Feb 15, 2021
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  • Guys, we love you. Thank you for making our dreams a possibility, let’s inspire each other to reach beyond the stars, to grow and transform beyond our self imposed limitations. To see the truth of what we all can truly achieve in our lives. Now is the time and we’re here with you every step of the way.. See u in the next video Though Our Eyes:)

    Through Our EyesThrough Our Eyes2 months ago
    • Wow!!! Baby boy is getting SO big!!!! 👀👀your house is beautiful!!

      Tracie MTracie M19 days ago
    • I love you

      Areli DanielaAreli DanielaMonth ago
    • I love you

      Kimbella GaBBidonKimbella GaBBidonMonth ago
    • Let Leslie finish talking for once 😩

      Hailey LopezHailey Lopez2 months ago
    • This house is beautiful. Its my style frfr

      Chelsea PryorChelsea Pryor2 months ago
  • Royalty family has the best house

    Dan HDan H3 days ago
  • The little girl looks like Catherine ❤😍

    Emma batemanEmma bateman10 days ago
  • The house is hella weird. There’s no light and all the rooms lead to the living room.

    Ni NaNi Na12 days ago
  • Such amazing parents, te quieroooo!

    Heather PerryHeather Perry13 days ago
  • Ry, where did you get your hoodie

    Heather PerryHeather Perry13 days ago
  • Ryan seems like something is going on lately... on edge and losing a lot of weight

    Ally beeAlly bee14 days ago
  • You guys deserve this!

    SimplyElleSimplyElle16 days ago
  • The butterflies painting is my favorite 🥺 i was pregnant while 9 months gave birth to a living beautiful baby girl that sadly passed a couple hours after long story short whole time I was prego butterflies speacifically white kept popping up around me summer and winter n even now after still pops up so to me that’s crazy that butterflies even popped up in this video 🥺💖🦋

    Angel ZepedaAngel Zepeda19 days ago
    • Omg literally right right after I posted my comment bout how much butterflies mean to me now u started talking bout butterflies again .. brb I’m crying 🙏🥺👼

      Angel ZepedaAngel Zepeda19 days ago
  • Collab with Mr Kate guys!!

    Mary QuartiMary Quarti20 days ago
  • This house doesn’t have a pool right? I mean I didnt see one

    CoversByPACoversByPA21 day ago
  • I feel like they look like fake Austin and fake Catherine 🤣🤣🤣

    Briana Leneé LandaBriana Leneé Landa21 day ago
  • Beautiful 🤍

    Shy GarciaShy Garcia29 days ago

    Its LinneyIts LinneyMonth ago
  • Maybe you should draw a picture of her and frame it in her room it be so beautiful

    Its LinneyIts LinneyMonth ago
  • Congratulations beautiful home it’s getting bigger every time and u both deserve it This is my opinion Real plants are the best for your home doesn’t collect dust and it good as air purifier aswell Looks so nice and no need for to much water best thing I done when I removed my artificial plants as all it did was collect dust especially if my kids have allergies

    Its LinneyIts LinneyMonth ago
  • Not being shading but why is it that they copy so much of ace family?!! From the first house to this one.

    Pink Kee64Pink Kee64Month ago
  • Happy you all are safe and moved out of that other house that was broken into it while you were home

    Christina SmothersChristina SmothersMonth ago
  • What is a 4.5 bath?

    parsleyparsleyMonth ago
  • So excited for you two 🎉🎉

    Jamie Lee AshtonJamie Lee AshtonMonth ago
  • Your floor plan is amazing! I love how close the bedrooms are to the main living space!😍♥️

    Erica TeresaErica TeresaMonth ago
  • You should hire an interior decorator. Bring your ideas to life with a little help. Beautiful home. Deserves some dope decor 👌🏻. Much love and respect. 🙏🏼 Many blessings.

    Jasmine GerberJasmine GerberMonth ago
    • You could hire me 🙋🏻‍♀️👩🏻‍💼

      Jasmine GerberJasmine GerberMonth ago
  • Also Ryan I love your page but you’re so disrespectful to your women, let her talk.

