Nov 13, 2020
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Now there you have it!
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  • Aww you are so cute and adorable together ❤️

    Adrianna CabreraAdrianna CabreraMonth ago
  • Bulshits!!! Like you just tag along with friends and suddenly you got notification shout out in the Ace Family video, and now denying that she’s not a FAN!!! Come on gurl.... don’t fool ppl around here.

    Mell GustavoMell GustavoMonth ago
  • Great video! 💯❤️

    Myles & LuisaMyles & LuisaMonth ago
  • Is Leslie Ecuadorian

    Jaymie UruchimaJaymie Uruchima2 months ago
  • Holy crap. Everyone just always hating on the girlfriends lmao. Everyone hates on Shyla, and everyone hates on Leslie. Y’all mad over a life you ain’t actually apart of

    Kelsey ColwellKelsey Colwell2 months ago
    • Exactly. They are probably jealous because they are actually family to Catherine.

      Paulette BlackPaulette BlackMonth ago
  • Bro she was a fan lmaoooo she even went to the ace family house stalker

    JosJos2 months ago
  • So Leslie is also spiritual, just like Catherine...

    Marilyn MonroeMarilyn Monroe2 months ago
  • Leslie fit tho so she will be aight and move on so don’t sweat it girl

    YabbadabbadoYabbadabbado3 months ago
  • Here’s another assumption... Ryan 💯 isn’t in love with her anymore. Sad but true! Trust me I can tell by all vlogs not just this one. Doesn’t mean he’s a bad dude and maybe he doesn’t even realise it 💯 himself yet, but yea he’s not in it at all in that way. Maybe for the kids he will stick around for longer but other than that nah bro they won’t be together in the next few years.

    YabbadabbadoYabbadabbado3 months ago
    • @Vee Alg I do think she loves him tbh although yea she’s securing the future as well 💯 lol. But she’s definitely in it more than he is.. remember him always with Austin? He’s like a big kid and he loves his freedom and just being able to be a prankster. Well that’s how it always seemed from years ago. I do think with how hyper he is and his personality that being cuffed with her and then her making him a dad got to him and he wants out. Like in his heart he wants to live the single life and just be a good dad I bet anything! But your comment did make me think... that’s another reason why he’s still with her because he doesn’t want to be having to give all of his money out on child support so I guess he really is trapped which is horrible.

      YabbadabbadoYabbadabbado2 months ago
    • Of course not she only wanted to trap him so she can live good and get good child support LOL he doesn’t wanna married her

      Vee AlgVee Alg2 months ago
  • how is the person in the back

    Brock Tupara-BurgessBrock Tupara-Burgess3 months ago
  • I feel like Leslie tries to hard to be like Catherine . I liked Ryan before

    Sulma Guzman GaldamezSulma Guzman Galdamez3 months ago
  • People don’t get some things Yes Leslie was a fan but her and Ryan and genuinely in love and happy and have two kids because they love each other not because she’s obsessive and the reason she beats around the bush with is because her and Ryan don’t want drama to start so they avoid it and people don’t get they have a personally life not everything is on ig and USworlds so yes Ryan knows she was a fan and yes he’s okay with it so people need to chill and stop acting like she’s fake and just because it isn’t online saying it’s not true doesn’t mean it’s true it’s their life so if they’re happy just Let. Them. Be

    Grace InskeepGrace Inskeep4 months ago
  • I cant wait for the day he posts a video proposing to her❤

    elizabeth martinezelizabeth martinez4 months ago
  • I

    Shantisse BriggsShantisse Briggs4 months ago
  • C and the best 👌 for you will have a lot to me that you ❤ 💕 I have to make it to your own house 🏠 😉 ❤ and then you will have to take 😉 😀 😊 every time

    Aliyah nievesAliyah nieves4 months ago
    • C to make the other one a good 👍 👌 ✨ 👏 is the most 👌 and the best 👌 ❤ ♥ 😄 for the most popular sport and the best bet 👍 😀 😉 the best 👌 in a I was wondering 😔 how can Gethsemane get the job and what 😳 is dying for 😀 it 😀 in this

      Aliyah nievesAliyah nieves4 months ago
  • Why does Ryan act all tough/aggressive. He acts way too much like Austin and y’all know nobody likes Austin’s goofy FAKE attitude!

