Jan 13, 2021
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Shout out to my videographer @vidriotv
!! Go show love to his socials! You’ll see why when you watch the video 😂
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  • She has to baby

    Jaycee HuntJaycee Hunt22 days ago
  • I really want one of these how do I got about it thanks

    Cerys GriffithsCerys Griffiths29 days ago
  • Oh my! Poor little thing, I honestly can't imagine how someone can be so cruel to deliver a living creature like that. It makes me so sick 😭😭.

    Emeraude RooseEmeraude RooseMonth ago
  • I don't know why you're all giving them stick over this.. you all do realise animals are shipped all the time? Look at the reptile community, insect, spiders and aquatic animals. Shipped all the time....

    RachelRachelMonth ago
  • Me watching this 👁👄👁 eww ewww ewww ewww ewwww omg eww

    Diana MendozaDiana Mendoza2 months ago
  • The way this was delivered. Disgusting. Unsubscribed.

    V MV M2 months ago
  • Wtf?

    Lucia GarciaLucia Garcia2 months ago
  • Bellamy gives me an angel vibes 😎 . She is sooo beautiful 😍✨❤

    Holly KellyHolly Kelly2 months ago
  • Omggg my sons name is Phoenix !!

    Jen SabatisJen Sabatis2 months ago
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Adijat AremuAdijat Aremu2 months ago
  • 11:07.. he didn’t eat the roach

    Leanna BellerLeanna Beller2 months ago
  • You should’ve put the cockroaches in her food so she tried them.

    Samantha FayeSamantha Faye2 months ago
  • Baba

    Robertomm. JamisonRobertomm. Jamison2 months ago
  • Nice content😍 #acealaina

    Ace AlainaAce Alaina2 months ago
  • a lizard

    Kara DobbinsKara Dobbins2 months ago
  • There is sooooo much wrong with this video 1 the fact that a living creature was put in a horrific circumstance to be brought to them 2 YOU exposed you address so DONT complain when weirdos show up 3 and most importantly where the HELL WAS YOUR MASK you put that driver in jeopardy your not even supposed to approach them 🙄 4 you can’t babysit YOUR OWN KIDS

    Robinette LatoyiaRobinette Latoyia2 months ago
  • SpongeBob sguarapants 🧽

    Carlos LermaCarlos Lerma2 months ago
  • l’m so scared

    Federico JuarezFederico Juarez2 months ago
  • Awww wow 😊

    Jamie Lee AshtonJamie Lee Ashton2 months ago
  • Honestly I'm just wondering why they haven't deleted the clip of their address after they had people scoping out their house.

    Katie HilkertKatie Hilkert2 months ago
    • @Pablo Lovie I get that now. But their house was almost broken into after they posted that video. They should've taken it down as soon as they realized but they didn't 🤔 But instead they posted another video our house got broken into. Right?! Because you left your address up for the world to see...

      Katie HilkertKatie Hilkert2 months ago
    • because they are moving anyway so it won't matter

      Pablo LoviePablo Lovie2 months ago
  • At first I thought it was a dog but he got out of a fedex package 😂😂

    KandieKandie2 months ago
  • wowww oor animal shame them

    Ariana batistaAriana batista2 months ago
  • Si it a dog 🐶 because i dont play tje video

    Mishqah MishqahMishqah Mishqah2 months ago
  • Everyone concerned about the animal in the box but what about the camera in the restroom 🤔🤔🤔

    Isabel MolinaIsabel Molina2 months ago
  • I love all animals but I couldn’t have a bearded dragon because of what they eat but I recently found out >>>> that they actually make a Jell-O substance for them that is the same nutrition they need as the bugs give them so it’s like a win-win the bearded dragon still gets all his nutrition and everything and we don’t have to feed them bugs. !!!!

    Arriana CarterArriana Carter2 months ago
  • A turtle

    Aliyah VillaAliyah Villa2 months ago
  • Ryan delete or edit this! Your address is showing and people are looking your house up!!!!!

    Susan CorrotoSusan Corroto2 months ago
  • What happened to Toby?

    Nicole CNicole C2 months ago
  • everyone please unsubscribe****

    pigtail cronutpigtail cronut2 months ago
  • He said he probably smells something down dare and it was close to her crack like hmm okay rayan what you trying to say 😂😂😂😂 lol

    GOMEZGOMEZ2 months ago
  • I didn’t know animals could be delivered via Fed Ex! Wow. So unfair to animals though.

