Jul 19, 2020
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  • Thank you everybody for the LOVE AND SUPPORT!!!! Today is also Bellamy’s birthday!! GO SHOW LOVE TO HER ON IG @iambellamyrose ! PINKY FINALLY TURNS 1 !!✨❤️🎉🎂🎂🎂🎂 This pregnancy has been one of the most mysterious experiences we’ve ever had. We’ll talk more about it in another video but needless to say, WHAT A MIRACLE! we’re so happy to have this new blessing into our lives, I (Ryan) still feel so speechless.. there’s so much that goes on in the back end of everything that it’s hard to express the magnitude of how everything aligned perfectly to bring our newborn into this life. It’ll all make sense when we explain more.:) Anyways, Love y’all, keep striving on being the best versions of yourselves, we’re all in this together, let’s celebrate our differences and not judge them!! that’s how we eventually get blessed🎊 Ryan+Leslie ✨

    Through Our EyesThrough Our Eyes9 months ago

      Hawwa MohamedHawwa Mohamed7 months ago

      Hawwa MohamedHawwa Mohamed7 months ago
    • valerie bonales yeah stay safe

      Hailey PangHailey Pang8 months ago
    • Love you big fan ❤️

      Sammi EvansSammi Evans9 months ago
    • Through Our Eyes I love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  • So Said decir Baby🍼🍼🍼🍼🍼🍼🍼👼🏻👼🏻👼🏻👼🏻👼🏻👼🏻

    Elizabeth EElizabeth EMonth ago
  • Congratulations to you and your family I can’t wait to see more family pictures and videos and vlogs because you guys are amazing together ❤️

    Adrianna CabreraAdrianna CabreraMonth ago
  • 00:42 lmaoo I can’t 😂😂😭

    Hirushani AmarasingheHirushani Amarasinghe2 months ago
  • when are you guys getting married!

    Crystal ChenCrystal Chen2 months ago
  • i now that our baby willl do good

    Elizabeth DanewiczElizabeth Danewicz3 months ago
  • When I first watched this video I thought they would show her face when she was pushing I know that Arya is already here but if y'all going have another child please show Leslie face when she's pushing please love you

    M & M WorldM & M World4 months ago
  • I feel so bad

    Sara Luna VictoriaSara Luna Victoria4 months ago
  • Aww! She's soo cute

    KatyxGagaKatyxGaga5 months ago
  • I salute the man for being a responsible husband and father lesly you're so strong woman..Happy family ..godbless...

    Jhe LynJhe Lyn5 months ago
  • This was three months ago IM SO LATE WTH

    Brianna Williams (Student)Brianna Williams (Student)5 months ago
  • Induction is the worst!! So happy everything turn out great. God bless ❤️

    Crystal MejiaCrystal Mejia5 months ago
  • What the hell i didn't even know that she gave birth i guess i haven't watched them for 3 months

    tiktok teatiktok tea5 months ago
  • Me here 3 months later not knowing she gave birth🌝

    Ariana EditzAriana Editz6 months ago
  • Broo I hadn't watched them in a while and I just realized they had a new baby

    CookingWithYamiCookingWithYami6 months ago
  • I have a feeling her third baby is gonna be boy rayn is gonna like his sister

    Abu OmerAbu Omer6 months ago
  • “that’s bullshit🤣🤣😭😭”

    angelina reyesangelina reyes6 months ago
  • Happy late birthday:)

    Lili CoronaLili Corona6 months ago

    Lili CoronaLili Corona6 months ago
  • now it’s BAES! Bellamy Alaia & Arya Elle Souline & Steel

    Meep MeepMeep Meep6 months ago
  • Leslie is glowing. Congrats u guys!!!!!!!

    Camika SurgeonCamika Surgeon6 months ago
  • 7:57 THE fluid bags green.... WHY IT GREEN

    StarBucks 42367StarBucks 423676 months ago
  • Hadn’t watched you in a few weeks but just thought about you guys and felt that I needed to watch Litte Emperor... 😊

    Chaske FisherChaske Fisher6 months ago
  • What’s the name of the song at the end?

    Ariadna AlanizAriadna Alaniz6 months ago
  • I love Ryan’s Spanish

    Kim LaTóxicaKim LaTóxica7 months ago
  • It’s currently midnight rn and now I want a fresh, hot pizza 😫😫

    Destiny StrawberryDestiny Strawberry7 months ago
  • How many kids do they have?

    Chloe MarshallChloe Marshall7 months ago
  • Love you the 👨‍👧🙋‍♂️🙇‍♀️🤱

    Amber RiveraAmber Rivera7 months ago
  • When is the wedding 🥺🥺❤❤❤❤

    hussayna mariahussayna maria7 months ago
  • Hopefully u dont knock her up again so quick. She didnt wven get to loose weight

    Low JonesLow Jones8 months ago
  • Congratulations

    Louise MurphyLouise Murphy8 months ago
  • Got the shaker " So we'll have a highly spirited baby" Lol🤣

    Val BrooksVal Brooks8 months ago
  • Whats the song called thats playing when shes giving birth?

