Sep 29, 2020
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  • She looks like Catherine that’s kinda weird

    christianna sherfieldchristianna sherfield2 days ago
  • Omg 😳

    Black DiamondBlack Diamond9 days ago
  • You got her good

    Giana queenGiana queen10 days ago
  • The way leslie jumped down the stairs 🥺🥺

    Valeria SandovalValeria Sandoval14 days ago
  • 8:14look at her she,would die if it was real

  • thats the mother don't break her heart

    Leena SawantLeena Sawant22 days ago
  • I hate how he was like “ cmon it’s just a game” tryna make it seem like she shouldn’t be upset 🤢

    natalie raspentenatalie raspente22 days ago
  • This is real reaction of momy

    Aquillina's ParadiseAquillina's Paradise23 days ago
  • Skip to 8:00 for actual prank.

    M&M AuditsM&M Audits23 days ago
  • 8:08 save your valuable time, youre welcome

    Zap CrewsZap Crews24 days ago
  • who came here because of cody ko

    lebo.tiger09lebo.tiger0927 days ago
  • 8:12 8:12 8:12 8:12 8:12 8:12 8:12 8:12 8:12 8:12 8:12 8:12 8:12 8:12 8:12 8:12 8:12 8:12 8:12 8:12 You’re welcome

    Súper e DeyvyancraftSúper e Deyvyancraft29 days ago
  • She was so scared... that really kinda broke my heart..

    Paula DehmelPaula Dehmel29 days ago
  • This stupid why would anyone do this as a prank screw your views, it’s not funny at all

    Elizabeth AmayaElizabeth AmayaMonth ago
  • This is not funny at all....I felt bad for the mom running down the stairs with these long pants while shouting...😰😰😫😫💔💔

    Francine AmougouFrancine AmougouMonth ago
  • I bet she was in on it too. I don't know why people do these kinds of pranks for likes. I even be knowing it's fake. And it be nearly causing me to have a heart attack

    aaron bellaaron bellMonth ago
  • That first thing you showed us ya my dad has it😃😃

    Zinfira GuseynovaZinfira GuseynovaMonth ago
  • U now how bad her V ***** hurts and u got her running down the stairs like that lmao omgahh as much as i felt for her i had to replay 3 times . lol its funny but the. If it was me id be mad too like her cuz thats my baby and i just HAD a baby and u got me running like this lol

    gaby_gabygaby_gabyMonth ago
  • Omg poor momma whyy would u mess with a mother like that omgg i would die.. Litrally omg

    gaby_gabygaby_gabyMonth ago
  • I feel so bad but it was a good prank

    Tony XboxTony XboxMonth ago
  • 8:11

  • These kinds of channels/videos are pathetic. You guys are sick, stop exploiting children.

    Bella CBella CMonth ago
  • Lol😕

    Jimmy CaribouJimmy CaribouMonth ago
  • you people literally have no brains.

    Daniela LíaDaniela LíaMonth ago
  • You all know this was staged right?

    Javi RuizJavi RuizMonth ago
  • Stupid thats not a prank you scared her for real

    idk what the name isidk what the name isMonth ago
  • There is absolutely nothing amusing about this.

    Reshida ClementsonReshida ClementsonMonth ago
  • Hey i just wanna give u a suggestion the trousers or something your wearing may get your feet stuck...plz dont carry the baby so carelessly ..im just saying it for the safety . Love

    Meerfasih FasihMeerfasih FasihMonth ago
  • Who's here from Cody Ko??

    xEnd_erxEnd_erMonth ago
  • Leslie ill let you know what you should do, you should divorce him and get full custody, thatd be a great prank

    Ted BurwickTed BurwickMonth ago
  • yeah lets just joke about killing our baby in a monetized youtube video... cool... this is fucking disgusting.

    Ted BurwickTed BurwickMonth ago
  • what the actual fuck is wrong with people??? THIS is everyones idea of a prank?? what the hell??

    Ted BurwickTed BurwickMonth ago
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    Princess maryamPrincess maryamMonth ago
  • Lol hes so desperate to austin hes pulling dumb childish shit

    hello is it me youre looking forhello is it me youre looking forMonth ago
  • Is that the Sands family’s old house?

    ConnerConnerMonth ago
  • I don't even have a baby & I teared up seeing this, must be horrible. :(

    mind&fulmind&fulMonth ago

    Poli MochiPoli Mochi2 months ago
  • They way she ran tho that a good mom

    Melina TrinidadMelina Trinidad2 months ago
  • This is not prank ...you think how is mom reaction...don't do it again

    Tech GaganTech Gagan2 months ago
  • this was really bad prank , ppl never should make prank like this, stupid.

