Jul 23, 2020
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  • Omgosh I totally forgot you guys were pregnant again ive been away from USworlds and she’s so beautiful, I know how it is to push out a 10 pounder myself lol

    Sheena KellieSheena KellieMonth ago
  • Aww congratulations to you and your beautiful family and happy birthday Ryan can’t wait to see more family vlogs ❤️

    Adrianna CabreraAdrianna CabreraMonth ago
  • 😱 omg🤰🏻🤰🏻

    Sofia's Daily WorldSofia's Daily World2 months ago
  • Omg 10lbs😳 God bless you 😍

    joey rileyjoey riley2 months ago
  • Couldn’t he wait til baby is full.

    Turtles VTurtles V3 months ago
  • It’s so crazy her and Bellamy could have joined birthday parties

    Grace InskeepGrace Inskeep4 months ago
  • She is so cute

    Jayda MooreJayda Moore4 months ago
  • She looks just like herself. She look like nobody else. Unique and beautiful ❤️

    Afrin FarzanaAfrin Farzana4 months ago
  • The baby it 2020 it a big girl she is a big girl i love you guys 🥰😍😘😘😘😘💜

    roblox adopt meroblox adopt me4 months ago
  • CONGRATULATIONS! I’m so happy for y’all!! God bless y’all ! God loves y’all and god blessed y’all with this beautiful baby!!

    savanah jonessavanah jones5 months ago
  • I love u guys best family from the internet

    Hermona EssayasHermona Essayas5 months ago
  • Ryan

    T&E ThingsT&E Things6 months ago
  • 😌😌😌✌✌

    chaquel ragbasinghchaquel ragbasingh6 months ago
  • OMG BELLA Can walk now Awee she’s growing so fast!!!

    Lili CoronaLili Corona6 months ago
  • She’s soo beautiful!!!! OMG !!!

    Lili CoronaLili Corona6 months ago
  • Congrats two ten pound babies

    Muva de DosMuva de Dos6 months ago
  • Are you guys going to make a new intro??????

    KEIDY HernándezKEIDY Hernández6 months ago
  • how much baby weight???

    Zeenat AshrafZeenat Ashraf6 months ago
  • I was a 10 pounds newborn lol

    Orea AliOrea Ali7 months ago
  • She’s massiveee

    Olivia girl21xoxOlivia girl21xox7 months ago
  • She’s so beautiful 💕

    Tracy DionTracy Dion7 months ago
  • Does Ryan and the new baby share a birthday

    Amy FrancisAmy Francis7 months ago
  • How was she so big lol

    lly glly g8 months ago
  • Baby huge cuz mom was eating way too much lol

    Low JonesLow Jones8 months ago
  • She literally just gave birth and... look at her ... stuuuunniinngg...

    Joleen FriebisJoleen Friebis8 months ago
  • Happy Birthday Ryan what a special day it was for you congratulations that's a gift so special now you have your baby girl to spend your special day together congratulations again and she is so beautiful HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU BOTH🎂🍧🧸🎈🎈🎈🎈

    Jennifer KeislerJennifer Keisler8 months ago
  • I've been waiting to watch this video I've watched everyone of the videos love them She is so beautiful I was hoping you would have the baby on Ryan Birthday are mine July 25. Congratulations to you both yall are such good parents I wish yall all the best she is beautiful 👶💙💗💗❣❣❣

    Jennifer KeislerJennifer Keisler8 months ago
  • 😲❤

    Kathleen MarshallKathleen Marshall8 months ago
  • i honestly think she looks like ryans dad

    Hind AjjouriHind Ajjouri8 months ago
  • Te amo

    Alessa ValladaresAlessa Valladares8 months ago
  • Gross

    Ivan HughIvan Hugh8 months ago
  • she looks nothing like bellamy omg i thought they’d look the same

