Sep 3, 2020
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  • lol 😆 was my day off

    ima ship youuima ship youu20 hours ago
  • So Catherine's a witch. Crystals invite so many demons. I pray Jesus invades thker hearts in Jesus name. No rock ain't healing nothjng lol. JESUS IS THE TRUE LIVING GOD 🙌

    Taste and see that the Lord is GoodTaste and see that the Lord is Good3 days ago
  • Ryan who is Amanda?

    Martha RamirezMartha Ramirez27 days ago
  • Catherine loved this more then getting 10 cars lol 😂 because there’s effort into the gift 🎁

    Zainab AhmadZainab Ahmad27 days ago
  • 12:15 Austin is acting so rude and distant he’s bringing such a negative vibe and aura .

    Valencia AvayahValencia AvayahMonth ago
  • Ryan you are so talented and gifted i think you have the 3 eye or something like that cause whatever you said by the end of your video its actually happening right now in my life im going through some very hard time in my life but i know its for good god knows the best ❤🙏❤ god bless you and your family

    Christina AndreouChristina AndreouMonth ago
  • Ryan your so amazing at making your family happy ❤️

    Adrianna CabreraAdrianna CabreraMonth ago
  • the end message hit

    Gee MendozaGee Mendoza2 months ago
  • Amen your speech made me even more satisfied were I'm at and mad me think i can over come anything so thx so much

    kakala Puafisikakala Puafisi2 months ago
  • Her new name is Ellie

    Xo _ chrisloveXo _ chrislove2 months ago
  • I love the end of the video the convo you had with us and the way you described what we are currently going through

    S S NS S N2 months ago
  • Bro you are very positive person! I appreciate the ending of the video!

    Elena BonnerElena Bonner2 months ago
  • Damn Ryan that little speech at the end I needed that like I really needed that. Life is hard rn not even because of the pandemic but because of family stuff I have no choice but to live in my parents house because I'm 17 and be affected by their toxic relationship and mistakes in life, like my life was the same before the pandemic but yh I needed this because I have been asking for change in my life like this is part of it thank u😂

    euphoriceuphoric2 months ago
  • Yo bro i like you guys very much ya the dimple cheek got not just her hair looks nice but she's gorgeous man evin yaa mama, hi !✋pinky n the new born love you.

    Ferrie SyiemliehFerrie Syiemlieh3 months ago
  • ILY RYAN!!

    kezia linkezia lin3 months ago
  • Your so fucking positive I love you and I love how nice your Wife and Catherine is like I feel them two never get mad it’s weird lol

    Audrell CarreroAudrell Carrero3 months ago
  • I love it!!!! But plz stop shaking the camera so much. It made me dizzy 😵

    Sonia DeeSonia Dee3 months ago
  • 👍👍👍👍

    Khemraj SankarKhemraj Sankar3 months ago
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Khemraj SankarKhemraj Sankar3 months ago
  • i got chills towards the message at the end, so beautiful

    Ashley WilliamsAshley Williams3 months ago
  • I LOVED this! Always so wholesome 🙏🏽✨ and Catherine’s reaction 🥰

    Theressa LeoneTheressa Leone3 months ago
  • Very amazing, loved her reaction so pure

    eLissette MoraleseLissette Morales3 months ago

    Sadie DSadie D3 months ago
  • I would BUY

    Sadie DSadie D3 months ago
  • That's an awesome thoughtful gift

    Team Inner PeaceTeam Inner Peace3 months ago
  • I like her hair😊😊.

  • Love ❤️ her hair!! You look Gorgeous

    Mia MMia M3 months ago
  • Thanks for the message

    mike as mikemike as mike3 months ago
  • can you make more videos abt finding yourself and growth i love hearing you speak abt it it’s very inspiring

    murmmurm4 months ago
  • #good vibes!! You are so real.. and your sister.. both I can tell are true on and off camera!! 💝 Merry Christmas 🎁🎄

    Chelsea MarieChelsea Marie4 months ago
  • Dammm RiRIe..!?!

    Chelsea MarieChelsea Marie4 months ago
  • Those last lines:')

    Lekhana DesetiLekhana Deseti4 months ago
  • i just subscribe your channel through our eyes

    jeana ioriojeana iorio4 months ago
  • they haven the sweetest relationship 🥺🥺

    bailey mickinonbailey mickinon4 months ago
  • Where

    Karen LiuKaren Liu4 months ago
  • Please have a clothing line

    Surbhi SharmaSurbhi Sharma4 months ago
  • Ryan soo talented😍🤭

    zai khunzai khun4 months ago
  • Ryan and Austin act different too 3years ago !

