Dec 10, 2020
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    Debbie MaistryDebbie Maistry14 days ago
  • Hello Ryan

    Debbie MaistryDebbie Maistry14 days ago
  • Petition for Sence of humor classes from Ryan!

    live ur selflive ur self27 days ago
  • Aww it’s so cute and adorable how Bellamy want to be like Ryan twin ❤️

    Adrianna CabreraAdrianna CabreraMonth ago
  • This need to be recreated every coupl years!!

    Shelly T HalliburtonShelly T HalliburtonMonth ago
  • 10/10👍👍

    Julie QuiahuaJulie QuiahuaMonth ago
  • nova

    Zol CastZol CastMonth ago
  • I was away in treatment for over 2 months and havnt been able to watch ur guys videos 😩 but tonight it’s currently 11:22pm ima Binge watch all the vlogs so i can catch up! I missed you guys so much!!! 😭💕

    Rediscovering EmelyRediscovering EmelyMonth ago
  • Ok know pinky the gangster 😎😎😎

    Emma EliasEmma Elias2 months ago
  • 10/10 i love ur videos i want u guys to post more vids i love uuu

    ItsUrGirlSonia StillItsUrGirlSonia Still2 months ago
  • is it just me or did anyone else notice that Ryan is wearing retainers

    RuDynastyRuDynasty2 months ago
  • Aww he wish he had a boy 👦 to do this 😟🥺

    diana francodiana franco2 months ago
  • This is just too cute!

    Stephanie JacksonStephanie Jackson2 months ago
  • this is the cutest , 10/10

    S S NS S N2 months ago
  • Omg this video was just perfect 💙💙💙💙💙❤❤❤❤

    Yuri GutierrezYuri Gutierrez2 months ago
  • Omg shes soooo cute !!!!

    Yuri GutierrezYuri Gutierrez2 months ago
  • When leslie is looking a Ryan like daaaammmmnnnn baby you look like a snack 😂😂😂💀

    Yuri GutierrezYuri Gutierrez2 months ago
  • aww his face when he found out also you do a Ryan being Bellamy or Bellami and Leslie looks good

    Anna ForeverAnna Forever2 months ago
  • 10

    Lexie PhelpsLexie Phelps2 months ago

    venice ngvenice ng2 months ago
  • She so cute🥺💖

  • 🔥🔥❤️❤️

    Tiffany GormleyTiffany Gormley2 months ago
  • Can we do a petition to get answers about their other dog?

    Maggie BeeMaggie Bee2 months ago
  • I love this!❤️👏

    Monalicious92 VlogsMonalicious92 Vlogs2 months ago
  • Honestly it was straight vibes when they were at the park. Just a cute lil family enjoying their day at the park, the weather, the way the sky was looking😍😍😇

    Brooklynn RodriguezBrooklynn Rodriguez3 months ago
  • Love you guys Your wife looks exactly like Mulan ❤❤

    Hakam KtaishHakam Ktaish3 months ago
  • How you gonna put on Adidas from head to ankles and then throw on some ugly Nikes? Some Adidas NMD R1s would have killed it.

    Drunk RidesDrunk Rides3 months ago
  • Super nice camera bro, what camera do you use 🙌

    Gig AlenzGig Alenz3 months ago
  • Ryan want a baby boy soo much 😂

    é o que é fazer o queé o que é fazer o que3 months ago
  • I followed all of your all’s Instagrams and I already have been subscribed to your channel. Love you guys and thanks for the great content! $kayallard

    Kayla AllardKayla Allard3 months ago
  • Cute video #acealaina #alainachadha

    Ace AlainaAce Alaina3 months ago
  • I loved how she sat through all that drawing... Beautiful baby girl... All you guys have gorgeous kids.. you, Catherine and Austin and Landon n Shyla

    Vanessa MorenoVanessa Moreno3 months ago
  • I like to see your channel but lait of camera shaking it's a headache to watch forward backward wayyyyy tooo much stopppp

    Saumya PalSaumya Pal3 months ago
  • This freaking video made my day!!!!

    Laurina SebaklimLaurina Sebaklim3 months ago
  • Done! Your family is a literal inspiration X

    Hayley FarrantHayley Farrant3 months ago
  • What happened to Toby ?????

