Drive-in-movie date turns to DREAM CAR SURPRISE!!!

Oct 22, 2020
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  • love the car...and Hocus Pocus i can watch it over and over never get tired of watching it.

    Alma RomeroAlma Romero24 days ago
  • Aww Ryan your the best boyfriend because you know how to make your girlfriend happy ❤️❤️

    Adrianna CabreraAdrianna CabreraMonth ago
  • Hey @Ryan through our eyes iam back sorry I been so busy updates parks resorts

    Bianca AlvaradoBianca Alvarado2 months ago
  • I think this was an apology for dropping the baby prank.

    Mercedez De La FuenteMercedez De La Fuente2 months ago
  • Nice

    Hell_ girlHell_ girl2 months ago
  • Lal

    yzabelyzabel3 months ago
  • Wow m nice 👍

    yzabelyzabel3 months ago
  • Not me crying rn 😩

    Pink BabyPink Baby3 months ago
  • Awee this is super adorable her reaction to the whole thing , the smallest things that you do goes a long ways ❤️ love this

    jazmin Rodriguezjazmin Rodriguez3 months ago
  • Song name ?

    sarahi reyessarahi reyes4 months ago
  • i just subscribe to the through our eyes

    jeana ioriojeana iorio4 months ago
  • I love this.! 💕💕

    Katrina ShortyKatrina Shorty4 months ago
  • The one thing I love most about you and Leslie video is that you always give advice in your video. God bless your beautiful family! Love watching your family and your two little cute girls!!!

    Beautiful all AroundBeautiful all Around4 months ago
  • Leslie is so beautiful in and out 🥺❤️

    rushali sharmarushali sharma4 months ago
  • Good Surprise

    Keven Rafael RamirezKeven Rafael Ramirez4 months ago
  • I love them 🥺🥺🧡

    Erika PerezErika Perez4 months ago
  • I want a pair of custom made shoes your art is awesome Ryan

    Christina SmothersChristina Smothers4 months ago
  • I've down all three things for the give away.

    Maricarmen Torres-RosaMaricarmen Torres-Rosa4 months ago
  • I already did those 3 things. Love you guys sm btw

    Valerie nunezValerie nunez4 months ago
  • Damn y’all are buying nice vehicles in videos last year bought a Mercedes car now a Range Rover love it this is awesome

    Christina SmothersChristina Smothers4 months ago
  • Your post notification is on the through our eyes 👀

    Jeana IorioJeana Iorio4 months ago
  • Awwww! She deserved it and so much more!!! How excited she got!

    Char HeavenChar Heaven5 months ago
  • I cried

    I Am NatalyaI Am Natalya5 months ago
  • Hocus pocus is the best!!!!!!omg so romantic!!!!!

    Mindy BroussardMindy Broussard5 months ago
  • hey Ryan and Leslie love you guys

    Alyssa HAlyssa H5 months ago
  • I hope I win the give away I DID ALL THOSE TRE THINGS! I love you guys so much keep up with the good work!

    IvyIvy5 months ago

    Niners BabyNiners Baby5 months ago
  • when you have more money than brains...

    The Ward FamThe Ward Fam5 months ago
  • I legit cried when she cried. Ughh so cute!!!!

    luisa lopezluisa lopez5 months ago
  • That’s so exciting 😊😊😊

    Jamie Lee AshtonJamie Lee Ashton5 months ago
  • I literally just balled my eyes out dooodeee 😭😭😭

    Brittney CaldwellBrittney Caldwell5 months ago
    • Me too I been crying for weeks I can’t stop lol

      Shinebox CShinebox C5 months ago
  • So adorable I love you guys

    Jacqueline AvilesJacqueline Aviles5 months ago

    Eves Daily LifeEves Daily Life5 months ago
  • Leslie seriously deserves the world. I freaking love her personality so much! ❤️

    Mom PhotographerMom Photographer5 months ago
  • Best couple ever ❤️❤️❤️

    Allison MooreAllison Moore5 months ago
  • Done

    Daisy MartinezDaisy Martinez5 months ago
  • Done ❤️ would love a giveaway

    Cristal GomezCristal Gomez5 months ago
  • Que lindo 😭😭 and I would love a giveaway ❤️

    Cristal GomezCristal Gomez5 months ago
  • Am done all those three things ✅

    Amber RangelAmber Rangel5 months ago
  • Done

    Amber RangelAmber Rangel5 months ago
  • That boy is tooooooo thoughtful 😊

    Yanka BarnetteYanka Barnette5 months ago
  • Leslie's reaction almost made me cry lol. so sweet of you ryan.

