Feb 8, 2021
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  • Hey guys What’s Good Nice I’m so Happy for You guys 😄🙌🏼

    Vivian MateoVivian MateoMonth ago
  • That’s so exciting 🥳🤩

    Jamie Lee AshtonJamie Lee AshtonMonth ago
  • Love the talk at the end of the video

    Tonya VasquezTonya VasquezMonth ago
  • How did you guys meet anelly?

    Isabel Ruiz - CHDIsabel Ruiz - CHDMonth ago
  • I like the way you think🙏🏻

    Victor OchoaVictor OchoaMonth ago
  • hi kids love it

    janet wellikjanet wellikMonth ago
  • So happy for you guys!!! Bendiciones from Texas! Beautiful family!!!!!??!

    creativadesigncreativadesign2 months ago
  • I guessed the move location before watching the video🔥🔥😍

    chadeya hollischadeya hollis2 months ago
  • "There's no living life without risk. When you fear something, just know that sometimes that is in itself an indicator to keep moving forward. Always know that you're being guided, and as long as you make decisions out of love, you will always be on the right path. Keep your eyes open, ears peeled, and your spirit sharp for there are always invisible forces helping you more than you know." 🤍

    Samantha HudsonSamantha Hudson2 months ago
  • Notice how these videos about their home situation are uploaded on time...

    Solo AnnSolo Ann2 months ago
  • Where is Arya's Room?

    Amari ALDJAmari ALDJ2 months ago
  • Ryan i did not know that u own a chanel 😶

    Romaine GordonRomaine Gordon2 months ago
  • So did anyone notice that they reposted their new video and deleted the comments.

    Maryam AhmadMaryam Ahmad2 months ago
    • ?

      Mia AppleMia Apple2 months ago
    • Soo is it fake

      Mia AppleMia Apple2 months ago
  • Umm I was in the middle of the house tour and now it’s gone ?

    Ruby SRuby S2 months ago
    • SAME

      A a l i y a hA a l i y a h2 months ago
  • It just came to thought, when they go shopping or something, do they get followed home?

    Shanice KhanShanice Khan2 months ago
  • When did Ryan dye his hair??

    Adela GonzalezAdela Gonzalez2 months ago
  • Best of luck

    Merita IsakuMerita Isaku2 months ago
  • don't reveal your city. keep it private

    Nicole HugsNicole Hugs2 months ago
  • ryan looks like he lost weight or is it just me ?

    afro dance loverafro dance lover2 months ago
  • Take nelly with you!! We’d love to see her in more videos.

    Veronica OglesbyVeronica Oglesby2 months ago
  • 🤍🤍🤍

    Jhovana BurboaJhovana Burboa2 months ago
  • I want to seeeeeeee

    Hayleebabyface 》Hayleebabyface 》2 months ago
  • idk if they do or not but can someone tell me if they have merch

    alyssaalyssa2 months ago
  • Lol their doing the same thing the ACE family did

    MM2 months ago
  • Hi, Hope you a good day !

    Jose SolorioJose Solorio2 months ago
  • Does this mean they moved closer to LA !?

    Estefany ValenzuelaEstefany Valenzuela2 months ago
  • One thing I'm excited about their moving to LA is we will get to see more videos of Ryan and Austin together..... 😁😁😁😁

    Angunuo MiachieoAngunuo Miachieo2 months ago
  • Who remembered rat gang

  • I love them. Just the whole energy💖

    Felicity NtanjanaFelicity Ntanjana2 months ago
  • Congratulations! So happy for you both! ❤️🤗👏

    Ritzl DRitzl D2 months ago
  • WOW!!!! On a different video Ryan was talking about changing our perspective and our words when we talk... when I was leaving my nanas house today I was telling her what I heard and how to be more positive when we speak... long story short I shit you not she won $5500 at the casino!!!! Tomorrow is her birthday and I'm so grateful for watching these videos or that WOUDLVE NEVER HAPPENED. I'm glad my nana is going to have an amazing birthday because I was worried that I didn't have any money to help her celebrate.. THANK YOU!!

    DeeBby24DeeBby242 months ago
  • I love this video!! Congratulations you guys deserve it ♥️

    Tanya & DarianTanya & Darian2 months ago
  • Wat are you Guys moving so many times??