    Stephanie SCCStephanie SCC4 months ago
  • your post notifcation is on the through our eyes

    jeana ioriojeana iorio4 months ago
  • Ryan waiting for right moment... Leslie thinking erm didn't expect that, want you to propose now lol 🤣

    Fay cFay c4 months ago
  • call me crazy, but i feel like this isnt a equal partnership. I can sense that leslie isnt really confident, but she pretends to be. Ryans voice overshadows hers, metaphorically speaking. They arent both leading, she follows him.

    Yadira EscorciaYadira Escorcia4 months ago
  • I love you two just the way you are! I have no assumptions because I can see how nothing is forced or fake and you laugh at negativity and brush it right off! Let’s spread positivity again☺️🍃🌎✨

    MariselaMarisela4 months ago
  • This Video is soo annoying to watch... JUST answer the questions man I dont have any time to loose on pointless talks..or plays. I love yall but dont watch this anymore. Came to minute 6

    pejipeji4 months ago
  • Love these assumptions 🤩

    Jamie Lee AshtonJamie Lee Ashton4 months ago
  • There’s no way that they where exploring the city and then bumped into their house 😂 they lived in a residential area. Like you had to go up hills. That’s funny tho.

    stephanie mezastephanie meza4 months ago
  • I like how she believes he actually misses but misses it on purpose 🤣

    Cj RivasCj Rivas4 months ago
  • Leslie is very pretty. She looks somewhat like your sister Catherine!!

    Beautiful all AroundBeautiful all Around4 months ago
  • This guy needs to learn to speak right

    Trevor LujanTrevor Lujan4 months ago
  • What are you waiting for to ask Leslie? A third kid? 🤦‍♀️

    GlamorrousGlamorrous4 months ago
  • This leslie is really annoying wtf

    Mlle A.Mlle A.4 months ago
  • LOL these questions were JUCIY

    HaddixHaddix4 months ago
  • First time seeing your channel. Beautiful family, GOD BLESS ❤️

    Eve MunguiaEve Munguia4 months ago
  • is it just me or do their outfits make them look like yin and yang🥰

    Mia MauriceMia Maurice4 months ago
    • I can definitely see your point! Lol.

      Fatima HerreraFatima HerreraMonth ago
  • I hate that everybody in the comments think they know everything about all these you tubers life 😂

    Makiyah DinaeeMakiyah Dinaee4 months ago
  • Love this 🎥

    Melissa KasnerMelissa Kasner4 months ago
  • Trust is not jealousy.....

    Tracie MTracie M4 months ago
  • Omg let her talkkk he’s so excited

    Dance QueenDance Queen4 months ago
  • 💕

    Norma RivasNorma Rivas4 months ago
  • It's good Richard chores nd payingbi!is and looking after the children. Said with my she's a please try to en uciate your words both stylishly speak very quick!y and you want the viewers to understAnd you also Lesley needs to speak on subjects more ask as across a bit dumb vindictiveness been to university. Don't take offence as I think this surveyors viewers

    Ruth RiceRuth Rice4 months ago
  • Y'all are so fun

    Lawanna JohnsonLawanna Johnson4 months ago

  • I love watching you guys

    Vanlalpeki VarteVanlalpeki Varte4 months ago
  • Ryan always use to be my fav but he seems like he's starting to disrespect leslie alot now lowkey He never use to He would always worship her before having kids Why do guys do that? They out of no where lose respect for the mother of their kids He seems very rude to her and she tries her best to just laugh it off like it doesnt bother her It the little things You just gotta pay attention

    SandraSandra4 months ago
  • Leslie is beautiful ❤️👀

    Kelley StaubleKelley Stauble4 months ago
  • Leslie so prewtty

    Vivian gitaVivian gita4 months ago
  • Natural BBL where lmfao flat ass

    La GuerraLa Guerra4 months ago
  • Wow what HONESTY 😳 hahaha NOT! WOW....

