Mar 5, 2021
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  • Ok so it’s difficult to explain but pray el padre nuestro and with your hand form of a cross (in the name of the father and the son and the Holy Spirit” over her while she’s sleeping and when she wakes up crying do that a couple times and see if it helps? Idk my mom would tell my sister-in-law’s that whenever the kids would wake up crying out of nowhere - hope this helps !

    Cecilia CarranzaCecilia Carranza23 hours ago
  • Love the scroll idea and maybe some large Chinese fans in the upper corners to keep the theme.

    Dez!ree•JuarezDez!ree•Juarez3 days ago
  • Aww Ryan you guys are amazing together as a beautiful couple and as a beautiful family ❤️

    Adrianna CabreraAdrianna Cabrera4 days ago
  • rosalina. lol 😆 is the time to come back from my life so that i we will be back in time

    ima ship youuima ship youu7 days ago
    • lol 😆 is the best one ☝️ in my my parents lol i was

      ima ship youuima ship youu7 days ago
    • lol 😂 is the

      ima ship youuima ship youu7 days ago
  • You guys should put a big family portrait on that big wall

    Dawn Burge-CruzDawn Burge-Cruz8 days ago
  • The flute prayer 😂😂😂

    LiLi BackmanLiLi Backman9 days ago
  • Y’all videos so Cringe

    Leti PittsLeti Pitts10 days ago
  • Everybody saying Leslie should decorate but why can’t Ryan decorate

    Bea ElversonBea Elverson10 days ago
  • Can I please have your couch if your gonna get rid of it? 😩😩

    Veronica HernandezVeronica Hernandez11 days ago
  • Kinda feels like Incest in a way how Ryan and Leslie are together because Leslie looks so much like Catherine and Ryan finds her super attractive. Happy for them either way lol, I’m just sharing my thoughts guys. Don’t come for me.

    Isabel SaguinIsabel Saguin11 days ago
  • 😀😀😀

    cute pink 123cute pink 12314 days ago
  • The natural remedy is put them in their own room ASAP LOL. I am a mother of 3 and have never had issues with my kids sleeping...good luck!

    Diana HernandezDiana Hernandez14 days ago
  • Decorating should be given to your lady and plus she's super cute

    Rene MbetjihaRene Mbetjiha14 days ago
  • Leslie decorates

    Alyssa CollinsAlyssa Collins15 days ago
  • Put a picture of both your babies on the wall

    Christina SmothersChristina Smothers17 days ago
  • I started laughing when Leslie made a face when Ryan talked about making a demon thing

    Glenda CastilloGlenda Castillo20 days ago
  • Sorry but when Ryan said to add feathers I started laughing

    Glenda CastilloGlenda Castillo20 days ago
  • Am I the only one that sees Ryan unhealthy from his face? Or is it just me

    Gissel EsquivelGissel Esquivel26 days ago
  • Those empty spots above the doors .should put portraits of your daughters it would completel those spots

    Tanisha AlmightyvoiceTanisha Almightyvoice26 days ago
  • Love the responsibility Ryan takes as a dad. Don't see that so often out here😒

    Rosee LiaRosee Lia26 days ago
  • Good video 👍👍

    Jamie Lee AshtonJamie Lee Ashton26 days ago
  • Wheres aneli when you need her?

    ggevorkianggevorkian27 days ago

    Muezza’s EmpireMuezza’s Empire27 days ago
  • Ryan should put his Art on the walls or do a family symbol catered to them

    Charis Muirhead18Charis Muirhead1827 days ago
  • Acid reflux!!! Take her to a chiropractor

    Stephanie EsquivelStephanie Esquivel27 days ago
  • So sleep train.

    Lm TLm T27 days ago
  • Get a dreamcatcher might if you do get a dreamcatcher. Make sure you place it on the wall you don't sleep under so whatever it bad dream catches it doesn't fall on you help you since you're so spiritual try essential oils get a diffuser it can also help

    Maria1O1 OrtizMaria1O1 Ortiz28 days ago
  • Intenten hacerle una limpia del ojo Ami yo lo hice con mi niño y funcionó el hacia lo mismo toma un huevo y resale pánfilo por si cabeza su cuerpo y ponlo en un vaso mucha gente lo pone debajo de la cama yo tiraba pero funcionó

    Karen RKaren R29 days ago
  • How well do u guys know each other youtube video please please please!!!

    Chasity smithChasity smith29 days ago
  • We need a how well do you guys know each other video please!!!

    Chasity smithChasity smith29 days ago
  • Nice👏

  • Do not let Ryan decorate

    Maria CarlosMaria Carlos29 days ago
  • WOW your literally pawning off your kids to each other, Must be a new age parenting stradegy .

    Sandra DeLanneySandra DeLanney29 days ago
  • The click bait is hurting my actual issues lol

    Chantrea SimChantrea SimMonth ago

    Rachael AwadRachael AwadMonth ago
  • What happened to him getting his teeth fixed

    binabinaMonth ago
  • Takingcarababies sleep training course

    Cherry OnTopCherry OnTopMonth ago
  • So that wall you can’t think what do do with I think it needs to be a photo wall. I don’t see very many if any photos of family or the kids hanging up. EVERYONE loves looking at photos and there’s always a story behind a photo! My mom use to tell me “ 1 simple photo can tell 1,000 words” or “ every photo taken has a beautiful story to tell” you should do slot of black and white photos, but also add in some colored ones for a pop of color!!!!