    Ciara WilcoxCiara WilcoxMonth ago
  • When’s the baby due? Your cover photo for the video shows it. The baby sitting on the belly, if she wasn’t prego she baby would be sitting closer to her legs

    Ciara WilcoxCiara WilcoxMonth ago
  • Beautiful. Wow crazy how some many houses are alike We had a house like that big close to Neighbors i didn't like it. So happy we moved into a tiny home on wheels best Decision ever !! Really makes you realise what's important in life. Living off grid is the best way to live up here in the mountains away from everyone. We got some land just pull our home on the land we have our own garden , barn. We eat what we grow. Wherever we go we have our home with us we love to travel. People who are Materialistic won't know how to live without all the fancy things. Life isn't all about that . So glad I moved out of a big house Donated everything & now we have us love family the things that matter most . Takes me 10min to clean our tiny home . Most of the time we are in the garden or in the barn or out in the fields dancing naked under the stars nobody is around peaceful life the way to live .

    Mercedes AC.Mercedes AC.Month ago
  • Wow had a house just like that did like how the naborbs

    Mercedes AC.Mercedes AC.Month ago
  • may be This is ace family house

    shital tagdeshital tagdeMonth ago
  • lol this might be tmi but i like the bathroom most... i wanna take a shyt and think im stuck in a rock...lol

    othella stanbackothella stanbackMonth ago
  • This is my FAVORITE BY FAR!!!!!!!! ITS Absolutely beautiful 💯

    Jennifer SmithJennifer SmithMonth ago
  • Wow pretty. Thank you for sharing 😊

    Querencia.tvQuerencia.tvMonth ago
  • She just had that whole office space done for him and now they move?!?

    Iceprincess637Iceprincess637Month ago
  • What is the song called you used Plss tell me when u are about to open the doors what song is that I want to use it in my videos

    Georgia GonzalezGeorgia GonzalezMonth ago
  • Hosh can Ryan let Leslie talk?

    esther ndegwaesther ndegwaMonth ago
  • I really feel like they deserve more followers 🥺❤️ they are amazing!

    Liz Alvarez0119Liz Alvarez0119Month ago
  • Ryan, with all due respect, I think it would be kind of you to let Leslie speak as freely as you do. It's not very nice when you are trying to expound on something & someone else keeps cutting you off :( No hate intended! ❤ I know you love Leslie but please, please let her finish her sentences. This is her channel just as much as it is yours. Anyways, hope you guys are well! ❤

    NariNariMonth ago
  • Congrats guys I’m so proud of y’all.! N this house kitchen n dnt even get me started wid dah bck yard 😏😳🥰

    Ernestine BalosErnestine BalosMonth ago
  • The 2 Refrigerators and the green chair is my favorite.

    Social PersonSocial PersonMonth ago
  • Why ur wife look like ur brother wife

    Campbell babesCampbell babesMonth ago
  • Your bathrooms are my favorite 😻

    Nour HijaziNour HijaziMonth ago
  • where is the dog?!

    Pamela MurilloPamela MurilloMonth ago
  • This is absolutely beautiful 🥰😍

    Harriet BradfordHarriet BradfordMonth ago
  • The house is so beautiful! I felt very welcome vibes from just watching the video LMAO

    Verenice RodriguezVerenice RodriguezMonth ago
  • Whenever I watch one of your guys videos I just remember if Ryan wasn't brave enough to ask Lezlie out then you guys would not have the wonderful family you guys have

    Alison VanegasAlison VanegasMonth ago
  • Next year they wil have a other house

    Dre JonesDre JonesMonth ago
  • Where your dogs is????

    AnnikaAnnikaMonth ago
  • Love this house everything in it ♥️

    Cynthia RodriguezCynthia RodriguezMonth ago
  • this is a replica of Catherine and Austin. I feel like I'm watching the ACE family old videos all over again. Leslie tries so hard to act like Catherine. Be unique and real you guys, it is getting boring.