    Lydia GreatLydia Great5 months ago
  • Leslie's personality is 😍

    Lydia GreatLydia Great5 months ago
  • Not trying to force anything I just think she's an authentic person I see how she loves you so much

    Dreama' LoveDreama' Love5 months ago
  • She is so happy imagine what type of expression she would have when you make everything official Ryan you know what I mean ❤️🤦👌👍👏👏👏

    Dreama' LoveDreama' Love5 months ago
  • It amazes me how people find watching phoney videos like this entertaining lol 😂

    ElleElle5 months ago
  • This video was so sweet... Awwww Ryan you keep making Leslie smile

    Maria MalayaMaria Malaya5 months ago
  • I would definitely appreciate the art on those shoes. Made once by an individual...priceless. I work with oil paint and i couldn’t imagine doing designs like this on shoes?!!! 🤭😩😍

    Brenda SandovalBrenda Sandoval5 months ago
  • Awwwwww her reaction 🥺🥺🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ i love her

    TeeshaTeesha5 months ago
  • Black hair would look so good on Ryan

    Brenda SandovalBrenda Sandoval5 months ago
  • Leslie is so pretty 😍👌❤️

    Namgyal Dorjee TamangNamgyal Dorjee Tamang5 months ago
  • Stay Safe Take Care Stay Healthy all Family

    Namgyal Dorjee TamangNamgyal Dorjee Tamang5 months ago
  • Lots of love to you guys Through Our Eyes Family, ACES FAMILY, L&S Family

    Namgyal Dorjee TamangNamgyal Dorjee Tamang5 months ago
  • God bless ur heart lovely Ryan !!♥️✅💌☮💟😍🙂👌🏼😘😊🤘🏽💕💝

    pattie khalilpattie khalil5 months ago
  • I did all the three things hopefully I win☺️💕

    Isha BarryIsha Barry5 months ago
  • So cute... i would love to see yals wedding.

    Marianela_1976Marianela_19765 months ago
  • I think I did it

    Deja ThomasDeja Thomas5 months ago
  • Awww you guys are so cute. ☺️ Ryan you are so sweet.

    Valine GallegosValine Gallegos5 months ago
  • Btw... I'VE DONE ALL 3!!!

    savannah brandhorstsavannah brandhorst5 months ago
  • So sweet

    savannah brandhorstsavannah brandhorst5 months ago
  • CEO of really

    Adeeva's journeyAdeeva's journey5 months ago
    • Luv it

      Adeeva's journeyAdeeva's journey5 months ago
  • So guys are so cute! The best thing about you guys is that you both are so humble!! Love you guys and your beautiful children

    Jackie AlvaradoJackie Alvarado5 months ago
  • Ashleyy iss such a perfect girlfriend!! I really mean that

    VeNessa TorresVeNessa Torres5 months ago
  • Why does It look like he's dating his sister. Creepy. He seems like an Austin wannabe including his choice of who he dates. He's an idiot for his baby prank. Who thinks that's funny. And he seriously is just rambling and not even apologizing but blaming fans instead. Agree or disagree hes an idiot

    chhristina maochhristina mao5 months ago
    • Wherever ur comment went. I dont watch them. I saw a video about them somewhere else and thought hes an idiot for the baby prank and tries too hard to be Austin.

      chhristina maochhristina mao5 months ago
  • I'm happy for both of you. For real

    Aulia AmiraAulia Amira5 months ago
  • Kudos to u both ❤ & good luck & congrats to whoever the winner of the giveaway is!

    Lizeth ReyesLizeth Reyes5 months ago
  • DONE!!!! I love watching your guy’s videos they always keep me positive! Leslie your so beautiful and your lucky to have Ryan I love how your so creative Ryan! Love you guys and take care! I’ve been subscribed to you guys for the longest time and will always be!💕😁❤️

    Fatima MartinezFatima Martinez5 months ago
  • Cutest and most genuine couple on USworlds!