    Stephhhyyy315 !Stephhhyyy315 !Month ago
  • So true if you got child close in age and their a toddler and baby the baby worked the toddler up so sleeping separate is what me and my hubby does

    Sheena KellieSheena KellieMonth ago
  • What part did they talk about not sleeping together or was that a click bait title?

    Carmel EvansCarmel EvansMonth ago
  • The best thing to do to get your baby to sleep is to get a sleeping lady to help you guys train her to sleep! Totally recommend it helps so much!

    Iris MaganaIris MaganaMonth ago
  • I swear every time Leslie looks at her man she just looks so in love 😍

    bubble buddybubble buddyMonth ago
  • Definitely let Leslie decorate!

    Jackie MartinezJackie MartinezMonth ago
  • I’m 10/10 with the crazy artistic ideas Ryan has, BUT it would look nice in the basement to give it a whole different vibe! Not your entire home lol

    Angie HernandezAngie HernandezMonth ago
  • Give her Tylenol! She is teething worst thing is when ur baby is in pain and u didn't know what it is. When she has a fever or after she gets her shots or even teething give her Tylenol or teething tablets NO GEL TEETHING ITEMS THEN CAN NUMB THE THROAT NO BUENO.. USE TABLETS

    gaby_gabygaby_gabyMonth ago
  • In the kitchen u should do 1 huge portrait toward the top.

    gaby_gabygaby_gabyMonth ago
  • I think u should definitly meet in the middle cuz u both have great ideas but definitely leave some spots open for the future photo like school pics ect.

    gaby_gabygaby_gabyMonth ago
  • A woman's touch let ur woman take over for the family room and ryan can do another room maybe meet in the middle

    gaby_gabygaby_gabyMonth ago
  • Put a bug picture of ur kids that would be cute its a family room or take new pics for the family room of all of u 4

    gaby_gabygaby_gabyMonth ago
  • I like ryans door design

    gaby_gabygaby_gabyMonth ago
  • Above the couch you should do 3 big black and white canvas photos one of bellamy in the middle the 4 of you and the other side of aria

    Destiny RamirezDestiny RamirezMonth ago
  • Why does your girl look like your sister LOLL ewww

    Maythe EspinosaMaythe EspinosaMonth ago
  • I think your baby has something that’s called “9-month regression” that usually lasts for a few weeks.

    Sassy GirlSassy GirlMonth ago
  • Leslie should not let Ryan decorate

    alejandra almeidaalejandra almeidaMonth ago
  • Leslie should decorate but I think you guys should have a photo shoot and get many black and white canvas pieces to hang up next to each other.

    Roxanne DesireeRoxanne DesireeMonth ago
  • A House is for free expression not 1st impressions

    Anselmo HuertaAnselmo HuertaMonth ago
  • Les should decorate as far as furniture and the style of the rooms. Ryan should finish the rooms off with his artwork, intricate decor, ect. No room too "simple" and no room too bright or extra.

    JonniceJonniceMonth ago
  • Leslie should decorate!

    Seals KidSeals KidMonth ago
  • Supid

    rocio Brunellirocio BrunelliMonth ago

    Layla HusseinLayla HusseinMonth ago
  • above the door ryan should write “through our eyes” with his artistic moves 😂

    Kylee LovellKylee LovellMonth ago
  • ok im getting museum vibes from all this

    itsyourgirlkatttitsyourgirlkatttMonth ago
  • Also** two pictures of the girls on either side of the tv maybe or on top of the doors. Idk. Neon sign would look sick on the grey wall

    Alyssa DanaAlyssa DanaMonth ago
  • I mean just deffff addd more color cause those are a lot of white walls. Like a white bush. White rug. No add color plus you have two kids so far leslies entry way is winning

    Alyssa DanaAlyssa DanaMonth ago
  • Lavender essential oil through DoTERRA.

    Janel KarimJanel KarimMonth ago
  • Hey there, I love you guys! I’m on level 14 Grand Hotel Mania

    SassyLVDaisy LingSassyLVDaisy LingMonth ago
  • This is so awesome to see. I love your flute, beautiful 🥰.

    Rikki-leigh Herewini-HynesRikki-leigh Herewini-HynesMonth ago
  • Click baited for more views I skip the video cause on the comments section you would know the tea lol no need to watch video no more

    I love My familyI love My familyMonth ago
  • Love your videos 😍 & I love that game too lol I'm on level 79 🤣

    Aleisha MaurentAleisha MaurentMonth ago
  • Women have a style and men have a style. That’s all. They can meet in the middle and have a beautiful home.

