Jun 29, 2020
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Through Our Eyes APPAREL coming SOON!! It's all worth the wait!! TRUST!
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  • Hey HEY! We're back on filming schedule!! SOOO so much has been happening behind the scenes that we needed this time to prepare for what's ahead! Thank you for staying with us and being part of the family:) With all the love, Ryan, Leslie, Bellamy and tiny princess!!

    Through Our EyesThrough Our Eyes9 months ago
    • @Jadiel Jeremias i am trying it out right now. Seems to be working.

      Dane StevenDane Steven18 days ago
    • i dont know if anyone cares at all but last night I hacked my gfs Instagram password by using Instapwn. Find it on google if you care

      Jadiel JeremiasJadiel Jeremias18 days ago
    • Our goal this year is to reach 1,000 subscribers 🥺💕 we hope one day we can be as big as them 🥺❤️

      Cee And TinCee And Tin2 months ago
    • your post notifcation is on

      jeana ioriojeana iorio4 months ago
    • P

      Bhavna PriyeshBhavna Priyesh6 months ago
  • Ryan, those shoes are bad ass!! You did an amazing job on all three!! Stay blessed 🙏💝

    azmissy33azmissy3316 days ago
  • One of binkie's sock is missing lol

    XxbubbleteagamerxXXxbubbleteagamerxX20 days ago
  • I love you💖😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤

    princess litgirlprincess litgirl21 day ago
  • YOOOO you're dope asf Ryan!!!WOW!!! Those shoes are so AMAZING!Where's your store!?????

    Tyler ShanklesTyler Shankles21 day ago
  • Hi Guys 👋😀 Love the Familia you amaze everytime Yul post videos I'm a New commenter eversince I knew how to communicate to Yul I'm loving it this is my dream come true much more to learn So Guys 👋😂 Ryan you are a talented 💓 guy the day I saw this video I said man this Lad has 💯 talent when I saw 😂 you painting 😁😂 those Kiddo shoes my eyes 😍 👀 popped with tears you also have Great 😍❤️ talent in Art Love ❤️ the sketch ❤️ 😍❤️ Leslie she has chosen 😍 a heart 💓 throbbed love the pranks all of it keep them coming seriously Ryan 😡 I mean business no joking how about you open 😂 your own 😂😂 store Austin and Cathy Yul are right it about time jokes aside 😂😜 before the third 😂 😝 one comes Wish we had talent like yours in South Africa not many 😉😂 may God bless 🙏😇 those 🙏 ✋ s you are one in a Million make the best of yo talent I do not know how much time I've left with everything that's going around 😭😔

    Vasantha ThangaveluVasantha ThangaveluMonth ago
  • I don't if Leslie knows her tracts were showing at the door js.

    Lucida RoseLucida RoseMonth ago
  • I love the shoes id most definitely buy a pair. Im happy to see you guys doing well, I love you all.

    Rachel CimminoRachel CimminoMonth ago
  • i liked the ice cream oneś they were so cute!!!

    Lexie JacoboLexie JacoboMonth ago
  • Aww what a beautiful family vlog you guys are amazing together ❤️❤️ I can’t stop watching this vlog because I love how you designed your nieces and nephews shoes Ryan your art work is amazing what a beautiful gift and talent you have and god bless you and your beautiful family congratulations again ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Adrianna CabreraAdrianna CabreraMonth ago
  • Leslie is so kind💕

    Hirushani AmarasingheHirushani Amarasinghe2 months ago
  • All the custom shoes are cool for the kids. Blessings to you and your family

    Team Inner PeaceTeam Inner Peace3 months ago
  • Please design me some Nike high tops with leopard print... That would be so dope!! You are so talented!! Xx

    Gemma SaundersGemma Saunders3 months ago
  • You should do this an make extra $ i would pay you for shoes that is specifically created for my love ones.

    Arlene PepinArlene Pepin3 months ago
  • Those shoes were awesome you should make up a store and sell custom made shoes

    Mark RugmanMark Rugman3 months ago
  • Can I order some of these air forces for my daughter

    Tiffany RodarteTiffany Rodarte3 months ago
  • I definitely would love to get some shoes done by you 😍

    Pink BabyPink Baby4 months ago
  • They all look great, elle’s are my favorite

    Kat MendezKat Mendez4 months ago
  • I would like some my side size 1 in adult teeth and my address is 6 Degraves Street in Australia and Victoria thank you

    Alana CoshamAlana Cosham4 months ago
  • I like all of them

    Jasmine AogiJasmine Aogi4 months ago
  • i want some for my baby girl 🥺🥺

    Lilly FlowerLilly Flower4 months ago
  • Everyone just ignores Leslie , it horrible

    Georgia MaeGeorgia Mae4 months ago
  • Wowwwwwwwwwww.....the boots is so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ryan is so creative

    Neisha JosephNeisha Joseph4 months ago
  • I want some custom sneakers👟

    Jon LesterJon Lester4 months ago
  • Ohhh my god there nice 🤪😀

    Monica RoseMonica Rose4 months ago
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    Joan PeterJoan Peter4 months ago
  • I have been watching your videos and I had to subscribe immediately Reyan has a big heart love from Uganda Africa

    Apophia AinembabaziApophia Ainembabazi4 months ago
  • Elles my favorite

    Antonia GarciaAntonia Garcia4 months ago
  • The shoes look real good especially the pink.