    Elisabeth RodriguezElisabeth RodriguezMonth ago
  • Y’all are pregnant 🤰 again??

    Mv LoveMv LoveMonth ago
  • She’s pregnant the way she walks and her face has a different kind of glow.

    Elizabeth CuadrosElizabeth CuadrosMonth ago
  • Sweet family...I LOVE THE NEW CRIB...If only mtv still did "mtv cribs" 🤓💖

    Treya EmTreya EmMonth ago
  • The house is beautiful I love it the open layout is amazing

    Tina MullenTina MullenMonth ago
  • only if ur blessed enough to have the opportunity to move homes .. rest of the world is not that blessed with the money u guys have to afford to move homes or even own a home i myself live in a tiny apartment building but happy for u guys very nice place

    GreenDayRoxZ1GreenDayRoxZ1Month ago
  • leslie is sooo pretty ❤️

    Remruati PachuauRemruati PachuauMonth ago
  • Next time Leslie get the camera bcs Ryan moves it a lot and make the viewer dizzy .

    Arisleida DamianArisleida DamianMonth ago
  • The green chair’s location is a bit odd. You might want to just put a plant just like you’ve done on the other side

    NaurbanistNaurbanistMonth ago

  • Hey beautiful Leslie , where did you get the pampas grass vase 🏺 from ? So beautiful i saw it on the ace family video

    Gabriella DiazGabriella DiazMonth ago
  • Leslie makes the same squeaky noise and the same loud scream that Catherine makes when she gets excited, and Catherine always says oh my God when she gets excited, and Leslie is doing the same thing, boy kind of seems like she's trying to copy Catherine

    Carmencita DavisCarmencita DavisMonth ago
  • I wash dishes as I go. Use a plate, wash . Use a cup, wash. I have 2 kids so dishes pile up quick if I don’t!

    Andrea Dan SteinsdorferAndrea Dan SteinsdorferMonth ago
  • I like the way you guys designed your new home it’s beautiful ❤️

    Adrianna CabreraAdrianna CabreraMonth ago
  • WOW! I love the way you guys see life, talk about God and give people guidance 🙏🏻 Really inspiring I can totally relate with you guys energy and vibes as well ☁️🕊☁️ Wish you guys the very best and God bless you 🤍

    Carlos MacielCarlos MacielMonth ago
  • it would be great for you guys to stop assuming she’s pregnant! saying a women is pregnant may make her feel uncomfortable! leslie gave birth to 2 kids back to back her body needs a break stop saying that

    erica valderramaerica valderramaMonth ago
  • Isn’t this the ace family’s old house

    Victoria DanielsVictoria DanielsMonth ago
  • So beautiful😍😍😍✨

    Yunary BatistaYunary BatistaMonth ago
  • Hi can we see the house from outside

    Dalal WaelDalal WaelMonth ago
  • where did they move??

    Taylor NguyenTaylor NguyenMonth ago
  • Lol

    PANDAxxxbecky PXBPANDAxxxbecky PXBMonth ago
  • Man I am so jealous lol but I'm happy for you guys! What are you guys exactly do for a living is this just USworlds! Cuz I can't even find anywhere like this!

    liza kelliza kelMonth ago
  • After Anely surprised I needed to catch up! I'm still crying!

    Alize RochaAlize RochaMonth ago
  • The house looks beautiful.✨

    Riya GafoorRiya GafoorMonth ago
  • The backyard...🥺 goshh I love the greeenn😍

    Aylin AyAylin AyMonth ago
  • I absolutely love the new house guys!! I love everything you showed us..an oh..i love how all the rooms are decorated!!

    Amy GoodAmy GoodMonth ago
  • She’s pregnant again??