    LiLi2 months ago
  • i just subscribe the through our eyes

    jeana ioriojeana iorio2 months ago
  • They can make nest anywhere they go so be careful of what u do 🤢

    Nohemi QNohemi Q2 months ago
  • Anyone else wondering who the baby is

    Tayjah RaniTayjah Rani2 months ago
  • Why is this video still up? They should take it down because of their address

    Stephenie MangharamStephenie Mangharam2 months ago
  • New puppy!!!

    Fara XxFara Xx2 months ago

    Niners BabyNiners Baby2 months ago
  • Had to rewatch this one after todays to see where they messed up! I didn't even notice! Next will be them moving!!💜🙏

    Sammielovely18Sammielovely182 months ago
    • @Imari Wood I way! I got the address the first try

      Susan CorrotoSusan Corroto2 months ago
    • @Imari Wood no sadly you can still see it clearly on a phone, i can see it. Wish it wasnt so though

      Stephanie SinghStephanie Singh2 months ago
    • Same

      Buhle GumpuBuhle Gumpu2 months ago
    • Right and the sad part is, someone really has to pause at the right moment to see the info on the package and they have to have a source that would produce a clear picture smh, I'm watching from my phone and no matter where I pause it was still blurry.

      Imari WoodImari Wood2 months ago
  • I couldn’t see address that quick.

    gennie jeffersongennie jefferson2 months ago

      Anahlysa GonzalesAnahlysa Gonzales2 months ago
  • Is this the vid where their address got leaked

    chimchim_ 3chimchim_ 32 months ago
  • Make sure you mix up his food here and there, Like Crickets, Meal Worms, and Greens With Vitamin D Powder , I’ve Raised reptiles for 15 years now so just thought I’d give a little advice 💯❤️

    Sonia RicanSonia Rican2 months ago
  • Ryan plz edit ur address out of there, be safe

    Shayla PillayShayla Pillay2 months ago
  • Thats the most disgusting thing 🥺🥺😨😨😨😰😰 !!!!🦎

    Rihab AlnatourRihab Alnatour2 months ago
  • this video was hysterical !!! lmaooo

    Ciarra BonaventuraCiarra Bonaventura2 months ago
  • A new family members

    Yesenia PerezYesenia Perez2 months ago
  • Taking her phone in the b room. Y

    Kevin AntonioKevin Antonio2 months ago
  • Y’all gotta stop leaking y’all’s address. I found it on Zillow. It’s 1.3 million and beautiful It was listed for sale on the 24th this month 🤔 Omg they are selling their house, I bet they are about to move into a new house soon.

    Alicia YoungAlicia Young2 months ago
  • Wym you will baby sit?those are ur kids u are the dad

    Britney WrightBritney Wright2 months ago
  • Cool! I have a bearded dragon myself

    Nic taylorNic taylor2 months ago
  • I’ve never seen anything this strange people actually inviting roaches into their home and feeding them 😂 it creeps me out!

    Shenanesse CruzShenanesse Cruz2 months ago
  • I don't know????

    Addi EdgestonAddi Edgeston2 months ago
  • She so smart

    YTM MidnsetYTM Midnset2 months ago
  • Hi

    Veerindra RameshVeerindra Ramesh2 months ago
  • You guys should do a video explaining what happened to toby, if you still have him, or why he is never in the videos. Please and also I love you vids:)

    Billayja JohnsonBillayja Johnson2 months ago
  • Biggest click bait USworlds award.. .

    Lauren Le RouxLauren Le Roux2 months ago
  • So the baby lizard was taken from its Momma shipped inside a sealed box 📦 and had to sit over night or 2 nights in a mail delivery room I’m so disappointed 😞 I’m heartbroken 💔

    Tabitha BurnsTabitha Burns3 months ago
    • And they r the same people to claim to b vegan

      Fitness RoomFitness Room2 months ago
  • Omg what if a roach 🪳 gets out and Mayes and has tons of babies then the house would be full of roach babies scary😂

    Tabitha BurnsTabitha Burns3 months ago
  • You leaked your address Ryan 😞!! Like why 🙃

    Daniela TorresDaniela Torres3 months ago
  • Baby doll

    Tyiana MinterTyiana Minter3 months ago
  • ❤️ New subscriber..🙏 Cute video my friends 🤠 and have a great weekend to you all See you again . Thanks dear 🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️

    champ artchamp art3 months ago
  • So you guys ordered a living creature through the mail? Ummmm.......