    Estefany FelipeEstefany Felipe3 months ago
  • Que paso con el otro perrito que tenian?? Lo dieron en adopción, o murio?

    Jessica ValenzuelaJessica Valenzuela3 months ago
  • Ur both such giving people! Love the baby pug :)

    T CTGT CTG3 months ago
  • awww this is my favorite family on yt🥺🥰the most real one too

    your girl daniyour girl dani3 months ago
  • Her name should we Milly that is a cute name.

  • Done both things

    All About TheaAll About Thea3 months ago
  • Bellmy is so pretty.. 😍😍😍

    BerMark AndanzaBerMark Andanza3 months ago
  • ghghghghf

    Hamen ThintuepHamen Thintuep3 months ago
  • L O V E L O V E L O V E L O V E L O V

    Shishir Kana AdhikariShishir Kana Adhikari3 months ago
  • D U R B A R O Y

    Shishir Kana AdhikariShishir Kana Adhikari3 months ago
  • I just loved this video!!!!!

    Krystal HillKrystal Hill3 months ago
  • Where’s their other kid?

    AMG FASTAMG FAST3 months ago
  • Stitch.

    cath collinscath collins3 months ago
  • Omg I love you guys❤️❤️

    Renee RutherfordRenee Rutherford3 months ago
  • Omg lil lilo 🥰lil Ryan 😂💖

    Ernestine BalosErnestine Balos3 months ago
  • aww merry Christmas... love you guys

    It’s NattyIt’s Natty3 months ago
  • Love you guys you are a beautiful family ❤️😘

    Santa SolisSanta Solis3 months ago
  • He looks like B-rad from Malibus most wanted 😂

    Fonsnslei FineFonsnslei Fine4 months ago
  • All 2 things DONE

    Nickelle BrownNickelle Brown4 months ago
  • she looks like a mini Lilo

    axavilla :Daxavilla :D4 months ago
  • Pinky looks just like Ryan 💯 love the outfit and tattoos 🥰

    Mani PowarMani Powar4 months ago
  • Nobody is mentioning the fact that she called Ryan, Austin at 9:36😳🤨

    Ava McDonnellAva McDonnell4 months ago
    • No Leslie didn’t say Austin’s name. Geez.

      Forever Meow!Forever Meow!3 months ago
    • She said “no that’s to many dogs”

      Namjoon BoobsNamjoon Boobs3 months ago
  • I do

    Cierra’s LifeCierra’s Life4 months ago
  • I love it

    Lydia WatkinsLydia Watkins4 months ago
  • So adorable and funny

    Fallon GoodayFallon Gooday4 months ago
  • Awwww his reaction that so nice of you guy's😭❤❤

    Anna GeraldAnna Gerald4 months ago
  • her eyebrow

    The johnson famThe johnson fam4 months ago
  • Yeah, that’s not tacky at all to put a naked woman tattoo on a babygirl! She need the butt cheek tat like he has too & I don’t see the one on the side that going on part to his stomach. Ryan needs a pink binky! Pugs are my favorite. Is Lilo a boy or girl?! Bellame is doing better with the mask than Ryan was! “Hold onto my legs” *holds sides of slide* 🤣 Lilo is so fast! Why wasn’t she on a leash?! What the hell does that mean he said he was with his daughter his pug.. does he already have one cause if so then he doesn’t need another one! Ridiculous. I love the snowman box.. that would even make me happy! Bellame’s face was like that’s my puppy! When did they get their car that crazy purple wrap?! I swear they don’t post too often it’s hard to keep up with what’s going on with them! That gift looks like it’s for older girls than bellame!

    We are D & V OrozcoWe are D & V Orozco4 months ago
  • Awww this made me cry 😢 love u guys❤️

    Frances RiveraFrances Rivera4 months ago
  • Leslie sounds similar to Catherine.

