Aug 20, 2020
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Comment "WE'RE READY! down below if you guys want to see an ACTUAL song and music video!!
Thank you @therealfrankiej1 for everything!! Your the GOAT of it all man, it was truly an honor!
Ryan’s instagram: @realryanjohnston
Ryan’s snapchat: @realryanjohnston

  • I love this video of Ryan holding and dancing with his daughter ❤️❤️

    Adrianna CabreraAdrianna CabreraMonth ago
  • This was soooo awesome Ryan was sooooo funny love you Frankie j 🙌hope to see music video

    Fannie GarciaFannie Garcia3 months ago
  • My husband grew up with Frankie J before the fame. Glad to know he’s still involved with his fans like you guys ❤️💯✨✨✨✨

    America QuirozAmerica Quiroz4 months ago
  • Omg yasssssss!!!!! Plz do it!!!!!! Yall are freakin awesome!!!! Love the babys name!!!!!

    Mindy BroussardMindy Broussard5 months ago
  • hey Ryan and Leslie i loved Ryans reaction

    Alyssa HAlyssa H5 months ago
  • Awwww amazing wife

    ZaxyZaxy5 months ago
  • para que veas que los sueños se cumplan Brian

    Marlene GMarlene G5 months ago
  • I’m so happy I love Frankie J🥰🤗

    Alecyia Piedro de oro rocaAlecyia Piedro de oro roca5 months ago
  • Leslie is so supportive😊❤

    Gloria Lopez-ThompsonGloria Lopez-Thompson5 months ago
  • Poor frankie was put on the spot,but he was so kind!

    Gloria Lopez-ThompsonGloria Lopez-Thompson5 months ago
  • *HELL YA FRANKIE J!?!? What!?! I love him!! How exciting to meet him, sing with him!? Like what did I just watch!? Can’t wait for the possible song!!*

    Destiney AmarieDestiney Amarie5 months ago
  • omg yess make a song together,it could be like a remix of the song Ryan was singing by him.

    Gisselle PerezGisselle Perez6 months ago
  • Ahhhh🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💀Ryan I need his energy around me

    Felicity NtanjanaFelicity Ntanjana6 months ago
  • Can’t wait to hear the song!!!💞💞💞💞

    Lili CoronaLili Corona6 months ago
  • Lmaoooo Frankie is all of us. You can do it Ryan! Keep practicing and have fun with it!

    Daniela UnderwoodDaniela Underwood6 months ago
  • 10

    nelson vieiranelson vieira6 months ago
  • Omggggg I wish I was able to see this soooo much sooner I absolutely LOVE Frankie j. I met him at a radio station when I was a little girl. He carried me and told my mom he would marry her 😭❤️🥰

    Valerie BlancoValerie Blanco6 months ago
  • I wish I can let Frankie j help me !!!! God bless

    jennie suritajennie surita6 months ago
  • Ryan has a horrible voice 🤣🤣

    Mary Ann De La TorreMary Ann De La Torre6 months ago
  • FRANKIE J🥺🥰😭

    Lesley VazquezLesley Vazquez6 months ago
  • I love the fact that your so confident!&how your energy is ... Just watching you inspires me to follow my own path& to always know that whatever we put out into the universe will all come back to us!! I sense. A deep alignment with the universe and that your life will continue to be blessed as long as u know that you are worthy of it all, allow whatever your intuition has for you to guide you always,,

    Alexandria OgoAlexandria Ogo6 months ago
  • This so kool I needed to smile 💗

    Mz LizMz Liz7 months ago
  • Love this couple🙏can’t wait for their wedding in the future❤️

    Athina GiokaAthina Gioka7 months ago
  • Ryan actually has a very beautiful voice! Practice makes perfect! He will get to here he wants to be. Don’t hate on him saying he shouldn’t sing, it’s HIS life. If people were to tell you what NOT to do, y’all would get mad too. Just let people do what they are happy about and what makes them feel like themselves.

    Jessica SaldivarJessica Saldivar7 months ago
  • Ryan’s so proud of himself I love it

    Carmen DominguezCarmen Dominguez7 months ago
  • Oooohmeeee Ryan’s reaction was so freaking cute

    Carmen DominguezCarmen Dominguez7 months ago
  • Is it me or does lesslie looks similar to the merrel twins

    Maya SalasMaya Salas7 months ago
  • I love how she is so sweet to u and so positive! Ryan I love how sweet you are to her and your girls and how cute you talk to them! I have been watching you guys for couple of months now and you guys are such an awesome couple! And being so young and learning how to be good Positive loving caring young parents! I Wish there was more young couples out there in this world like you too!😊 💕😊

    Charese FialkoCharese Fialko7 months ago
  • Awww that's so awesome that she did that for you!

