Jan 27, 2021
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This was a huge learning experience.
Thank you guys for the sweet comments and support..
stay tune for next video.. its a big one..
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  • allow your girlfriend finish her sentence. It's not cool to cur her off each time she talks. This is a family channel so we would like to see every one's personality not just you.

    Jude EzeonuJude Ezeonu11 days ago
  • Fake as hell. They just copy and paste what ACE fam did. Cringe 😂😂😂😂😂😂😴

    charlotte B.charlotte B.15 days ago
  • I don’t think this is staged most USworldsrs get robbed because their famous and it’s not right they probably didn’t call the police because they need a better look all that matters is that their safe ❤️

    Samala SavoySamala SavoyMonth ago
  • Ryan don't chase them. They could be armed.

    Rocio RossiRocio RossiMonth ago
  • Security is very inportant thank god u followed ur intuition and stayed and had your girls go stay with their family as a man you did your job to protect your girls that is so scary but it's a lesson learned to not leak your address stay safe

    gaby_gabygaby_gabyMonth ago
  • Ryan your such an amazing boyfriend you know what and how to keep your family safe when bad things are about to happen ❤️

    Adrianna CabreraAdrianna CabreraMonth ago
  • People are so rude and disrespectful like guys they have a toddler and a baby we do not want nothing to happen to those Beautiful and smart baby’s so leave them alone they are trying to live a normal life sooo leave them alone 😡😡

    Melanie JordanMelanie JordanMonth ago

    Sandra DeLanneySandra DeLanneyMonth ago
  • This is all freakin scripted they are very good actors thou

    Shaban MalikShaban MalikMonth ago
  • Why dont you call police.. it's so mysterious

    Cath SangronesCath SangronesMonth ago
  • Why most USworldsrs are getting stalkers like serious? Those people got no damn respect.

    Arquel CudiaArquel CudiaMonth ago
  • What do these guys want you people I always thought America was thee best place in South Africa we live like prisoners don't they have a life coming with car's taking pictures yur sister's house was also robbed thank God 🙌🙌❤️ Austin and Cathy did yur eye surgery in the Nik of time you almost caught them Ryan one brave soldier but you make me laugh at times you more scared than the robber the prank mama door I could not stop 😉😂 laughing but through it all you are a good man you trying to protect your Familia be careful when you goin for the kill or attack it may backfire these people are victims we can't lose you you bring so much of laughter and joy in most of the videos it relly Brightons our day be safe always 🙏 vigilant May be Lord protect you always 🙏

    Vasantha ThangaveluVasantha ThangaveluMonth ago
  • This can also be cap since pretty much a lot of youtubers post the same video when they’re lease is about to end and gotta move to a new house. Hard to believe nowadays.

    Andrew GarciaAndrew GarciaMonth ago
  • Ace family copy cat video once again. Staged acting. Landon and shyla copy ace family enough and you two are becoming the same as them. As you've always took inspo from ace fam video y'all keep doin it more and more. Be original

    chrisabshire82chrisabshire82Month ago
  • Damn that's so sad imagine you weren't even in the house and the house was alone sum worse would of happened like they would of honestly stole something and go inside the house stay safe and congrats on the new house u are currently in right now stay safe ❤❤

    Destinyyy HernandezDestinyyy HernandezMonth ago
  • Why does the car have no license plate

    Nafisha AlamNafisha AlamMonth ago
  • Next time just call the police don't risk your life❤️ but u defo need to move which is sad

    Gaynalicious xGaynalicious xMonth ago
  • is that Noah Beck

    Lapis LazuliLapis LazuliMonth ago
  • Bro what job r u doing

    Mohammed BasilMohammed BasilMonth ago
  • Any malayalees ?!

    Mohammed BasilMohammed BasilMonth ago
  • I’m sorry but Ryan is in shape. How is it that he couldn’t catch one person or throw the bat and hurt someone if they were truly breaking in?! Lmao

    Nicole ReyesNicole ReyesMonth ago
  • Ryan y’all need to get either some security ppl around the clock or a lot of cameras and lighting and maybe a guard dog for the back yard maybe a German Sheppard that looks very scary and yes it could have gone terrible wrong plz y’all take care maybe move to a house where there’s a security gate

    ronda smithronda smithMonth ago
  • Oh my God I am such a big fan of your page the ace family on and on, but that does not mean that I cannot have my own opinion and I’ll tell you what this thing seems staged from the get-go since you started now if it isn’t I am sorry and I really really really hope that it isn’t but I wouldn’t label my video “real footage” and a lot of things that you DID made this seem so skeptical from the get-go especially when coincidentally you move right after this I just wish you guys were more genuine in these aspects because after this it doesn’t even get mentioned whatsoever! Nor is it a topic to play around with, the entire video just seems so put together and not well thought out normally when something like this happens if you do pick up the camera because this is your life it’s very believable because it’s very raw, and very unedited and this was not the case here😖