    Alia YAlia Y2 months ago
  • Happy for your family! I'm wishing you the best luck in this new journey. Can't wait to see a house tour 😍

    Sarahi GomezSarahi Gomez2 months ago
  • Congratulations on your new house... cheers to new safe beginnings 🎆🎆🎆🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊🎊

    CAKES & ARTCAKES & ART2 months ago
  • So happy for you guys! 💫✨

    Alejandra FuentesAlejandra Fuentes2 months ago
  • "I'm just gonna stay here in this mess and just marinate in it and hopefully I don't become a mole" 😂😂😂😆🤭

    Hannah WamalaHannah Wamala2 months ago
  • Why would he say my house is your house if he’s moving because people were driving to his house? 😂

    Mónica DeanaMónica Deana2 months ago
  • Congrats I can’t wait to see the new house

    Aamndalee BradleyAamndalee Bradley2 months ago
  • May this home be protected and blessed by God 💕

    Jennifer AguilarJennifer Aguilar2 months ago
  • Quick funny story y’all. I had no choice and I HAD to drive a 26’ uhaul truck. It was also my first time ever driving a uhaul truck, and I’m 4’11” lmao. I whipped that bitch though. I did good. I was so proud of myself.

    Hollie PetersHollie Peters2 months ago
  • Bruh the cinematography of ryan's videos is amazing.

    char Lchar L2 months ago
  • Love you guys so much thank you for still sharing your journey with us

    emma Jeanemma Jean2 months ago
  • New subscriber! Love your energy Ryan ✨✨✨

    Sirlina SirlinaSirlina Sirlina2 months ago
  • First off congrats! Took me 5 minutes to find your new location. You gave away far too many clues.

    Darlene O’HaraDarlene O’Hara2 months ago
  • I cannot believe that there are still sweet people like you!!! This world needs more people like you!!!😍

    Sonia BothaSonia Botha2 months ago
  • May god bless you guys and your family so excited for you you guys are my role model to me and to others

    Eva JuarezEva Juarez2 months ago
  • I thought this was the bram house

    Noeliz RamirezNoeliz Ramirez2 months ago
  • Love your home

    Mónica Soares FernandesMónica Soares Fernandes2 months ago
  • So glad you guys are gonna be safe in a new home! Love you guys 💋💋💋💋

    Kitty NealeKitty Neale2 months ago
  • I'm so glad they moved!! The old house always gave the wrong vibes, the energy there just wasn't it and I said that ever since they posted the video from when they moved in 🙁

    Té AlmeidaTé Almeida2 months ago
  • So excited for you guys to move. Be careful what u post on the next place don't want you guys feeling like that again. It was scary to watch. Be careful and watch your surroundings make sure no one didn't follow u to the new house. People are to dumb no respect for you guys

    Shana DuranShana Duran2 months ago
  • If y’all need custom upholstery I’m your girl

    Princess Diana TVPrincess Diana TV2 months ago
  • What is the name of the intro song

    Raiyan KhanRaiyan Khan2 months ago
  • I'm so happy for yall 🤩💯 can ppl plz stop doing this to families omg

    eleanor Phillipeleanor Phillip2 months ago
  • Arya looks like Leslie 💜

    Sarai RodriguezSarai Rodriguez2 months ago
  • Los mejores deseos. Dios les bendiga

    Angélica MirandaAngélica Miranda2 months ago
  • Seems like they all fake a “break in” and then move out...

    Nataly ArguetaNataly Argueta2 months ago
    • Stop assuming things.

      Shamindri RanasingheShamindri Ranasinghe2 months ago
    • Not true

      eleanor Phillipeleanor Phillip2 months ago

    Kyra D’cruzKyra D’cruz2 months ago
  • I listened to the last part of you (Ryan) speaking about 25 times until I finally was able to write down exactly what you said and how you said it. It really spoke to my heart and everything I'm going through right now. I really needed to hear that and I wanted to write it down so I can read it and remind myself of everything :) I often read phrases, versus, passages etc that just don't make sense because they're almost too "sophisticated" and simply just not how we actually speak and hearing you talk is just so calming and I can actually understand it... I hope that makes sense.

    Nevada CollinsNevada Collins2 months ago
  • God bless y’all from Houston, Texas!

    Karen H.Karen H.2 months ago
  • bruh is all i have to say... lol patience patience patience

    Lakeisha BiaLakeisha Bia2 months ago
  • Y'all moving to Las Angelus I heard it beautiful there and the weather is warm

    Melanin QueenMelanin Queen2 months ago
  • So I really hope you guys see this but Ryan if you remember in la if it was you at the ace family game my mom and dad saw you driving and it was a black male and white female if you remember well that was my mom and dad

    Precious RodriguezPrecious Rodriguez2 months ago
  • Congratulations 🍾🎊🎈

    Sherry MercadoSherry Mercado2 months ago
  • Im almost 23 and I have been driving semis since I was 14, funny how people are so innocent. Also I would have gunned down them people that were in the back yard. But sadly people are scared of owning weapons *liberals*

    David LinaresDavid Linares2 months ago
  • Can’t wait to see it

    ItsMizzyItsMizzy2 months ago
  • ryans hair blonde is so fireeee

    tess erztess erz2 months ago
  • Knew they moved to LA

    Maria HuynhMaria Huynh2 months ago
  • Thank god you guys moved. I was so worried after that break in