    Naomi AlecNaomi Alec8 months ago
  • Why she get to eat in active labor 😭😭😭 I wasn’t aloud to eat for 36 hours I was hungryyyyyyy 😭 she’s beautiful though congratulations ❤️

    Jessica VetteseJessica Vettese8 months ago
  • Damn the background music was NOT helping with the emotions! It was just too much...😭😭 That song is quite something

    Harsha GobinathHarsha Gobinath8 months ago
  • Out of everything I love the part where he asked if she wants a bite! Even though he knows she's not supposed to eat. That's love right there

    Harsha GobinathHarsha Gobinath8 months ago
  • Yay another baby boy yay

    GxldenBellaXGxldenBellaX8 months ago
  • Just beautiful 😭😭 I just had my baby 2 weeks ago & watching everyone’s labor video is just amazing. U can’t predict when or how they come but when they do it’s perfect.

    HellocelinaaHellocelinaa8 months ago
  • why is this in my recomend

    SonicbatSonicbat8 months ago
  • I almost thought this was another ace family video

    Brat. BeryBrat. Bery8 months ago
  • last time I seen baby number one she was like two months old and now you're already have a newborn baby that is so crazy

    Duncan FamilyDuncan Family8 months ago
  • Eww

    Butter ChugginsButter Chuggins8 months ago

    raveena hooseinraveena hoosein8 months ago
  • .

    Lorine JordanLorine Jordan8 months ago
  • the baby will be a youtuber

    nepzskinepzski8 months ago
  • Bellamy Rose, they changed that name quick who else knows what I'm talking about

    Briana SanchezBriana Sanchez8 months ago
    • What are u talking about?

      Lisa McburnLisa Mcburn7 months ago
  • So is both their birthday July 19?

    Daniela SantanaDaniela Santana8 months ago
  • *thanks bro, but I don't remember asking*

    WoomyPerson128WoomyPerson1288 months ago
  • you guys need to get married already your perfect for each other

    Amber GriggAmber Grigg8 months ago
  • 1 part of this is copied also the girl looks like savanna from the labrant family

    Tasha WilsonTasha Wilson8 months ago
  • I feel like Ryan and laslie they gonna have the next baby it’s boy it looks like his sister

    Abu OmerAbu Omer8 months ago
  • That isnt how mine went with my last son I decided I never going threw that again having strangers hold your hand or a two year old be your emotional support he was a stronge boy he sat by his mom the whole till the nurses move him the last fifteen minutes he was hiding under a medical table with scaples and medical supplies they brought him back to me he was scared

    Kim ZastrowKim Zastrow8 months ago
  • Nobody: Ryan: You know what ? You know what ? Because I love you so much, I'm gonna eat nothing at all too 😘 Leslie: That's bullsh*t Me: trueee 😂😂

    Josie VelasquezJosie Velasquez8 months ago
  • Ryan is such a mood. He just brightens your day. Love you guys ❤️!

    Dineo MokonyamaDineo Mokonyama8 months ago
  • I’m so exited you guys start a family! Bless everyone!☺️

    Trinity_robertsTrinity_roberts8 months ago
  • Jesus Christ is God and He loves you! He died and rose to justify you before Himself, the True and Living Holy God, YHVH

    Cherub SasquatchCherub Sasquatch8 months ago
  • Congrats guys ❤️❤️

    Faith CharityFaith Charity8 months ago
  • I love your family

    Kok wai ChongKok wai Chong8 months ago
  • Congratulations to your beautiful family... That’s crazy was that doctor Elizabeth Scott? She delivered my babies 💖

    Claudia MejiaClaudia Mejia8 months ago
  • Wow this was so exciting to watch!! OMG 😳

    Jamie Lee AshtonJamie Lee Ashton8 months ago
  • I still cant believe she's only 21! i am a year younger and look 16 lol. Love them sm though the whole fam ace and L&S as well.

    Madison BrowneMadison Browne8 months ago
  • Wish my husband could of be with me all the time and not be kick out when i got the epidural. The privilage of being known

    Valeria RodriguezValeria Rodriguez8 months ago
  • Good job Leslie!!! 😊😊👶🏽👶🏽👶🏽🤱🏽

    Tnc874Tnc8748 months ago
  • This is the first time I’m seeing any of these people I don’t know them but I would just like to say two things, the pregnant girl is so adorable and this guy is so sweet especially when he offers the nurse some pizza

    Sandi SSandi S8 months ago
  • Song name please 9:07 😭😭

    ThurayaThuraya8 months ago
  • name of the song in the end?