    Veronica Ramos-LopezVeronica Ramos-Lopez4 months ago
  • cute

    Reidy88Reidy884 months ago
  • Cash app : paradiseblu

    Paradise HinojosaParadise Hinojosa4 months ago
  • Awww she's so cute he should name her preciosa or ermosa

    Destiny RuizDestiny Ruiz4 months ago
  • "He love her" talkin bout Bellamy.. Lmao sus give him a son lol

    Neijak ElbonNeijak Elbon4 months ago
  • I love your guy’s vibes!! Keep it up❣️happy holidays

    Gema AlvaradoGema Alvarado4 months ago
  • She’s so adorable! Love you guys 🤍👁

    Harmony JadeHarmony Jade4 months ago
  • What happened to Toby?

    Kostandina NikollaKostandina Nikolla4 months ago
  • Pugs are so loving dogs 100% they know when ur sad sick or depressed . I'm so lucky to have a boy pug . I called him my baby boy he truly made me change how I used to feel about dogs or any pet. 💜🐶🐕

    martika100 arredondomartika100 arredondo4 months ago
  • 🥰😍🥰Bellamy is literally the cutest 1 year old u guys💖💖💖💖

    Nickelle BrownNickelle Brown4 months ago
  • This is so cute and adorable. Love it!!!

    Stacey HazlettStacey Hazlett4 months ago
  • The only reason I subscribe is because they are amazing people and say thing that are amazing words💖

    Jissel RiveraJissel Rivera4 months ago
  • Eric low key cute 🤣🤣🤷🏼‍♀️😍😩

    Izzy JeanIzzy Jean4 months ago
  • Where is your golden retriever

    Diana GranadosDiana Granados4 months ago
  • Omgggg, Bellamy is such a daddys girl 😭😭💖 But love how she soo cute & lets him paint on her arm ✨ Much much love to yalll 💗💗

    Jackyy M.Jackyy M.4 months ago
  • this vid was too funny

    Stacey HamptonStacey Hampton4 months ago
  • Can you switch lives for 24 hours

    Jimena MarJimena Mar4 months ago
  • 4:08 Ryan is looking so fit these days. 7:33 That looks pretty accurate with those fake tats that Ryan painted on. 17:58 Awww his reaction is just priceless. :O

    Kara_Reed: The DreamerKara_Reed: The Dreamer4 months ago
  • Follow you guys both on social and USworlds !!!!!! Love you guys so much 💛 so inspiring and genuine !!

    Marissa KukicMarissa Kukic4 months ago
  • I love this!

    Yazmin AmbrizYazmin Ambriz4 months ago
  • salve do Brasil 🇧🇷

    Lucas Gabriel Reis MesquitaLucas Gabriel Reis Mesquita4 months ago
  • I love this omg cuteeeeeee love thisssssss yall so cutteeeee

    eleanor Phillipeleanor Phillip4 months ago
  • Whats that song called at 12:53

    G.f1105G.f11054 months ago
  • Bellamy is so beautiful 😍😍😍❤️

    Maria AshleyMaria Ashley4 months ago
  • Baby girl so cute. What a nice gesture 🥺🥺

    Jailene CurielJailene Curiel4 months ago
  • Embrace the struggle so true

    The Lundy FamilyThe Lundy Family4 months ago
  • Aw she’s such a daddy’s girl 🥺🥺🥺❤️

    Maggie CasillasMaggie Casillas4 months ago
  • Twinnnnies😍😍😍😍 love u so much

    Ana BurkadzeAna Burkadze4 months ago
  • Where is it’ll

    laahmed1990laahmed19904 months ago
  • OMG..her curls...goodness me..😍😍❤❤

    Ale Tamang RaiAle Tamang Rai4 months ago
  • Done❤❤

    Vunene ShivuriVunene Shivuri4 months ago
  • Good morning

    Aliyah nievesAliyah nieves4 months ago
  • Really good 👍 I know that I will be the best 👌 in my world 🌎 and we can do that and then you have a lot more to me to me than that ❤ you have a good life ❤ 💙

    Aliyah nievesAliyah nieves4 months ago
  • Aww Bellamy is soo cuteee🥺🥺❤️❤️

    Aleena HernandezAleena Hernandez4 months ago
  • i’m not crying 😭

    Badgaal ChiiBadgaal Chii4 months ago
  • you should do her mom realy cool

    trapp famtrapp fam4 months ago