    Dyshia HDyshia HMonth ago
  • This house is absolutely stunning 😍

    Sophia CarreiroSophia CarreiroMonth ago
  • The house is soooo beautiful 😍😍😍

    BabelesteBabelesteMonth ago
  • Ryan need to shut up sometimes... Like stfu

    ReReReReMonth ago
  • So is no one else gonna mention how this looks EXACTLY like the house The Ave family had before they moved in to their current one ? Seems like they literally leased it after them 🤔

    Sheila PanecatlSheila PanecatlMonth ago
  • Really excited to see what you all bloom into next!!!! ❤️💯💙

    Shey Baez RoyaltyShey Baez RoyaltyMonth ago
  • This house seems to be a good fix, the previous house felt like it was meant for you guys, maybe it wasn’t the right time but it was definitely a stepping stone. Happy for you all all love from Day 1. Tqm

    Shey Baez RoyaltyShey Baez RoyaltyMonth ago
  • Ryan please work on your recording skills. The camera is all over the place!!!

    Emily MelissaEmily MelissaMonth ago
  • This one is my favorite ☺️☺️❤️❤️❤️❤️ LOVE U GUYS

    Bigsexyred1985Bigsexyred1985Month ago

    Maribel AzuaMaribel AzuaMonth ago
  • If you guys need help with finishing your new house, you should collab with Mr.Kate. ❤️❤️❤️

    Leslie MartinezLeslie MartinezMonth ago
  • Let’s stop making assumptions about her being pregnant..what if she isn’t 🥺 like chill y’all

    Tayona HillTayona HillMonth ago
  • Guys I would highly suggest you switch room! Bellamy should have the guest room where she has her own closet shared with her baby sister and a bathroom while her current bedroom should be a guest room instead, since it's going to be empty most of the time!! Her room shouldn't be right next to the front door anyway, I think! How about you change the placement of the TV and put it up the fireplace and putting the furniture facing the fireplace. You should corporate these two green chairs with the new couch because they're beautiful chairs. Put a big mirror with a big console table where the TV's now. Right at the left corner when you enter the house since the furniture will be facing the fireplace, how about a decorative corner, a bench, with a piano , a gallery wall and other stuff!!

    AgainstAllOdds053AgainstAllOdds053Month ago
  • the secret room they are not showing is for the babysitter anely and it will be her room

    Narisha KhanNarisha KhanMonth ago
  • You should make a intro with your kids and u

    Megan StevensMegan StevensMonth ago
  • Stop stop stop speaking over Leslie!!! It is soo disrespectful.

    Hope SinclairHope SinclairMonth ago
  • Her belly looks pretty big on the thumb nail & her trying to cover it throughout the whole video... she might be pregnant 🤰🏻 idk

    Vanessa GarciaVanessa GarciaMonth ago
  • This house is wayy more beatiful then the other two houses be safe keep save and may god protect you .

    Gorgeous PixieGorgeous PixieMonth ago
  • Dream home 🏡

    Rosy PinkRosy PinkMonth ago
  • Me encanta esa casa es maravillosa mucho mejor q la otra 😍😉😊

    Rosario ramirezRosario ramirezMonth ago
  • I like the man cave

    Keven Rafael RamirezKeven Rafael RamirezMonth ago
  • I wonder who did bedding their rooms?

    Chica SeptianiChica SeptianiMonth ago
  • Why two fridges????

    Laur AubreyLaur AubreyMonth ago
  • It's funny all the utubers are getting new homes

    Laur AubreyLaur AubreyMonth ago
  • Leslie looks pregnant! 😯

  • 2:53 da fuck?

    Mark GMark GMonth ago
    • LMAO 🤣

      Joanna FariasJoanna FariasMonth ago
  • I can’t watch y’alls vids when u Ryan talk it irritates me it annoys me it makes me dizzy it makes me feel nauseous and the worst part it makes me wanna scream when u cut Leslie off it just makes me want to punch u I’m sorry u should not do that to ur lady’s

    Boba TeaBoba TeaMonth ago
  • This girl looks like his sister

    Faith DawoodFaith DawoodMonth ago