    Esme TafoyaEsme Tafoya5 months ago
  • You guys don't deserve to raise Bellamy Rose

    turndownforwhatturndownforwhat5 months ago
  • Lies lies lies!! So you were casually driving by the ace family’s house on your way to LA and saw them and asked them for a picture in front of their house? 1. The ace family used to live in calabasas and still live in Calabasas and 2. That’s nowhere close to LA

    Elisabeth RodriguezElisabeth Rodriguez5 months ago
  • Ehehe yalls r so cute 🥰 . People r always assuming nvr mind them cos yuh know dah truth bout yuh🥰

    Ernestine BalosErnestine Balos5 months ago
  • So u saw austin n catherine randomly in the street but wasnt the pic taken right in front of their house? they lived at the end of the street so its not like u accidentally passed by

    Krystal BriannaKrystal Brianna5 months ago
  • hey Ryan and Leslie love you guys

    Alyssa HAlyssa H5 months ago
  • Haters be hating cause of the issue brought by a so called bestie 🐍🐍 just do ya thing dumbasses yall are paying their bills anyway. 😎

    mel lowmel low5 months ago
  • Love you Guys!!!🙏🏽♥️ have a great day☀️ stay safe and stay humble beautiful's💓💓

    Alexandra TonicoAlexandra Tonico5 months ago
  • Hard to understand Leslie. She mumbles or talks so fast and quietly that you can't understand her. She's beautiful but speak up Leslie and articulate.

    Darlene O’HaraDarlene O’Hara5 months ago
  • Lol she made it look like she wasn't obsessed with the Ace Family...they even gave her a post notification shoutout in one of their old videos

    Pablo LoviePablo Lovie5 months ago
    • Yeah LMMMAOOOO

      Fatima HerreraFatima HerreraMonth ago
  • How old is leslie?

    Theresia SamiaTheresia Samia5 months ago
  • I want a china story time 👀

    clarryclarry5 months ago
  • #familygoals 👪

    Jennifer CastroJennifer Castro5 months ago
  • Yall are so cute

    Jennifer CastroJennifer Castro5 months ago
  • I love yall and your beautiful girls

    Jennifer CastroJennifer Castro5 months ago
  • He was cheating the whole game

    Aden YoungAden Young5 months ago

    Beatriz RBeatriz R5 months ago
  • Around 5:03 I heard Bellamy so immediately I assumed wait is the little girl recording them ? Lmbo

    Moon in libraMoon in libra5 months ago
  • Why are y’all lying lmaooo she was a fan

    gracie godinezgracie godinez5 months ago
    • Yeah she was lmaooooo

      XO XOXO XO5 months ago
    • She wasn’t a freaking fan

      Angelyn MaloneAngelyn Malone5 months ago
  • I prefer you guys and L&S sorry I just can't stand watching ace family's anymore From Austin cheating on Cathrine it's so fake Now and I hope Ryan sees what it's done to Cathrine Austin's queen and never does it to his Family , Ps when you guys getting Married Leslie would be a lovely bride⏳ , Its hard to believe when we've seen first hand Your Bro in Laws the biggest Liar Ever even though he's fought in camera I hate being negative on your feed but if your honest Cathrines your sister so it must hurt you too , know your not going to say anything about it but we all know the Truth behind the lies BUT YOU GUYS ARE NICE 👏👏

    Helenanne BoydHelenanne Boyd5 months ago
  • I just realizes Leslie is only 21! shes so young

    Katrina StrashKatrina Strash5 months ago
    • Yeah, she also lied about her age when she first met Ryan. She said she was 23 but she was really only 17 when she met him.