    Crystal PetersenCrystal PetersenMonth ago
    • it’s a fake prank his lease was up and the owner of the house has a for sale sign up someone from the comments on another video lives on his block and they said this is fake

      Lapis LazuliLapis LazuliMonth ago
    • And then I also get this vibe to second-guess myself and try to have an open mind, that maybe this did happen on multiple occasions or maybe even just one, and you didn’t get it on camera so you’re reenacting it to show people( or the person who did this ) hey we know this happened we want to put it out there because it did scare us so we’re trying to find the best way to reenact it but thank God we’re moving too because this is kind of scary which that I would understand, it’s just a hard way to work around when you post it like this I don’t know... I would wait until I moved( since you stated we are moving soon so we’re just not gonna stay here until then) and would have just been completely honest from the get-go like we found out no I didn’t record it. Because it was spur the moment and it scared us I didn’t have my camera in hand, or whatever!! But it happened we are in our in our new home we just want you guys to know that we are now taking this very seriously and that this is not OK there was just a more mature way to go about this then reenacting something if it did happen and you didn’t get on Camera and you decided to make it a reenactment on camera for views ORRRRRRR TO let the person know that you knew they were coming by or people whatever the scenario. I don’t know maybe it’s just me that thinks out scenarios like this but also catches a vibe in a video plus editing and can see through the bullshit and the truth at the same time and still love you all together🥰 I know I know it’s a rare breed it’s either hate or love no in between, you can’t have your own opinion nowadays I get it spare me😔

      Crystal PetersenCrystal PetersenMonth ago
  • someone count how much he said f***

    Londyn JamesLondyn JamesMonth ago

    Neldy SajousNeldy SajousMonth ago
  • You got to be sooooo gullible to think this is real 😂😂😂

    Michelle TorresMichelle TorresMonth ago
    • this just goes to show how stupid he thinks his viewers are this is an insult to anyone’s intelligence

      Lapis LazuliLapis LazuliMonth ago
  • Lol sum fishy bout this video 😂 especially the beginning, who finna sit there and record somebody with no license plate take pics of their house and not confront them? And then you don’t catch them in the end?? AND what happened to your friend coming??? Nah fam I’m not buying it 🥴

    Iм BlacĸIм BlacĸMonth ago
  • Why leave San Diego tho

    Dallas HamiltonDallas HamiltonMonth ago
  • Respect People.God Is GREAT u will be Good.You Have God Is On You Side

    Barbara RequaBarbara RequaMonth ago
  • Shoutout to Brian for staying and the house and actually being brave staying there if I were him I’d call the cops the fudge out of there and yea

    Vanessa ItzepVanessa ItzepMonth ago
  • House alarm cámaras a la casa police poner todos los seguros a las puertas

    Katerina LópezKaterina LópezMonth ago
  • Hey that what happened to the royalty family

    Dalal WaelDalal WaelMonth ago
  • A lot of people target houses to steal their dogs to sell! Ben sell. So many made unemployed by pandemic, lots of desperate people out there.

    Niff LofairNiff LofairMonth ago
  • Y’all copy every single video the ace fam does............ So over it.

    Bree DelToroBree DelToroMonth ago
    • Right it must be a part of Austin’s playbook

      Lapis LazuliLapis LazuliMonth ago
  • This same thing happened to the royalty family

    xoxo_siddika Matvadiaxoxo_siddika MatvadiaMonth ago
  • Well I would’ve left the cops bodies tbh 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • I would’ve fucked them up with that bat fuck the camera

  • Buy one or two Handguns.

    Raven Dawn HeadRaven Dawn HeadMonth ago
    • And tasers.

      Raven Dawn HeadRaven Dawn HeadMonth ago
  • What in the world

    Taliyah YoungerTaliyah YoungerMonth ago
  • Seems like robbing a house period is stupid but a celebrity's house is on another level for many reasons. Their security, cameras, notarity etc would put them at higher risk of getting caught. Get a JOB and leave this precious family be!!! *I don't think this was fake*

    Valerie CherryValerie CherryMonth ago
  • This is so messed up. They have 2 babies. People are scumbags smh

    Margie ColonMargie ColonMonth ago
  • to be honest, Ryan and Leslie (i know you’re already living at the new house now.) but even if you were moving you still sleep there until you move and you have babies so it’s not right. even if you’re like packing all your stuff, until your things that you have are outta your house they need to respect that. and do not say “omg be nice to ur fans” stfu bc that’s not right for u to go to where they sleep, eat, shower etc. they already show so much of their lives and yet you want more? wow you’re like rly disgusting. same thing happened to the ace family too. like come on guys, you wouldn’t want your friends friends cousin showing up at your house, even tho your friends might know them YOU don’t know them.