    Charese FialkoCharese Fialko7 months ago
  • Franky J is my universe

    Molly HernandezMolly Hernandez7 months ago
  • Late but this video is great I’m dead😂😂😂😂 when he was singing his song with him

    andy alejandreandy alejandre7 months ago
  • I really wanna see you sing also Leslie aww I love you guys

    Cyn_selene BarajasCyn_selene Barajas7 months ago
  • What are you doing there Ryan??💔💔 Can you stick to Art coz you are really good at it.No hard feelings ✌️🙏

    Jennifer PhilipsJennifer Philips7 months ago
  • "Oh I know God always watches over me” melted my damn heart cus that’s FACTS 😩🤍

    SpirituAnaSpirituAna7 months ago
  • You are the best wife ever 😩💕💕💕💕 love you guys sm! Inspiring af ✨🤍

    SpirituAnaSpirituAna7 months ago
  • Wow that’s awesome, it’s like a dream come true 😎

    Jamie Lee AshtonJamie Lee Ashton7 months ago
  • omg i hope you do a good Job

    Joshua&YazzyGirl Unique-Legacy ChannelJoshua&YazzyGirl Unique-Legacy Channel7 months ago
  • Amazing!! I love y’all ❤️ How excited ryan was to meet him!!! Can’t wait to here some music👍🏼🤩

    Jazmin TrainaJazmin Traina7 months ago
  • Awww daaang with Frankie J

    Erica BlancoErica Blanco7 months ago
    • Lol I laugh baby didn’t like it oooh no she cried lol she like no daddy nooo lol not yet but you got this practice your good tho

      Erica BlancoErica Blanco7 months ago
    • I’m excited to hear this song I wanna hear it in the future it’s gona be amazing

      Erica BlancoErica Blanco7 months ago
    • His like a happy child

      Erica BlancoErica Blanco7 months ago
    • Lol you made me laugh when you said I’m singing it wrong lol but it hit the note right

      Erica BlancoErica Blanco7 months ago
    • Wow your so smart quick learner

      Erica BlancoErica Blanco7 months ago
  • If I was Leslie I would tell Ryan he can’t sing sorry just being honest just stick to drawing and tattooing because singing isn’t your thing. I get she wants to support him but you gotta draw the line somewhere. ❤️

    Mrs. OfrayMrs. Ofray7 months ago
    • I’m not sure why people are afraid to be honest lol

      MarilyneMarilyne7 months ago
  • I love u guys u guys are amazing and wow the way u may bring ur hubby his dreams goal😂😂😘😘

    Alyssa ZalfaAlyssa Zalfa7 months ago
  • If you 1 are a big fan of through our eyes but still if you don't like you are still a big fan

    Godfrey PetilloGodfrey Petillo7 months ago
  • Frankie j was forever my crush!! 90’s Baby 🥰😍😍😍😍 1997....

    Get created with me MuaGet created with me Mua7 months ago
  • I love Frankie j

    Cherise GuerreroCherise Guerrero7 months ago
  • Yes I want you to sing a song

    JoJeanna CaristiJoJeanna Caristi7 months ago
  • Stick to to USworlds Ryan lol

    Nenos_WorldNenos_World7 months ago
  • Leslie is the best ♥️💖 She haves a heart of gold 💖♥️ The big love she haves for Ryan is so so big. They are so beautiful together😘 Made for eatch other ♥️ unconditional love ♥️🔐 Much Love for Leslie & Ryan and Bellamy & Arya 💖💖

    Zarah Xiomara DBAZarah Xiomara DBA7 months ago
  • Omg I love Frankie j 😍

    Cindy GonzalezCindy Gonzalez7 months ago
  • Just paint bro

    G_L_ BG_L_ B7 months ago
  • I love frankie j!!!

    Veronica MichelVeronica Michel7 months ago
  • My uncle is friends w Frankie j !

    Jocelyn MaganaJocelyn Magana7 months ago
  • Plzz upload more vedio..I have to see..more vedioes form you...u only mention in Ur channel... weekly ones you will upload vedio... right BT...10days ago...still u dint upload any vedio...please upload vedioes...🙏🙏

    Rashmi RachuRashmi Rachu7 months ago
  • XY👈was here

    SYT PROMOSYT PROMO7 months ago
  • Frankie j is my cousin 😊 like legit

    Lyssette TrevinoLyssette Trevino7 months ago
  • MAN WTF CAN YALL POST? Y’all playing

    Yaili ContreYaili Contre7 months ago
  • Good

    Malayalam Language For DeafMalayalam Language For Deaf7 months ago
  • When your next videos???

    Hannah MaloneyHannah Maloney7 months ago
  • why dont you guys vlog n do videos u really slack on that shit

    Tracye KlassenTracye Klassen7 months ago
  • Ryan reminds me of the boy in Sister Act 2 who sang Oh Happy Day. At first he sang with a low voice but when he gained confidence he sang the roof off. Ryan is just singing low for now but once he gain confidence then watch out everybody, Ryan with reveal a new talent.