      Fatima HerreraFatima HerreraMonth ago
  • Ummm no, I seen Austin and Catherine in the street! It was at their house. Honestly it looks worse that you lie. Just don't address it if you do not want to answer.

    Erika RamirezErika Ramirez5 months ago
  • Why is that even a juicy question? Just be honest who even cares if she knew him ?!!?

    NessiahNessiah5 months ago
  • “There’s a difference of being controlling and a leader “ he just admitted he takes control by being a leader of the house, meaning he calls the shots. you can be the man of the house but not the leader of the house. It should be equal, both partners should communicate and comprise and agree on things, there shouldn’t be a title of a Leader. Also if he isn’t controlling he shouldn’t have to be so defensive and build the moment up to defend himself. I’m tired of putting money and power into peoples hands that lie to us blatantly and can’t even be honest with themselves.

    NessiahNessiah5 months ago
  • Their first video of them meeting seemed staged to me

    NessiahNessiah5 months ago
    • Or they had met prior to the video

      NessiahNessiah5 months ago
  • 14:05 the part you came for!!!

    Alicia SánchezAlicia Sánchez5 months ago
  • theyre over here clearing up assumptions and people in the comments are making more, get a life people if you think they’re lying then simply don’t watch them

    Camryn MCamryn M5 months ago
  • Sometimes an assumption comes from a mind of a single person and doesn't mean everyone or a lot of people think that, so don't worry about stupid assumptions.

    FlySkyWithUFlySkyWithU5 months ago
  • I just had a chance to catch up. Just goes to show do not Assume Sh**...💜

    Donna BDonna B5 months ago
  • Hater will hate god bless hope wee see us more .keep safe xx

    Puzzo WMDPuzzo WMD5 months ago
  • Me encanta esta parejaaaaa!! ❤👩‍❤️‍👨

    Erica MErica M5 months ago
  • Cash app is $lilkizzy Anything would help. I have an almost 3 year old boy and another on the way in 3 months but due to COVID my hubby is working full time and the paychecks go to the bills only do I’m not able to work or make extra income to help us afford more groceries or anything.

    Lakeisha S HocogLakeisha S Hocog5 months ago
  • I love you guys, but I have a question... are you guys iluminati? Because of the name of the channel " thru our eyes" and the new world order is all about what they see thru there eyes? And if u are iluminati tell us how you got there and how it is? Are there rituals, if you are and can't say li li lu. Lol don't think you'll answer , but I would love it

    Naara AhlyNaara Ahly5 months ago
  • Leslie is so freaking beautiful

    danidani5 months ago
  • Ryan you are so ignorant and immature. What do you mean it's not the right time? You already have 2 kids together and are living as if you're married so that was really stupid of you to say. Grow up dude

    Margarita CabanMargarita Caban5 months ago
  • WITCH CRAFT DOES NOT FALL INTO HER BOOK!!!!! Ha! Ha!!!! Why make this video if your gonna just lie.

    C MC M5 months ago

      Beatriz RBeatriz R5 months ago
  • You guys be talking about how he interrupts her talking and stuff but ill be damned annoyed the way he purposefully missed the ball 🤣🤣

    R RR R5 months ago
  • You guys are soo freaking cute 🥺❤

    29 tanya mangla29 tanya mangla5 months ago
  • leslies laugh is annoying af!!

    Gia LorenGia Loren5 months ago
  • Wait why was there a person running in the backyard? 😂

    Jocelyn NicoleJocelyn Nicole5 months ago
  • But Catherine and Austin shouted out a Leslie Hernandez or was that just a coincidence

    TYM is meTYM is me5 months ago
    • Lies

      XO XOXO XO5 months ago
    • Yup!!! That’s why I believe she loes

      XO XOXO XO5 months ago
    • this one i definitely true even if they deny it. I just think rayn didn't know her until later when he meet her at the mall and he has a who;e video on it with his friend which was a while back and then people found out she was a fan of the ace family.