    Cherry xxCherry xx2 months ago
  • Honestly this is the worst prank ever, it's not funny at all to be honest!

    NoelleNoelle2 months ago
  • Dumb and Dumber...period

    jennifer castrojennifer castro2 months ago
  • OMG!she was so scared!i think that she thinks that’s a little to hard and far

    venice ngvenice ng2 months ago
  • I'm going to dislike this post because this was no funny at all!!!!

    It's that girl hollyIt's that girl holly2 months ago
  • Ryan is literally so damn immature. Ya'll would do anything dumb for views. This was not the best prank, it was disgusting.

    Nerina PatherNerina Pather2 months ago
  • the likes and dislikes angel numbers

    DiamondSapphireDiamondSapphire2 months ago
  • awww my heart, i know its a prank but leslie is the sweetest girl on youtube so i got sad. but ryan is the prank king sheesh lol smh

    Jonisha BellJonisha Bell2 months ago
  • His gaslighting makes me sick. Please... leave him.

    LizardinaLizardina3 months ago

    Carl KINGCARLCarl KINGCARL3 months ago
  • I literally cried at her reaction ☹ srsly I wanna give leslie a hug...

    Yasmin AlamYasmin Alam3 months ago
  • Lol

    tamoy McKenzietamoy McKenzie3 months ago
  • Omg! The way leslie reacted ik it was fear from the depth of her soul,ryan ur gonna pay for that one for sure! I love both of you! But i have to side with leslie on this one.

    Gloria Lopez-ThompsonGloria Lopez-Thompson3 months ago
  • Poor Leslie but her ‘you just opened doors you can’t walk away from’ and her walking away was so funny 😂

    Prince55!!! FragilePrince55!!! Fragile3 months ago
  • That mom needs to divorce this shameless “father”

    TheFunFunShowTheFunFunShow3 months ago
  • This is sick I can't imagine anyone thinking this is funny or cute I get pranks but this is just absolutely sick pretending to drop your child for views. It's disturbing and you are one sick human being

    Hollz HereHollz Here3 months ago
  • such bad acting it's obviously fake and she was in on it

    Javi RuizJavi Ruiz3 months ago
  • I’m a new mother and watching this made me really pissed off. This prank was anything but funny. Leslie has grown up, it’s about time time that you do as well Ryan.

    Sonia HassanSonia Hassan3 months ago
  • yeah this isnt funny

    Lauren McCoyLauren McCoy3 months ago
  • Bruh that’s traumatising those things shouldn’t be taken as a joke tbh

    Vinuki VihasnaVinuki Vihasna3 months ago
  • I know that nobody liked this prank, you have to admit it was a good prank tho.

    Joyce AkJoyce Ak3 months ago
  • Honestly doing pranks like this is not funny or okay, like why did you even think of doing this?

    Jayda SJayda S3 months ago
  • I don’t understand how Ryan doesn’t see how ugly and messed up this prank was. I honestly don’t know what is more off putting: the prank or Ryan just dismissing Leslie’s emotions...

    KK4 months ago
  • i love Leslie i wanna hug her after this such a good mommy

    jala carterjala carter4 months ago
  • Yessir team Ryan 😈😈😈😈

    Myles NicolasMyles Nicolas4 months ago
  • Dude don’t do that to a mom if you were a mom you would know how much you love them I know you love her but moms love them much more I’m never watching your vids again cause of that that’s messed up

    Grace FaucetteGrace Faucette4 months ago
  • I would straight leave my bf

    Alexandra JAlexandra J4 months ago
  • The way she looked at Ryan when he had her baby doll haha

    Alexandra JAlexandra J4 months ago
  • Eww you’re literally not funny. This was a pathetic sick way to get views. Really do anything for a check , but go off I guesss

    Ajahni MarieAjahni Marie4 months ago
  • Some of the people in the comments need to CHILLLLLL bro😂 if they didnt think it was funny they wouldnt have posted it tbh. Just relaaaaax yall honestly

    Sara AliSara Ali4 months ago
  • I would've cried my eyes out

    Sha ArciaSha Arcia4 months ago
  • oh my god.. the prank wasn’t even funny.. and why is he calling his wife bro.. It sounds so bad

    Ella CrowleyElla Crowley4 months ago
    • Yes, he should stop calling Leslie 'Bro.' It's so disrespectful. First of all, she's not even a guy; second of all, she's the mother of his children, not just a buddy.

      veg skaterveg skater4 months ago
  • You call yourself a dad? Disgusted 🤢🤢I don’t care if it was a prank do other type of pranks not evolving a newborn tho y’all do anything for views sad

    Adriana && Joshua VlogsAdriana && Joshua Vlogs4 months ago

    MariMari4 months ago
  • Out of curiosity, why is the mamaroo on the couch? 🙄

    Illiana AponteIlliana Aponte4 months ago
  • This is not even a little bit funny. I’m a mom and every time I think something might happen to my kids my heart drops. That moment where she thought her baby really fell will affect her forever. That helpless feeling. Dude think of a better prank. Babies are not props.