    Nicklas Johnsson HildénNicklas Johnsson Hildén8 months ago
  • At 4:45 is so me lmao my mom says I pack to Africa going anywhere lol the last time she was at the hospital we had snacks,a few drinks, hygiene, some makeup like eyebrow only, a few change pair of clothes,laptops😂 (my mom had to stay for a few days so we got ready to stay overnight with her lol)

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  • Wanna be part of the biggest meme of all times? Let's beat the biggest USworldsrs, without posting a video. By the end of 2020.

    Jeffrey EpsteinJeffrey Epstein8 months ago
  • Ryan loved their room, Austin complained about the tv they weren’t even going to be using 🤣

    Angel ManningAngel Manning8 months ago
  • Can someone tell me the name of the song st the end

    Latifah GarnettLatifah Garnett8 months ago
  • My birthday is also July 15

    Stella LooStella Loo8 months ago
  • She so cute and adorable

    Mariah RamirezMariah Ramirez8 months ago
  • Her belly was really big

    RitoRito8 months ago
  • I love that you guys speak Spanish ❤️❤️

    Kelsie VillaltaKelsie Villalta8 months ago
  • On the way to “get labor” 😂😂

    Kimberly MartinezKimberly Martinez8 months ago
  • You are one HELL of a woman. period.

    Jocelyn GrimesJocelyn Grimes8 months ago
  • YOUR SO STRONG❤️❤️❤️👼🏻👼🏻

    Savannah YvonneSavannah Yvonne8 months ago
  • Am so happy for u guys😘😘

    Liz MyraLiz Myra8 months ago
  • Love this family ❤️💕 God bless y’all and everyone ALWAYS ✨

    SpirituAnaSpirituAna9 months ago
  • Ryan why would you ask them if they want a slice lmaoo so annoying. My bf would litterly do the same

  • Hey I am new to the channel ummm my birthday is also on July 15

    · L A U G H P A W ·· L A U G H P A W ·9 months ago
  • Why do you have a tattoo of me naked on your arm LOLOLOL

    PorridgeGalore SagigiPorridgeGalore Sagigi9 months ago
  • 😘 , that’s bullshit😂😂😂😂

    Safiyah AzamSafiyah Azam9 months ago
  • f

    maria contrerasmaria contreras9 months ago
  • 9:45 why are they holding her legs so high 😭

    Ximena S.Ximena S.9 months ago
  • Me and my dad have the same birthday too!!!!!

    Eliza WesterheideEliza Westerheide9 months ago
  • WHY TF DID ALMOST 900 PPL DISLIKE?! Smh honestly🤦‍♀️

    mikea hiooimikea hiooi9 months ago
  • 😁😂⚾⚾⚾♻💎💎🔰💥💥💥🌀🌀🌀💥💥💥💥⚽⚽ 🔰 ⚾⚽💎💎 *Jesus Christ is the Son of God, who died and rose from the dead to Give us eternal life.* *He also promised to heal your body.* *This Is True Love!!! (look up and ask HIM)*

    Julius MadrowJulius Madrow9 months ago
    • Congratulations

      mikea hiooimikea hiooi9 months ago
  • Congratulations on new baby God Bless you n your family

    Chivana GutierrezChivana Gutierrez9 months ago
  • Wheres the video of the conception?😁

    Justin DececcoJustin Dececco9 months ago
  • i’m dead leslie said some “stop being scared of me”

    Angel HolbirdAngel Holbird9 months ago
  • Okay

    Ria AlbergRia Alberg9 months ago
  • The people who think Leslie is a strong woman 👇🏻 .

    wnnalis cioovwnnalis cioov9 months ago
  • Who sings the song in the background tho!!! 😍😍

    Danielle M HowlesDanielle M Howles9 months ago
    • Awwww 🥺🥺welcome sunflower 🌻🥺

      wnnalis cioovwnnalis cioov9 months ago
  • Happy later birthday Ryan Many god bless you many more years 😘😚😙❤

    Taqiyah HeynesTaqiyah Heynes9 months ago
  • july 14 was my baby brothers 1 yr birthday

    Dalhia Perez figueroaDalhia Perez figueroa9 months ago
  • When ryan woke up he was so delirious😂😂.

    Olyvia CarrascoOlyvia Carrasco9 months ago
  • Are both of the Girls born the same day??

    Becky MCBecky MC9 months ago
  • Congratulations guys! I’m so happy for you! Ik this baby will be as beautiful as Bellamy I love her already

    Kimberley AquinoKimberley Aquino9 months ago
  • Austin and Ryan just vlogging what they brought 🤣

    Ritika TumsiRitika Tumsi9 months ago