    Sarah VelezSarah Velez5 months ago
  • ❤ Nothing but Love!! Following on Insta ✅ Subscribed ✅ Post Notification on ✅ Choose me please 🙏🏽❤

    Cristal SanchezCristal Sanchez5 months ago
  • ✨done✨

    Cherrie NkansahCherrie Nkansah5 months ago
  • So cringey !!!

    paigelou xopaigelou xo5 months ago
  • That was a cute date

    judith brownjudith brown5 months ago
  • What a beautiful surprise! I love your videos🥰👏👏

    elizabeth martinezelizabeth martinez5 months ago
  • I luv luv how she always get so excited..

    Florie KasbanFlorie Kasban5 months ago
  • ❤❤🔥🔥

    Aye chaksAye chaks5 months ago
  • Done all 3 things ❤

    samantha oliveirasamantha oliveira5 months ago
  • Arya is transgender prob a baby boy

    Animals TVAnimals TV5 months ago
  • Done

    Megan ConroyMegan Conroy5 months ago
  • Crawl back under your rock.

    Janice BofingerJanice Bofinger5 months ago
  • Ryan is so romantic and Leslie is sooo cute and adorable

    Living with ThatoLiving with Thato5 months ago
  • This relationship is sickening. Hes with a clone of his sister and is trying to pick up all of Austin’s vocal and physical mannerisms and it honestly makes me feel ill. Please step away from USworlds for your child.

    Matt OneillMatt Oneill5 months ago
  • Prank didn't go over well huh

    Iris BIris B5 months ago
  • So happy for Lesly have fun. I love you guys. God bless

    maria vegamaria vega5 months ago
  • Wow

    Sophia WilliamsSophia Williams5 months ago
  • Made me cry like a baby

    Brandy SteffanBrandy Steffan5 months ago
  • Done all 3 steps. Best gift ever. Range Rover w light interior looked beautiful😍😍 Ryan’s so thoughtful

    Ahohavili KioaAhohavili Kioa5 months ago
  • I couldn’t stop smiling while watching this😁🥺

    Haylie CoderHaylie Coder5 months ago
  • I’ve been subscribed since day one and I love you guys so much you guys are just such an inspiration. I’m not the type to enter in giveaways and stuff but a customized shoe from ryan would be a blessing I just love his work so much and tbh it would be a dream to win one of his custom shoe giveaways 💕

    Gabriella OrtizGabriella Ortiz5 months ago
  • Done🔥👟

    Mbalieh NtsizwaneMbalieh Ntsizwane5 months ago
  • I have done the three things Aww you guys are soo cute together I loved it when Leslie screamed haha

    Larina BagicLarina Bagic5 months ago
  • I have done all the three things that you have for us to do. Without these youtube videos, I wouldn't have been motivated to do other things. Thank you for always making good content on this channel. @john.n.yang

    John YangJohn Yang5 months ago
  • What's ur other channels name?

    Linda SinclairLinda Sinclair5 months ago
  • Austin could learn a thing or two from his bro inlaw 1. Be humble 2. Be real 3 don't cheat 4. Don't rape.

    Star SmithStar Smith5 months ago
  • he is so thoughtful i just cant🥺🥺🥺🥺 i got goosebumps!!🥺❤️

    Apeksha PrasaiApeksha Prasai5 months ago
  • The sweetest couple! She’s deserves it beautiful gift ever 🙌

    Laysa CastanedaLaysa Castaneda5 months ago

    imogen smithimogen smith5 months ago
  • hi!!! I was playing amoung us with you guys and got disconnected and never got the chance to say I love you guys and it was fun while it lasted!

    Alyssa GennaroAlyssa Gennaro5 months ago
  • That’s my dream car 😭

    Ariana BuskulicAriana Buskulic5 months ago
  • So excited for the shoes giveaway ☺️☺️☺️🤗🤗

    Nandini nishanthNandini nishanth5 months ago
  • I've done all three , and Awesomeeee Job on Surprising Leslie.... SOOO SWEET!!!

    Jacklyn SchmidtJacklyn Schmidt5 months ago