    CharlieCharlie4 months ago
  • Nice advice!!

    Beautiful all AroundBeautiful all Around4 months ago
  • Ryan, you are an incredible person

    Elena SableElena Sable4 months ago
  • Ryan you are so talented and your words was so beautiful!! You truly have an old soul!! Bless you and your family!!

    Dawn BrinerDawn Briner4 months ago
  • Truly talented

    Uyen HoUyen Ho4 months ago
  • Ryan: you told her I was coming Austin: no it’s going to be a double surprise Ryan: did Austin tell you I was coming Catherine: yes Me:👁👄👁

    M AM A4 months ago
  • That is so nice!!!!!!!!!! Love the video!!! Catalina Mejia

    Luis MejiaLuis Mejia4 months ago
  • This made me cry! Just beautiful ☝️Ryan you are a bad ass!!!

    Elvira CeasarElvira Ceasar4 months ago
  • Ik that’s so her she had the best reaction when I saw her face she was so happy and thankful

    Mallory LittleMallory Little4 months ago
  • Awe you guys are great!!! I love the love between brother and sister is beautiful!!!

    Sharon SmithSharon Smith4 months ago
  • End of video make me chills and feeling my heart more so true Ryan 👏👏👏🙏🏻👌🏻😍🤩

    Lindita LikaLindita Lika4 months ago
  • she looks like a priscilla. i kno one thing she don't look like a leslie. i really wanna kno where she got her name bc that ain't a latina name

    Erin S.Erin S.4 months ago
    • @Sumayyah no shit im just curious where she got her name

      Erin S.Erin S.4 months ago
    • u dont have to have a latina name to be a latina

      SumayyahSumayyah4 months ago
  • I love the way you open your heart your so real

    Melissa KasnerMelissa Kasner4 months ago
  • U are amazing and Catherine face omg loved it

    Melissa KasnerMelissa Kasner4 months ago
  • I feel you with what you said in the end and I can not wait to see what is happening in my and my family’s future- I’ve been letting go of all negatives and just waiting for the positives to prevail💙

    Cautiously OptimisticCautiously Optimistic4 months ago
  • I love their brother and sister relationship!!!! ✨✨✨✨✨✨

    America QuirozAmerica Quiroz4 months ago
  • Ryan and catherine are literally the sweetest. What amazing personalities ❤️❤️. Thank you for the one on one talk after the video that was truly amazing🥺

    Jessica Chukwufumnaya Obodo-ElueJessica Chukwufumnaya Obodo-Elue4 months ago
  • HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LigayaslegitLigayaslegit4 months ago
  • I swear Catherine and Ryan are so much alike❤❤❤ love you Ryan

    moya mastersmoya masters4 months ago
  • So beautiful ❤️MORE LOVE

    Lauren HinojosLauren Hinojos4 months ago
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Lauren HinojosLauren Hinojos4 months ago
  • Ryan is a true artist🎨

    Chandrika ShahChandrika Shah5 months ago
  • I like your USworlds channel Through AreEyes I like your daughter name Arya

    Shawna BrownShawna Brown5 months ago
  • I love your vids so much

    malsqad Halaifonuamalsqad Halaifonua5 months ago
  • Your art Skills are out of this world I love them

    Alli GlammerAlli Glammer5 months ago
  • Ryan the sneakers are definitely Catherine’s style she will love them

    Alli GlammerAlli Glammer5 months ago
  • hey Leslie and Ryan i love Catherine's reaction

    Alyssa HAlyssa H5 months ago
  • Ryan too talented !

    Keren EstherxKeren Estherx5 months ago
  • That was nice of you to give catherine a shoe more than a car because i do not see austin give catherien a shoe in my life

    Lisa marie SalmonLisa marie Salmon5 months ago
  • Wait how did I come across this video today and needed to hear what you said at the end ! Wow thank you for that message! Definitely needed it today

    Christina sotoChristina soto5 months ago
  • Raw talent! I love all your shoe customization 😍😍😍

    shaelana Ottleyshaelana Ottley5 months ago
  • She knows him soo well 🥺

    Esma EsmaEsma Esma5 months ago
  • 💚😭💗💗💗💗💗🙏

    Mt RangelMt Rangel5 months ago
  • He really is a great little brother

    nasira michelsnasira michels5 months ago
  • My girlfriend she's been going through some rough times she wants too see her kids her family had them taking from her so if you can please pray for her her name is Alisha Hall she has Facebook 😢