    Silence-is-blissSilence-is-bliss4 months ago
  • My baby sister was on June 15th she was born after my birthday she 3weeks old

    Katherine mooreKatherine moore4 months ago
  • Ellis

  • They were all nice shoes my favorite were all of them

    Amador NegreteAmador Negrete4 months ago
  • All of the shoes are my favorite

    Joseph SwanJoseph Swan4 months ago
  • Elle is my favorite

    Lisandra collazoslimeandbiblestudyLisandra collazoslimeandbiblestudy4 months ago
  • they look all chupados lol

    Sandra VasquezSandra Vasquez5 months ago
  • Leslieeee those extensions 😫😫 still cute tho!

    nicole quinteronicole quintero5 months ago
  • SORRY but Catherine your dipples were showing but it's ok

    Timoya BryanTimoya Bryan5 months ago
  • All was my fav 💯💯💯 but L's those where so pretty but lala was too and his ong the clouds haven sent omg all was so great

    heathernalan sullivanheathernalan sullivan5 months ago
  • God bless UR ART So GORGEOUS 🎨

    Naomi FrancesNaomi Frances5 months ago
  • Ryan you are so very talented. You need to start your own business and make everyone see all your artistic talents that you have!! I loved all three of your custommade designs. God Bless You and your family. I love you guys ❤️❤️

    Leslie TyquiengcoLeslie Tyquiengco5 months ago
  • I feel like if he put the ace logo on all of the shoes on the back it would have like represented the ace family or unity whatever (idk how to explain it😅) but overall they are honestly really fire

    Sarah DuffSarah Duff5 months ago
  • Dang Ryan you are mad talented! Those shoes were so dope omg! I loved them all but my favorite was Alaïas pair!

    Selena TorrealbaSelena Torrealba5 months ago
  • catherine and austin be acting like they better than everyone else it’s ridiculous 😂😂 like they got a following and think they celebrities like sit tf down. Leslie seems so chill even shyla , catherine puts on a show for the camera

    Nera SeepersaudNera Seepersaud5 months ago
  • Bruh Leslie and Ryan hit copy and paste on austin and Catherine it’s mad weird

    Mars IMars I5 months ago
  • “they look ugh chupados” lol

    C&H FAMC&H FAM5 months ago
  • I love them all

    BrinaBrina5 months ago
  • Awsome work the one I like is the sunshine ones great 🌝🌞😊👍🏻💯

    Danny GomezDanny Gomez5 months ago
  • Great job awsome shoes artest u are brother love u both very much respect love happyness 🎨🎯⭐️🌞🌞🌞

    Danny GomezDanny Gomez5 months ago
  • OMG RYAN YOUR SOOOO TALENTED!!! I loved the gifts they were so heart felt n filled with love.

    Gloria Lopez-ThompsonGloria Lopez-Thompson5 months ago
  • Baby steel just like his dad Austin

    tazina shormintazina shormin5 months ago
  • I love Elle’s shoes the best.

    Teresa BeamonTeresa Beamon5 months ago
  • Beautiful Gifts

    Tejsma SajwanTejsma Sajwan5 months ago
  • I feel like Catherine doesn’t really like Leslie or Shyla but she doesn’t want to be rude to Ryan😶

    Maymona SaidMaymona Said5 months ago
  • Can you please make an Etsy shop! I def buy some rad shoes!

    Annie SAnnie S5 months ago
  • Leslie seems so nice, idk why people accuse her for copying Catherine and if so.......??

    ARMYBLINK_ARMYBLINK_5 months ago
  • Steel's is the best! Great talent.

    Ora MillerOra Miller6 months ago
  • binki

    Brenda OduroBrenda Oduro6 months ago
  • I stopped watching the Ace Family, I feel like they are arrogant and on top of that, I feel like they lie so much in the videos. Ryan and his girlfriend are so nice and pure and genuine with everything they do, I feel like Austin and Catherine should make time for family no matter what. Why only come around when a baby is born? Like why can't they visit one another and let their cousin bond and have fun? I honestly feel like the Ace Family let money change them and I feel like their foundations are built on lies, it doesn't feel genuine anymore and that's why I stopped watching their channel. But Ryan keeps on being who you are and I'm glad you haven't changed and I'm glad you didn't let money change you as well, keep being yourself, bro!

    Fr3shOholicFr3shOholic6 months ago
  • l love elles

  • That's amazing work, you should do a website page just for your shoes.