    Rosa RamahiRosa Ramahi4 months ago
  • You are a horrible parent, and person. I am reporting this video to USworlds. This video is a violation of USworlds Community Guidelines/Harmful or dangerous content. It is not funny to make someone think their child "fell" over a railing. It is not funny to make some one think their child just dies. Anyone who liked this video is blind and in support of child abuse. This does happen in real life, it is never funny, it is never a joke, it is a tragic event in ones life. Shame on you for making this video and putting it out there. Emotional distress to minors: Any prank that causes emotional distress to children or others who are vulnerable. This includes: Fake death or suicide Fake violence Pretending that a parent or caregiver will abandon a child Showing a parent or caregiver verbally abuse or shame a child

    Tyler HigginsTyler Higgins4 months ago
  • Wow so wrong these family channels should all be removed! This is not funny at all!! What poor taste how old are you? Sick!!!

    The Cleaning GrandmaThe Cleaning Grandma4 months ago
  • This is actually, not funny at all

    Lilian MartinezLilian Martinez4 months ago
  • Leslie is such a good mommy. I felt so bad for her. I thought she was going to cry. But she her composure. She is so mature. I want her to get her husband back asap!!😁

    Elizabeth CamarenaElizabeth Camarena4 months ago
  • what the hell is this it’s so uncalled for

    mary francescamary francesca4 months ago
  • did she say “thats my favorite daughter “💀😂😭

    David MendozaDavid Mendoza4 months ago
  • omgg💀😂😂😭😭

    David MendozaDavid Mendoza4 months ago
  • Omg I'm a New mommy of twin 8 month babies I felt her being scared my ass would of went head first for my babies😫 Leslie you need to get him back asap!

    monicamonica4 months ago
  • love this

    Khyre SingletonKhyre Singleton4 months ago
  • This is disgusting joke or not

    Princess HollyPrincess Holly4 months ago
  • Sorry but no hate why would you do that to her you. Might gave her a heart attack like sheesh got damn leave her alone🤬🤬🤬

    The.watermelon._.The.watermelon._.4 months ago
  • Me: o this is going to be so funny 12 mins into the video Me:😢😢😢😱😭

    gabbiegabbie4 months ago
  • It's not a funny prank it's a deadly or more injured prank ever,what a sense to make these type of prank what you do if some emergency will happen.please don't do it next time stop playing with emotions.

    New Everyday24New Everyday244 months ago
  • Ok Ik this is not funny but why did Leslie found like Ariana grande when she screamed?? 😅

    saleena fernandosaleena fernando4 months ago
  • 😤😳👶🙏❤️😭😵

    Hadiyah YoungHadiyah Young4 months ago
  • 🥺🤧😥🤝😲🤭😢😯😔💔

    Hadiyah YoungHadiyah Young4 months ago
  • Men don’t understand how nurturing women are and how much this could hurt. It made me cry just watching

    FizFiz4 months ago
  • This is not even funny. I didn’t laugh at all 😐

    Lemon LoveLemon Love4 months ago
  • if she had fallen from stair she could have injured badly

    SS4 months ago
  • Not funny at all I don't like this prank. That was so stupid Ryan.

    Fer lpsFer lps4 months ago
  • This was horrible prank to mother

    Tenzin ShenfenTenzin Shenfen4 months ago
  • OMG I can’t believe that it’s o and anything couldn’t have happen to her and her being pregnant Ryan.......

    angelina Younanangelina Younan4 months ago
  • In what universe does any mother deserve to believe her baby is falling from a two story drop??? This is disgusting and I can’t believe y’all still have this video up! His behavior & reaction to her panicking like that is just gross too. How do you still have a platform...

    Jessica ZavalJessica Zaval4 months ago
  • That was fucked up

    taylor Herculestaylor Hercules4 months ago
  • cheating prank

    Selina BloisSelina Blois4 months ago