    Kristina MekhaelKristina MekhaelMonth ago
  • God bless you and your family take care

    Anny VargasAnny VargasMonth ago
  • That’s so creepy you might never know they be whatching you guys while you guys are sleeping at night so scary. Or being in the bathroom the windows need to have black curtains meanwhile you guys find a place.

    Estella RevelesEstella RevelesMonth ago
  • People need to get a life and fuck off . Leslie and Ryan I recommend you guys to get a house with the windows tinted and also have fences around with lock security.

    Estella RevelesEstella RevelesMonth ago
  • Fakeeeeee🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

    B NunezB NunezMonth ago
  • Take down the video

    Karim NaderKarim Nader2 months ago
    • right because it’s fake as fake can be

      Lapis LazuliLapis LazuliMonth ago
  • Are you okay

    Elsey VillanuevaElsey Villanueva2 months ago
  • You need to get some Giants guard dogs that way those intruder guys come back you should send your dogs on them and get a gun

    Katie BKatie B2 months ago
  • I would have called the cops by now if someone was sitting outside my house for that long

    Katie BKatie B2 months ago
  • It’s a set up 🤣

    Kimberlyyy_rKimberlyyy_r2 months ago
  • You did not charge after guys breaking into your house with a fcking camera in your hand.. don’t even have two fists ready for yourself. This is some clown ass shit. People who believe this omfg 😂

    K ChristineK Christine2 months ago
    • ikr only a stupid dummy would believe this fake staged stuff

      Lapis LazuliLapis LazuliMonth ago
  • Omg this is scary put some security cámaras u guys need private security just because of of what happened to ur sister n her family please god proteja a ustedes

    Jocelyne GonzalezJocelyne Gonzalez2 months ago
  • Same bull shit on every USworldsr 🙄 super fake bruh 😎

    Abby2014Abby20142 months ago
  • That’s scary 😟

    Jamie Lee AshtonJamie Lee Ashton2 months ago
  • Aht happened to his hand

    Barbara GagnonBarbara Gagnon2 months ago
  • The smart thing to do is call the cops

    Jessie OrtizJessie Ortiz2 months ago
  • BHAHAHA fake

    candy candycandy candy2 months ago
  • U need to call Austin and tell them what happened

    Chelsea WaightChelsea Waight2 months ago
  • When in doubt always call the cops in advance if you know something is wrong.

    JOY BJOY B2 months ago
  • Clearly mental illness is in fact a pandemic in the US (or there's just a lot of thieving weirdos). If you feel motivated to drive to a youtubers home and creep on them like some stalker, you have serious issues.

    BB2 months ago
  • Fakeeeee

    Ansaar international Hier auf YouTubeAnsaar international Hier auf YouTube2 months ago
  • i’m so sorry this is happening to you guys, this is so scary :( why are ppl so fucking weird and disgusting like wtf?? especially when the babies are there.. you had the great idea of having leslie and the girls go to her moms! and then why didn’t the police do something when you had actual footage of them being on your property and then they said call us if they do it again like WTF!!!! i hope this situation will be taken care of! 🙏🙏❤️❤️

    diamond adiamond a2 months ago
  • This is so scary

    Hirushani AmarasingheHirushani Amarasinghe2 months ago
  • "What should we do?" Go buy a gun . Lol

    Alaska at LastAlaska at Last2 months ago
  • Ok thats what she did to the ace family to get to u.. lol hahahahaha

    Esme TafoyaEsme Tafoya2 months ago
  • I’m sorry but they already copy everything the Ace family does so the fact that their house got broken into and now they have a new home is sus....

    Cristina RamosCristina Ramos2 months ago
  • 😱 thank God you told your girl to leave

    Cristal GomezCristal Gomez2 months ago
  • Fakeeeeeeeee!!!!

    Alma BahenaAlma Bahena2 months ago
    • Noooo they moved

      Mia AppleMia Apple2 months ago
  • cap

    Kristen CKristen C2 months ago
  • sooooooooooooooooooooooo fake

    Jocelyn Cortez VillaJocelyn Cortez Villa2 months ago
    • Ya???