    Katie KellyKatie Kelly2 months ago
  • Ryan 😍😍😍

    amei lovemusicamei lovemusic2 months ago
  • I love you guys so much, Seriously my favorite USworldsrs always so positive and happy. ❤️

    Brittany TrentBrittany Trent2 months ago
  • The baby actually looks like the babysitter 🥰🥰

    kimeisha morgankimeisha morgan2 months ago
  • Ryan changed so much He's related to one of the biggest scammers on youtube And y'all believe them? How sad

    SandraSandra2 months ago
  • I’m so happy for u guys congratulations!! You guys and your girls deserve this specially after what happened to you guys that was pretty scary! May God bless u guys and protect your family 🥰😘

    Kathy PalomeraKathy Palomera2 months ago
  • Congrats on the move plz stay safe

    Natashia WalthourNatashia Walthour2 months ago
  • Did y’all sell house that quick? You just bought it

    melissa strappmelissa strapp2 months ago
    • They had a 1 year lease. The house just sold. It stated tenant occupied, must schedule an appointment to view the home. I believe it went under contract the same day it was listed.

      Kimberly MorrisKimberly Morris2 months ago
  • This is fake. That current home has a pending offer. It’s not because there house got broken in. You can see when he received the package that his look shows that the address is there🤔

    RosaRoseBlogsRosaRoseBlogs2 months ago
  • Good to know they move to new home. The first one is like a badluck having some ghost at the kitchen and now what happened lastime.

    Maria AshleyMaria Ashley2 months ago
  • Congratulations on your new house 😘

    Roxanne AmatdoelrasitRoxanne Amatdoelrasit2 months ago
  • So happy for yall❤️❤️

    Liliana FdzLiliana Fdz2 months ago

    Cynthia R.Cynthia R.2 months ago
  • letssssssss get itttttt!

    Andrew MohamedAndrew Mohamed2 months ago
  • I love your channel because there’s no other channel like it! Ryan I love your voice overs because they remind me of your first videos when you used to record “motivationals” I’m excited for your new journey! ✨

    Chantal ChevalierChantal Chevalier2 months ago
  • Wishing you and your family the very best in your new house

    Irene Papadimatos GeorgatouIrene Papadimatos Georgatou2 months ago
  • Kindly stay active .. i love to watch you people 🥺❤️

    Almita KatochAlmita Katoch2 months ago
  • Seriously ? You guys just made a video of someone watching your house and you’re going to make another one about your new place ??

    Mitzy RazzoMitzy Razzo2 months ago
  • 5:55 how many hearts raced when we thought pinky was getting on the truck alone heart ❤️😅😅😅❤️

    Amongla ozukumAmongla ozukum2 months ago
  • Ryan!! I loved the little outro words. God speed to you and your family.💛

    Josey MartinezJosey Martinez2 months ago
  • 6:53 🥲🥺 I really needed to hear that.. thank you.

    Andrea MesaAndrea Mesa2 months ago
  • A prayer for your family. "He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield. Psalm 91:4. Ryan and Leslie, God and his angels will always keep your family safe. Congratulations on your new home and the next journey in your family's life. God Bless

    Lisa SantorelliLisa Santorelli2 months ago
  • Aww so excited for you all. Very inspirational because I’m struggling to make a decision to move out of my comfort zone.

    Lillian WaldierLillian Waldier2 months ago
  • Leslie, girllll you so pretty!

    ShiviShivi2 months ago
  • New house again wtf?!

    Zainab WaqasZainab Waqas2 months ago
  • Next time don't show your address in plain of sight you losers, this is what happens when you do. Stay safe

    Stevana HannaStevana Hanna2 months ago
  • Just make sure you don't accidentally post your address on the internet anymore so people will not find where you live at🚚🚚🚚🚚 🏠🏠🏠📦📦📦📦📦📦📦📦📦

    Carmencita DavisCarmencita Davis2 months ago
  • Why was the ending so emotional or is it just me? 😂

    Lu_ TunziLu_ Tunzi2 months ago
  • Ask Austin to drive the U haul

    Maria paulinoMaria paulino2 months ago
  • i love u guys so much love your videos your an amazing couple much love from New Jersey!

    Sam ResnickSam Resnick2 months ago
  • Ryan yes and I am manifesting a lot of money tomorrow and when I freaking do I am going to literally show people that literally one person can change the world in different ways and yes our spirit needs to be uplifted energy is all around us it's frequency turn into that frequency on that dial of that radio just like 92.3 exist but you're on 103.9 okay dial it to 103.9 it's literally that simple I know you know that Ryan but that's very uplifting to here and I want to share things like that as well because I'm very spiritual like that and I mean there is universal law I know you know that I know Catherine knows that I don't know you all but I know I feel like I do know Catherine I feel like she's my soul sister somehow, maybe in a past life?

    Whit StoneWhit Stone2 months ago