    Tahlia Welling-HeathcoteTahlia Welling-Heathcote8 months ago
  • She's so beautiful just like pinky 💖 ( and her mom and dad ) happy birthday ryan , hope you enjoy your day today and i wish you many many more years to come

    raveena hooseinraveena hoosein8 months ago
  • God bless you and your beautiful baby girl. Love you guys! 💕💕💕

    glow mergeglow merge8 months ago
  • So I came her so I can comment cause the new video I can’t comment so Arya sky Johnson is a beautiful name 🥰🥺

    envy roseeenvy rosee8 months ago
  • my bday is july 15 too :))

    lcvelysimplcvelysimp8 months ago
  • Do you know the ace family

    Chelsie HallChelsie Hall8 months ago
  • Her cheeks are freaking killing me😱😱😱🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

    Rayaunna RayRayaunna Ray8 months ago
  • Ryan = Little Emperor

    Chaske FisherChaske Fisher8 months ago
  • Imagine having a boy next if she gets pregnant again it'll be like Catherine's pregnancies

    Ariana OchoaAriana Ochoa8 months ago
  • Awww 10 pound she's so goegous💛 congratulations Ryan and Leslie💛God bless

    Anastasia PureaAnastasia Purea8 months ago
  • Omg awwwwww so precious

    Linda BeckeringLinda Beckering8 months ago
  • Ryan is freaking hilarious 😭😭😭

    Maliyah GreenMaliyah Green8 months ago
  • What is that black thing popping up behind Leslie at 4:16

    Frenesi HiriarteFrenesi Hiriarte8 months ago
  • Awwwww 😍😍😍😍

    Jamie Lee AshtonJamie Lee Ashton8 months ago
  • awwwww she is so cute. you guess family is so cute. next one will be a boy

    ochuwa igietsemheochuwa igietsemhe8 months ago

    Mirrorcles MaturesMirrorcles Matures8 months ago

    Yaili ContreYaili Contre8 months ago
  • Hmm maybe they got the wrong baby or something cause she looks nothing like any of them

    khali_k_ kk24khali_k_ kk248 months ago
  • hello beautiful people 🌼 i just posted my very first youtube video all about my pregnancy! any support would be greatly appreciated ☺️

    Corinna SpicerCorinna Spicer8 months ago
  • Lol the fact Lesley is already planning for the third baby. 😅

    Elizabeth MuñozElizabeth Muñoz8 months ago
  • those cheeks🥺🥺🥺🥺

    Maria AguadoMaria Aguado8 months ago
  • Jeez ace family, labrant fam, you guys and almost kyler and mad are all having babies rn

    Bri SBri S8 months ago
  • Soooooo cute 🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹

    Ann GreenidgeAnn Greenidge8 months ago
  • Is you brother

    Kok wai ChongKok wai Chong8 months ago
  • Is you bro

    Kok wai ChongKok wai Chong8 months ago
  • 5 pound baby here so I was like 👁 👄 👁

    Damaris ZamudioDamaris Zamudio8 months ago
  • What is her nameee ??

    Charlotte HowieCharlotte Howie8 months ago
  • She looks like her sister 😍😍

    Martina -Martina -8 months ago
  • Ewww leslie probs cheated on ryan the baby looks nothing like him and leslie is a bloody clout chaser i mean they make the ugliest babies anyways 🤮🤮✌🏼(Catherine wannabe)

    Fahmida BegumFahmida Begum8 months ago
  • She looks like alia

    anika kaundalanika kaundal8 months ago
  • Awww Congratulations ♥️

    Jessie MelendezJessie Melendez8 months ago
  • I'm just rewatching this while waiting for the next vid.

    Madeee HuitMadeee Huit8 months ago
  • Love this video!!! Congrats!!!

    JessicaRJessicaR8 months ago
  • A little late but wow !!! Congratulations!! My daughter was 11lbs 8oz and I know the feeling of having nurses and doctors walk in to just see the baby

    Cassandra VasquezCassandra Vasquez8 months ago
  • Hard to tell right now but yes definitely has your eye brows Ryan

    Becky HeathBecky Heath8 months ago
  • Ryan you are crazy lol 🤣😂😂

    Becky HeathBecky Heath8 months ago
  • Beautiful 🥰🤗 Princess 💘 #2

    Becky HeathBecky Heath8 months ago
  • She’s so gorgeous 😭😭😭 so chunky!