      Andrea NunezAndrea Nunez5 months ago
    • Love it’s a super common name especially in Mexican families (:

      Sabrina DominguezSabrina Dominguez5 months ago

      Beatriz RBeatriz R5 months ago
  • Sooo she takes pic with Catherine meets brother at mall but didn’t know who he was?

    Jenn TJenn T5 months ago
    • She may not have seen him in a lot of their videos most of the time it was just about the Ace Family Catherine Austin and the kids so idk🤷🏻‍♀️

      Christina SmothersChristina Smothers4 months ago
    • Alllll lies

      XO XOXO XO5 months ago
    • They’re lying, she took the picture with austin and Catherine in January 2018 and he apparently met her at the mall in September 2018, they’re lyingggg

      gracie godinezgracie godinez5 months ago
    • But they never said she didn’t know who he was tho

      Gabriela RoblesGabriela Robles5 months ago
    • Exactly bullllllllll shit! Lies on top of lies stacked pancakes 🥞

      C MC M5 months ago
  • 😂😂😂

    Hana the CabbitHana the Cabbit5 months ago
  • make more videos or I'm to cry

    Harmony McCauleyHarmony McCauley5 months ago
  • Keep being amazing! Love your energy as always 💜💙⚡️🕊

    Healing Goddess HandsHealing Goddess Hands5 months ago
  • Girl! Ryan is the man of the house, he has to pay for the bills of you two. Not splitting them in half!! You’re taking care of your kids!!! He is supposed to pay the bills. I would understand if you paid for your kids clothing, diapers, bottles, etc. , baby supplies, but he is the man. You’re not supposed to be having everything in your plate! That’s a lot for you girl!!!!! Tell him to man up girl!!!!! Lol But hey if it works for you that way, then let it be. That’s why man never man up to their duties and responsibilities of having a family and paying for the families needs at all times. Don’t take me wrong but that’s a guys responsibilities. He still needs a lot of growing and maturing!!! Lol

    Liz HernandezLiz Hernandez5 months ago
  • Everyone in the comments writing their assumptions *my mind *wait what if Leslie got surgery to look like Catherine*

    E_O 2610E_O 26105 months ago
  • I’m so glad that they cleared up the engaged thing. I was so confused and sad cause I want a surprise proposal video

    BrookieeBrookiee5 months ago
  • was very vague about that witchcraft hahahaha her friend gave a full detailed story

    Moody PlushMoody Plush5 months ago
  • Why she lying 😂😂😂 she is a big fan and want to look like her “idool” CATHERINE

    Lili PiliLili Pili5 months ago
    • She’s beautiful just the way she is. She’s doesn’t need to look like anyone!

      Jewel CobhamJewel Cobham5 months ago
    • 🙄

      Jewel CobhamJewel Cobham5 months ago
  • 💕

    Ginger ClarkGinger Clark5 months ago
  • Did anyone else see that kid run past the window when ryan was drinking the a orange juice

    Sarah PalmerSarah Palmer5 months ago
    • @E_O 2610 ik

      Sarah PalmerSarah Palmer5 months ago
    • Wonder who the kid was

      E_O 2610E_O 26105 months ago
    • I just started watching the video and I was laughing at your comment

      E_O 2610E_O 26105 months ago
  • You’re 2 creepy liars seriously 😑 it’s pathetic

    Star StarStar Star5 months ago
  • You’re not clearing up you are just saying the way you want us to think. You’re 2 liars got caught many times.

    Star StarStar Star5 months ago
  • My assumption.. Leslie is a college drop out and doesn’t have an university certificate 😂😂

    735 Elaina Fernando735 Elaina Fernando5 months ago
  • college vlogger here: Leslie looks so gorgeous!❤️

    Mal MartinezMal Martinez5 months ago