    JR AJR A7 months ago
  • Are they ,married

    A & M D.I.Y.sA & M D.I.Y.s7 months ago
  • Sometimes u guys say his biggest dream is to become a painter. And now its a singer. Bullshit

    Hello WorldHello World7 months ago
  • no hate but to me it's like they're copying the ace family...

    rizel sunicorizel sunico7 months ago

    Tia WiiaTia Wiia7 months ago
  • Tired of waiting a week to hear from you guys? Miss watching you !

    michelle lanciamichelle lancia7 months ago
  • is he packie from gta iv?

  • Follow your dreams. Inspirational. Can’t wait to hear your 10.

    Sylvia MckeeSylvia Mckee7 months ago
  • F

    Sylvia MckeeSylvia Mckee7 months ago
  • Love this 🥰🥰

    Tracy MTracy M7 months ago

    joystikjoystik7 months ago
  • Omg dasss dope 🥺💕💕💕💕 I love his songs !!

    Ladiie ChecoLadiie Checo7 months ago
  • You should sing something for your wife

    Shorty BrimmShorty Brimm7 months ago
  • Dang that was so sweet .... I love Frankie J and all his songs . Ryan is so lucky to work with him.... wish you all the best in fulfilling your Dreams Ryan

    Priscilla RossPriscilla Ross7 months ago
  • Yes I wanna hear this. !

    Alexandra NunezAlexandra Nunez7 months ago
  • I know exactly how Ryan feels being surprised to meet Frankie J,he came to my school I think my sophomore year, lol and It was so unexpected.I remember being young and hearing his music in the car, every time I went to Universal Studio or Disneyland.

    jasmine robledojasmine robledo7 months ago
  • He seriously needs voice lessons and how to control his breathing he sounds awful

    Lapis LazuliLapis Lazuli7 months ago
  • eyebrows

    Lapis LazuliLapis Lazuli7 months ago
  • Leslie loves Ryan n it shows tht she leads him to reach his goals💖#RealQueen Let’s go Ryan we believe in yuh

    Ernestine BalosErnestine Balos7 months ago
  • Has anyone noticed how Catherine does not like Lesley. And how Lesly didn’t wish her a happy birthday like everyone else

    Dennisse KaterinaDennisse Katerina7 months ago
    • Dennisse Katerina no how do u know

      Lapis LazuliLapis Lazuli7 months ago
  • Yas do it

    TigerGaming9095TigerGaming90957 months ago
  • Ryan your not bad at alll I actually see potential if singing is what u wanna do along with painting go for it cause like I said that wasn’t bad & with more practice you can do it! Love you guys !!

    Karen MartinezKaren Martinez7 months ago
  • Happy for you , so jealous ♥️👏🏽sick surprise 🔥

    SimplyDSimplyD7 months ago
  • I love how excited Ryan is! Lol

    ladymorrison13ladymorrison137 months ago
  • Yessss we want to hear a song from Ryan yeahhhh

    Rosa A MaciasRosa A Macias7 months ago
  • Frankie J what I love him 😍 this is amazing 😉

    Rosa A MaciasRosa A Macias7 months ago

    Binta GaelBinta Gael7 months ago
  • Lmfao listening to the play back is me asf when I think I can sing ❤️ lol 😝 we try tho it’s all that matters ha

    Bree AcostaBree Acosta7 months ago
  • The song that Ryan and Frankie were singing is literally the same from the song "Obsesion" by Aventura

    Jennifer PerezJennifer Perez7 months ago
  • Lmao Ryan is so hilarious 💓

    Nali SquadNali Squad7 months ago
  • Omg frankie j is so down to earth that is amazing.. I love him

    mumuve4mumuve47 months ago
  • Wow that is so awesome to surprise him that way that is best surprise that he could get from her love I admire Frank J also he is one of my favorite singers wish I could meet him😌

    Jenny M SaquipullaJenny M Saquipulla7 months ago
  • Kudos to Frankie for being honest. That was tough

    The Little Ramos'sThe Little Ramos's7 months ago
  • Omg I wish I could have the opportunity Ryan is getting

    Gaby EsterGaby Ester7 months ago
  • Ryan fangirling is so cute seeing the way Leslie wants to make Ryan smile is soo awwe inspiring

    lane darlinglane darling7 months ago
  • Oh my lord no he didn’t just meet my teenage crush 🤣

    TheLAKERGIRL87TheLAKERGIRL877 months ago
  • You guys should duo with Frankie J

    monica rmonica r7 months ago
  • I love you guys. Am a fan

    Giselle ChavezGiselle Chavez7 months ago

    Bish IsBish Is8 months ago
  • Yes follow your dreams

    tara vasqueztara vasquez8 months ago

    Sandra Chuy BlancoSandra Chuy Blanco8 months ago

    Sandra Chuy BlancoSandra Chuy Blanco8 months ago