    Nur SalieNur Salie8 months ago
  • I really love your beadwork and congrats on the new edition of your family

    NyX-osoNyX-oso8 months ago
  • She kinda looks like steel! So adorable! Wow she is a blessing! 😪🤩🤩

    Alexa TobarAlexa Tobar8 months ago
  • Oh My God she is so adorable!! MA God Bless her!!!!

    Sandi SSandi S8 months ago
  • Awww so chunky ahh so adorable 💖😍

    Cindy GonzalezCindy Gonzalez8 months ago
  • Congratulations Ryan and Leslie! She’s so cute omg! 😍

    Candice BrownCandice Brown8 months ago
  • 🙏❤️

    Etika RibssEtika Ribss8 months ago
  • Dang she’s hugeeeeeeeeee congrats

    N RzN Rz8 months ago
  • next is marriage plz

  • I have a bracelet similar to Ryan’s bracelet, I got in my first Ayahuasca ceremony 🙏🏽 God bless you brother

    Sofia AvilaSofia Avila8 months ago
    • Through Our Eyes Thank you, I’m happy for you and your family, definitely a life changing experience 🙏🏽💫 💚

      Sofia AvilaSofia Avila8 months ago
    • God bless sis.. I’m happy your on the path:) keep going! If you haven’t already, you’ll notice that your whole family will start to heal from the doors your opening:) Much love, Ry

      Through Our EyesThrough Our Eyes8 months ago
  • so cute! who else loves this fam? small youtuber here! would appreciate any support!💙

    Bows & BowsBows & Bows8 months ago
  • What my baby sister is three months and she weighs 5 pounds

    Hada HadaHada Hada8 months ago
  • So happy for you guys. She is beautiful. Love you guys. She is a big girl! I love it! 😊♥️

    Marissa MitchellMarissa Mitchell8 months ago
  • Congrats!😍 my baby boy was 10 pounds as well.! You go mama!

    Jess GJess G8 months ago
  • I was 5 pounds when I was born 😭

    Sarita kreitzSarita kreitz8 months ago
  • I’m happy for them.thats the best birthday gift that Ryan ever gotten

    tash Perrytash Perry8 months ago
  • She don’t look like Ryan or her lol

    MayleeMaylee8 months ago
  • Baby Girl #2, looks like Leslie because she seems to have dark hair and Bellamy’s was light brownish like Ryan’s. But, they’re both so cute..❤️

    Johana Tapia De JesúsJohana Tapia De Jesús8 months ago
  • She is actually like her grandfather !!!!

    Fouqia ghouriFouqia ghouri8 months ago
  • How does Leslie look perfectly fine after giving birth?!! 😍

    Karina HendersonKarina Henderson8 months ago
  • Aww chunky and so cute she has lots of hair as Bellamy I can't wait to find out her name she's beautiful congrats Ryan and leslie ❤❤

    ThatGirl KittyThatGirl Kitty8 months ago
  • So much privat things on camera... Baby feeding.... And, and,.... This is to much.

    S &BS &B8 months ago
  • Wow so cute 😍 blessings to your family !

    The DLC FamilyThe DLC Family8 months ago
  • Omg she’s so chunky 🥺🥺🥺 congratulations! She’s so a big beautiful baby! ❤️

    princess Mxoprincess Mxo8 months ago
  • How do people even dislike such a video?

    Yimjungnaro ChangkijaYimjungnaro Changkija8 months ago
  • What’s her name

    Taylor FiggyTaylor Figgy8 months ago
  • Congratulations for your new born

    Masaki VlogsMasaki Vlogs8 months ago
  • She looks like binky😊❤🙏

    Nissa ChavezNissa Chavez8 months ago
  • She's so cute

    RitoRito8 months ago
  • She is so big.

    Belinda BrankenBelinda Branken8 months ago
  • Big healthy beautiful princess she’s so precious 😍💕 and I think she looks maybe Leslie but looks change in couple of days ❤️

    Renee PachecoRenee Pacheco8 months ago
  • Aww lots of love to our new angel 🤗❤

    Precilla RodriguesPrecilla Rodrigues8 months ago