    David LittleDavid Little5 months ago
  • My girlfriend said she loves them

    David LittleDavid Little5 months ago
  • Ryan congratulations on your baby she's very pretty

    David LittleDavid Little5 months ago
  • Moore O'Brien Lebanon Kentucky the one that fights minados up. Videos how many Tu propia Linea Brian Zapata New London Connecticut

    Marlene GMarlene G5 months ago
  • She will love them soo soo much😂😂😂😂❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Hi

    Terry YatesTerry Yates5 months ago
  • you made my cry with those words you touched the boden of my heart i swear to g.o.d

    Rina KKRina KK5 months ago
  • Just caught this. Awesome custom art work on the sneakers! You have a gift that can turn into something big! You are right life gets even better & finding yourself even more so in your 30's. Your relationship with your sister is very sweet. Your both very deep soul's & blessed. Thank you for the inspiration.

    Neptune BlueNeptune Blue5 months ago
  • What he is using to paint the shoes? 😍

    Lorena FernandaLorena Fernanda5 months ago
  • awwww this warms my heart way bettter den any ace family videooo!!! and I want a brother and sister bond like dattt 🥰🥰💖💖

    Shaista LakhaniShaista Lakhani5 months ago

    Dafne TorresDafne Torres5 months ago
  • Ryan needs a shoe shop or something and I swear I well be the first one in that shoe!!!🔥

    Dafne TorresDafne Torres5 months ago
  • those shoes are fire

    Erica AguileraErica Aguilera5 months ago
  • Unmmmmm MARKO WHO????!!!!!!! Ryan your talent in incredible!!!!! Holy shit!!!!!!🤍💕🤍💕💙

    Money AlwaysMoney Always5 months ago
  • I wonder if Austin would reject something from Ryan . You could tell how unsatisfied his face looks🙏🏼🌠

    Amaireni’s VideosAmaireni’s Videos5 months ago
  • RYAN, Ryan, Ryan ... you're a TREASURE ... THANK YOU for the little sermonette at video's end. I receive that. #UnFilteredEDEN

    Brother EDEN DouglasBrother EDEN Douglas5 months ago
  • Wow 🔥

    Telery DeitasTelery Deitas5 months ago
  • This dude’s talent is unreal!

    KC & FamilyKC & Family5 months ago
  • Dam I came across this video as another sign... like wth I’ve been receiving signs ... can we get more spiritual videos? I’m into it

    leechaerin2any1leechaerin2any15 months ago
  • Hi 👋 I just got to call you I just got to my car 🚙 I will come to the car 🚙 I will call the car 🚙 was in my day to get you to go and then you and have the kids call us in a little come to see us I will be back to call the app on time call you when I’m on in town and I’ll come to you call mom I’ll be home 🏠 way you can be the one ☝️ I love 💗 first time and then I’ll come over to see the first day in a bit of my new life in a few weeks my new year new one ☝️ app I will be a bit more time with you I just got to my house 🏠 I got my new black black car 🚙 is my mom got my new one ☝️ I will call the first thing I have to say to call the first thing to my house 🏠 I

  • Before people started to find out there’s a transformation going I already knew something great was coming. I kept telling people this before the summer even started & they thought I was crazy haha

    Nat the greatNat the great5 months ago
  • Man. That last part about change and transformation spoke to my soul.

    Sydney RhodeSydney Rhode5 months ago
  • Seriously Ryan's words always so empowering!!

    Shanika GranvilleShanika Granville5 months ago
  • *holy crap Ryan your art blows me away each time!!*

    Destiney AmarieDestiney Amarie5 months ago
  • Ryan you’re the coolest.

    Khenjin VLOGKhenjin VLOG5 months ago
  • They should be close more often, I hope their sibling bond gets bigger every year. 🙏🏻🌙🙌🏻

    Noryery MirandaNoryery Miranda5 months ago
  • i work hard in school to be just like you Ryan you are my role model and your kids are beautiful😄🥇💜

    Krysten PalominoKrysten Palomino5 months ago
  • Ryan gave inspiring words right when I needed to hear it thank you so much u made me think about things different we need more people like you god bless you and your family ❤️

    Breanna GilmoreBreanna Gilmore5 months ago
  • The screams Catherine. That was a work well done

    Leslie AbreuLeslie Abreu5 months ago