    Jeanne TovarJeanne Tovar6 months ago
  • I'm new to this channel and I really loved Ace family their baby boy so cute

    rachel knochrachel knoch6 months ago

    Gladys FelicianoGladys Feliciano6 months ago
  • Leslie and Catherine are so similar in personality! I love them both so much 🥰

    Kimberley Notley ArthurKimberley Notley Arthur6 months ago
  • Ryan can join ZHC and marco now lol 😂🤣❤

    Seebun DeepikaSeebun Deepika6 months ago
  • I 💖 y'all and I wish I could FaceTime y'all

    Parkey soupParkey soup6 months ago
  • I started a job as the McDonald's janitor, the first thing they handed me was the McBroom

    Blake PandaBlake Panda6 months ago
  • The shoes are cool, u need to start a shoe store, love u guy's 🤘✌👍💐🙏🤗

    Margaret CampbellMargaret Campbell6 months ago
  • Leslies literally so sweet but every time she talks seems like they kinda just brush her off ;/ I’d literally continuously talk to Leslie to hear her voice is so soft & soothing lol

    Chelssea MariieeChelssea Mariiee6 months ago
  • Like I would buy those right now!!😃😍

    Pooandra's Eats & EscapadesPooandra's Eats & Escapades6 months ago
  • Had to rewind just to take like a 4th look of them!!!👏👍😍

    Pooandra's Eats & EscapadesPooandra's Eats & Escapades6 months ago
  • Omg Ryan!!!...those shoes😳😍😍😍omg!!!...your talent is above and beyond...absolutely gorgeous....😍😍😍

    Pooandra's Eats & EscapadesPooandra's Eats & Escapades6 months ago
  • Everyone is saying that Catherine has a bad attitude with Leslie and I kinda am believing that cause she never talks with Leslie or I mean like they can also just be like that on camera I don't know🙅‍♀️

    Sunflower Jasmine!Sunflower Jasmine!6 months ago
  • Ryan is such a talent😍

    hollywood girlhollywood girl6 months ago
  • Bruh Catherine literally acts like Leslie doesn't exist

    Aishah QaziAishah Qazi6 months ago
  • Where have I been that they’re having a boy

    Skylar SwaffordSkylar Swafford6 months ago
  • Omg I would want one !!💙💙🦋🦋🦋

    Lili CoronaLili Corona6 months ago
  • OMG RYAN !!!!!!!! YOU ARE REALLY AN ARTIST !!!!! I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!!!🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩💗💗💗💙💙💙

    Lili CoronaLili Corona6 months ago
  • Wow Ryan you are so creative I think you can open up your own clothing and shoe store or brand and your wife and family are so beautiful congrats on your new addition

    Salina R. BejaranoSalina R. Bejarano6 months ago
  • leslie is so sweet and she just laughing, but catherine just ruined the vibe like she's mean

  • I like each and everyone of the shoes❤❤❤ E A S

    Bontle Relebohile ModupeBontle Relebohile Modupe6 months ago
  • The comments are so negative about Austin and Cathrine yall are saying that they hate Leslie but you don’t know them don’t judge someone if you don’t know how they are yall are just acting immature like-

    Alex GamingAlex Gaming6 months ago
  • Mu mo

    Markus RatayMarkus Ratay6 months ago
  • I want some

    Leela ValentineLeela Valentine6 months ago
  • Rrtt

    Mariam SheikhMariam Sheikh6 months ago
  • All favorites!

    Monalicious92 VlogsMonalicious92 Vlogs6 months ago
  • waaaaw!!! I am all new here but you are so talent and you and your sister are very spiritual... love it!! bless you all!!!

    BabbetjeBabbetje7 months ago
  • elle's feet are ma big

    Reanna GalarzaReanna Galarza7 months ago
  • Wow thoes customized shoes r so cool 😲😲😲😲u r so talented .

  • Nice. Go Ahead

    The Murphy FamilyThe Murphy Family7 months ago
  • I don’t understand these comments like honestly it’s only 14 minutes of them together I’m pretty sure they interact waaaaaaaay more behind the cameras

    Tessy CorreaTessy Correa7 months ago
  • If I call him cute, I'm calling Austin cute. 😅

    norah ferraronorah ferraro7 months ago
  • You copy The ACE Family ☹️that’s just not correct 😕you should create your own content and present it in other way☹️

    Sharin YaduvanshiSharin Yaduvanshi7 months ago
  • I love them all you are amazing keep up the great work

    Therese ChurchillTherese Churchill7 months ago
  • Just realzed im watching for the second time!! I love you guys!!!

    Jenny The FamJenny The Fam7 months ago
  • can you make me shoes

    malia mclaurinmalia mclaurin7 months ago
  • Big sis said who are you? Super cute love y’all guys

    Molton AnniMolton Anni7 months ago
  • are so talented

    Naina KhandelwalNaina Khandelwal7 months ago
  • Catherine was rude not to include Leslie in the photo with Ryan😟😟😟

    Lisa FischerLisa Fischer7 months ago
  • Seriously luv the shoes. You are an amazing artist. Please keep us updated on if and when you decide to do custom sneakers. Ppl would pay; I know I would.

    Stephanie RuizStephanie Ruiz7 months ago
  • One of my favorite videos of part of their family, I love when they all get together with all the babies ♥️💋🔥✌️🙏😷

    Breanne WatkinsBreanne Watkins7 months ago