      Mia AppleMia Apple2 months ago
  • Definitely fake, way tooo obvious lol!

    MandyMandy2 months ago
    • Ya???

      Mia AppleMia Apple2 months ago
  • It’s probably his 2 friends. Where were they? ....

    VloggingwitheveyVloggingwithevey2 months ago
    • Ya?

      Mia AppleMia Apple2 months ago
  • That’s just Disrespectful for doing that I hate when people go to your house and I hope y’all are ok in your new house

    Alejandra MorenoAlejandra Moreno2 months ago
  • hmmm sounds too familiar....is it something they doing now when they already have a new home..but hey i guess thats for content...didnt austin home got broken into supposely and next they move a wk or so later to the new house... so this is scripted...just tell ur fan ya got a new house and ya moving...smfh...no originality...so if austin jumps so will hia bro n law....def will unfollow...tired of youtubers making shit up for content....mind u other families really go thru shit like this....🤬🤬🤬

    Niurka BarbosaNiurka Barbosa2 months ago
    • he is following Austin’s playbook lol

      Lapis LazuliLapis LazuliMonth ago
  • Anything for views right

    Princess AngelPrincess Angel2 months ago
  • You Should have a weapon and keep it around

    Chain 01Chain 012 months ago
  • Absolutely terrifying, I’m so sorry that happened to you guys

    Aly Del VeeAly Del Vee2 months ago
  • this whole video scripted asf. why can’t y’all just say y’all wanna move? who cares 💀 what’s the big deal with y’all creators and moving without making a scene

    n e waysn e ways2 months ago
  • Fake that house is being sold by the owner and your lease is up Fake

    Click BaitClick Bait2 months ago
  • دعم بليز usworlds.info/slow/video/g4V8iaDUm56cjp0

    huda Beautyhairhuda Beautyhair2 months ago
  • This is so staged. How are u all so naive.

    MM2 months ago
  • RT: "They must be taking Austin’s McBrooms course lol"

    MM2 months ago
    • exactly it’s only 49.99 lol

      Lapis LazuliLapis LazuliMonth ago

    MM2 months ago
  • Idk why they don’t call the cops. It’s all just for clout

    Denise GomezDenise Gomez2 months ago
  • U should of got a gun anf showed them whats up . o had something like this happend to me and felt helpless . yeah cops suck same thing on my case when I called them they said it was someone from the north. Had to move cause i didnt feel safe for my kids. But i got my hand gun license next time theirs no calling the cops next time they will be called after am done.

    Abby ?Abby ?2 months ago
  • But why did you WHISPER “yo, wtf” when you ran on the side of your house??? I would be SHOUTING to get ANYONES attention that someone was attempting to break in my home. Disappointed.

    Bianca ContrerasBianca Contreras2 months ago
  • This is the fakest thing I’ve ever seen

    Victoria MarinoVictoria Marino2 months ago
  • I dont think its real ur not affraid at all no freinds just u alone and u open the door to face 2 people thats not logic

    happy younghappy young2 months ago
  • And you didn’t call the police when someone was taking pictures of your house ? You pick up a camera but not a phone to call the police 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ smh.

    Emily MillardEmily Millard2 months ago
  • Tf the police make me so mad why tf would u leave knowing someone tried breaking into the house they could have guns or any weapons and there were 2 guys vs 1 come on now they gotta do better

    Alyza TineoAlyza Tineo2 months ago
  • You should have hide call the cops and they would have been caught

    Brenda ABrenda A2 months ago
  • Safe? They’re just an awesome obsessed fan that needs to get a life

    Val BrooksVal Brooks2 months ago
  • get a gun

    little_ladylittle_lady2 months ago
  • So your break-in "prank" became a legit reality... Karma is weird ain't it?

    Darren JohnsonDarren Johnson2 months ago
  • God bless u bro and protect u and ur family. AMEN! luv u

    Kaycee CarlinKaycee Carlin2 months ago
  • People who believe this 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    ariel gariel g2 months ago
  • You guys big now. Plus youre Catherine's brother, what you expect? God bless you guys.

    Crazy Mom L!feCrazy Mom L!fe2 months ago
  • The fact that I just wasted 15 mins of my time on a staged ass video. They just needed a fake reason to move

    Stefania RodriguezStefania Rodriguez2 months ago
  • if these people were crazy fans of this beautiful family, know that what you did was perform an illegal act and breaking and entering is a serious crime. I hope you know that what you did is wrong and puts yourself and this family in serious danger. Make better choices!

    Bethany LanzoBethany Lanzo2 months ago