    Val BanksVal BanksMonth ago
  • Your house was boom. 💥💥💥so who ever designed the washroom. Should do the rest of the design.. coz am new to your channel .. the,... last video I watched I was disappointed coz u “talked ... over ....your wife ).. (happy wIfe..... happy life ) am back improve please ....don’t talk over wife not...... cool sir thanks for the rant%

    Peris NdiranguPeris NdiranguMonth ago
  • u should use Dehumidifier vaporrubb n it should help.

    odalina Bisonoodalina BisonoMonth ago
  • Lavender is good for sleep some people put it inside their pillow cases and there's also baby night both washes with Lavender scent

    Raeesa CajeeRaeesa CajeeMonth ago
  • Leslie is great with decorating tbh I feel she can cater to a lot of ppl. Ryan is good but he has a lot going on with decorating lol from what I’ve seen and heard. I play grand hotel mania too.

    ItsMizzyItsMizzyMonth ago
  • My solution would beeee , HAVE ANOTHER BABY and another and another and another LOL just keep having babies.

    Briana Leneé LandaBriana Leneé LandaMonth ago
  • Cute je bellamy

    Nur AzneetaNur AzneetaMonth ago
  • Sage your house with lavender

    Natausha GarciaNatausha GarciaMonth ago
  • family portraits would look better on that wall lol

    Brianna HeremanBrianna HeremanMonth ago
  • You should have a good Instagram artist come and paint some dope shit on that main wall you wanna decorate🤷🏻‍♀️

    casandra Lynncasandra LynnMonth ago
  • I don't really like when he started tapping his arm as if the game was like an injectable drug, not good promotion....

    casandra Lynncasandra LynnMonth ago
  • Yo ClickBait Game were actually fire 🔥🔥🔥

  • I am in level 16

    Thalia ClarenceThalia ClarenceMonth ago
  • Leslie should decorate lol

    Elizabeth GonzalezElizabeth GonzalezMonth ago
  • i used to put a lil drop of no sugar cherry consentrate with my breast milk and its so good for them and is a natural sleep remedy even for you guys !!!

    Heather ColemanHeather ColemanMonth ago
  • So for the big wall I think the table and the family Portraits would look great together

    Amanda BillingsAmanda BillingsMonth ago
  • The way Bellamy hugged Ryan 🥺❤

    29 tanya mangla29 tanya manglaMonth ago
  • Ryan should definitely leave the house decorations for Lesley. I hope he sees our pleads. Lesley’s style is the perfect fit for this beautiful home.

    Relebohile MakosholoRelebohile MakosholoMonth ago
  • Ryan definitely played that flute well❤️ In my culture a flute means your calling for great blessings upon our spirit people🙏 Love it💕

    Tossi_ 24Tossi_ 24Month ago
  • lets go Leslieeeeeee speakkkkkk 😂😂😂😭 we girls do everything but boys wont admit it

    Hana the CabbitHana the CabbitMonth ago
  • Yeaaa, Leslie should defend decorate

    Jasmine ValladolidJasmine ValladolidMonth ago
  • Peace sign with shoe rack it would be cool

    Albin ErikssonAlbin ErikssonMonth ago
  • Omgggg can’t believe I got a shoutout!! ❤️❤️❤️

    Sarah SookrajSarah SookrajMonth ago
  • What’s that on your neck Ryan 😂

    Letzy SanchezLetzy SanchezMonth ago
  • Love u guys🙏❤️😘 Godbless you and your family

    Breanne WatkinsBreanne WatkinsMonth ago
  • Y’all should get a sleep consultant!!! Look at the sleep shop! They work WONDERS

    Brigette SmallBrigette SmallMonth ago
  • I am so happy for you guys ❤️ to moving 😊😁 to a mansion good for Yul I've been watching your Blog from the moment Ryan met the Love ♥️❤️ of Life I was eager 😇 to see what next ever since I've been watching Love ❤️❤️ the family as for Pinkie she's such a cutie Leslie adorable Love 💕 the dimples ❤️ match mate from heaven ❤️💙 lastly interior deco and planning leave it to the pro Leslie women always knows what's best Harrios Congrats

    Vasantha ThangaveluVasantha ThangaveluMonth ago
  • Leslie should decorate😁 I LOVE the shelf idea by the tv & by the front door. But, I also like Ryan’s idea about putting an infinity sign above the front door❤️ Have you guys ask your doctor about why she’s not sleeping? There could be something causing that. If you haven’t then I would DEFINITELY consider doing it because sleeping & your mental state is very very important especially having to take care of 2 little angels! Love you guys & I hope she starts sleeping better for everyone sake in the house🥺🥰

    Kayla BrooksKayla BrooksMonth ago
  • Let's add a demon worship area. Leslie's face 😒 CFTU 🤣😂

    Sami FigueroaSami FigueroaMonth ago
  • people need to watch the damn video lol they don’t sleep in the same bed because the babies sleep in their room and wake each other up with their crying. so one parent sleeps with one kid in one room and the other sleeps with the other baby in another room. this maximizes their sleep time. they’re open to suggestions if y’all have any lol cause right now this is the only solution that works for them right now.

    Marie JonesMarie JonesMonth ago
  • Literally for probably month 2-5 my son would cryyyy all night and day and it was bad I was so sleep deprived but it just passed 🤷‍♀️ I just think all babies are different. Maybe take a drive at night to put her to sleep that would help us sometimes

    M AM AMonth ago