trauma to her Its not ok

    Marisol SantamariaMarisol SantamariaMonth ago
  • I would not be putting anything in your child's ears not even Q-tips it is very dangerous if there is wax you can push it further down in the ear canal...only a Dr should be going in their ears...

    L CL CMonth ago
  • Why is leslie so hyper active always? She screams a lot not only in this video but she always kinda screams and laughs for no reason.That's really annoying.

    mirmirMonth ago
  • All of you complaining about Leslie overreacting and screaming especially infront of bellamy y’all need to chill the fuck out because like that’s their business thats their family that’s how they are being around their family let them do what they want to do. whatever goes wrong over there that’s their responsibility not yours stop getting involved or worried on someone else life. just watch the video and enjoy it , not to just start giving them lectures and how to take care of their own children. I get it yall are tryna help but yall be going extra acting like yall know everything im pretty sure bellamy is fine and if u dont like what they do around their kids than stop watching simple as that . If leslie being dramatic and extra , than why are u watching their vids ?

    YoungQueenYoungQueenMonth ago
  • Omg Ryan scared me too! I was worried 😭😭 I could only imagine how scared Leslie was

    Mary-Kate V.Mary-Kate V.Month ago
  • Really.....

    Shinebox CShinebox CMonth ago
  • Talk to your pediatrician please I was told to never clean the inside of my children’s ears just the outside all wax comes out qtips push wax in love yall

    Juana MerrillJuana MerrillMonth ago
  • the pranks aren't funny anymore. They went from funny to mean and psychologic damage.

    brian bradybrian bradyMonth ago
  • THE most beautiful babies just wow

    Amanda LoeAmanda LoeMonth ago
  • Why is everybody overreacting to Leslie screaming. Some people jus dont like seeing stuff like ear wax or popping pimples.

    Shanna HenryShanna HenryMonth ago
    • exactly

      Claire HernandezClaire HernandezMonth ago
  • Aw Leslie shouldn’t have gotten scared Infront of Bellamy

    Maria CMaria CMonth ago
  • 🤣🤣🤣 you got her good with that one Ryan, I was actually scared for a minute

    kay maykay mayMonth ago
  • Your ears are self cleaning using Q-tips put the wax more down

    Adailynn GlennonAdailynn GlennonMonth ago
  • How old is Bellamy

    Chane JonesChane JonesMonth ago
  • The ace family: Austin pranks Catherine Through our eyes: (5 days later) Ryan pranks Leslie Love the chemistry here.

    زهراءزهراءMonth ago
  • Ryan got a big ass hickey.

    Merita IsakuMerita IsakuMonth ago
  • I hope u baby sitter knows first aid and CPR if she's watching your babies I'm not trying to be controlling but I was taking care of a little girl and she started choking on a piece of candy and I had to do the Heimlich I literally saved her life it's just always a good idea but you guys are awesome parents

    Tina TijerinaTina TijerinaMonth ago
  • Leslie is not annoying, you guys are. relax. People blow anything so out of proportion.

    brenda Orozcobrenda OrozcoMonth ago
  • This one was a little all over the place but I got to see the cute babies so I’m happy!

    Melody CaraballoMelody CaraballoMonth ago
  • The girls are too cute! Lmao Ryan with his pranks. That was a good one.

    Lisa FaucherLisa FaucherMonth ago
  • Okay y’all don’t have to yell it’s not that serious.

    Justine DelrosarioJustine DelrosarioMonth ago
  • Aria is soo cute, I srsly can't 🥺❤

    29 tanya mangla29 tanya manglaMonth ago