    Adriana DiazAdriana Diaz3 months ago
  • SMH

    Jessica CarrascoJessica Carrasco3 months ago
  • My neighbor has one that’s almost identical named Phoenix too 😂

    Meghan McclainMeghan Mcclain3 months ago
  • Ok for everyone concerned, there are ok ways to ship live animals. In this case it wasn’t the best bc the bearded dragon was in shedding which is already a stressful state in itself. And it’s definitely not helping getting adjusted to a new home with all that screaming and immediate exposure to anything and everything in such a small period of time. But I do believe they are going to take great care of Phoenix. They will learn more as they go so stop bashing them please.

    Tyerra MaxieTyerra Maxie3 months ago
    • All the screaming out of Lesley and she new Ryan was going to be prancing her the pranks are all fake ASF but still love Ryan

      Hanna RobinsonHanna Robinson3 months ago
  • Lmao try the cockroaches here texas.. They're huge asf.

    Kenisha AKenisha A3 months ago
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      John JohnJohn John3 months ago
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  • Remember when Ryan said cholondroni instead of chilindrina 😂😅

    Jolisa UrbanoJolisa Urbano3 months ago
  • Imagine that box getting thrown around. Poor creature. 💔

    rouy babrouy bab3 months ago
    • @Jazlynn Rivera ikrrr that literally just broke my heart when I read this

      Monique KMonique K2 months ago
    • Shut up

      Jazlynn RiveraJazlynn Rivera2 months ago
    • 😔

      Niners BabyNiners Baby2 months ago
  • We need a family intro

    Adriana && Joshua VlogsAdriana && Joshua Vlogs3 months ago

    lily johnsonlily johnson3 months ago
  • 0.44 READ THE BOX

    lily johnsonlily johnson3 months ago
  • Slowly but surely adding everyone back

    kenny_wuukenny_wuu3 months ago
  • Just curious did anyone ever actually show up at there house??? Lol wonder what they would do if fans show up

    Brisa CastroBrisa Castro3 months ago
  • Ryan: “ill babysit the kids for a whole week” Me - What???.... Dads don’t “babysit”... Dads are parents just like moms, and if it’s YOUR OWN kids its NOT called babysitting.... 🤦‍♀️💯 No hate on them, i love their channel, but him saying that just made me be like wow😳

    Halee BlaylockHalee Blaylock3 months ago
  • When leslies head popped out of the bathroom 🤣 I chocked on my coffee

    Blanca CarrBlanca Carr3 months ago
  • So what happened to their other dog Toby.? Did I miss a vlog.

    Salinas. with.SSalinas. with.S3 months ago
  • How do you baby sit your own kids?

    Catalina MartinezCatalina Martinez3 months ago
  • I love animals!!

    L.R AndinoL.R Andino3 months ago
  • Snake

    Brittany ButtacavoliBrittany Buttacavoli3 months ago
  • This is animal cruelty on a whole other level

    jeen jansenjeen jansen3 months ago
  • This is such CLICKBAIT

    Christy DunnChristy Dunn3 months ago
  • Leslie and Ryan need to cover the house address on that white box package that you got pet lizard

    Tahiya ParveenTahiya Parveen3 months ago
  • Can it even breathe????!!!!

    Fernanda BarrancoFernanda Barranco3 months ago
  • I think it's going to be a rat

    maria villegasmaria villegas3 months ago
  • The camera man tho

    A-esh aA-esh a3 months ago
  • Is a doll

    Elizabeth RiveraElizabeth Rivera3 months ago
  • He's beautiful idk maybe it's a lizer I'm not sure 🦋

    sunflower fruitysunflower fruity3 months ago
  • That’s such a cool animal! I just hope he had a safe travel with the way he was shipped

    Brittany KellyBrittany Kelly3 months ago
  • Was Phoenix in that Fedax box???how was breathing? He is so cuuuuuteee♥️♥️♥️🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦

    Christian & ZiyaChristian & Ziya3 months ago
  • Omg He's So Cute 🥰🥰

    JanetJanet3 months ago
  • I can’t believe they packaged and shipped a live animal in a bag?? Are you fr? This is messed up. He is probably traumatised. These things need to be with nature not in captivity

    Miaaa JuneMiaaa June3 months ago
  • You need another one so Phoenix isn't lonely

    Karmen LetourneauKarmen Letourneau3 months ago
  • Who paid attention to them saying a father of 4 not 3 but 4? BTW love u guys keep up the good work.

    Saba KathiramalaiSaba Kathiramalai3 months ago
  • I didn’t know they deliver animals

    Maria AlfaroMaria Alfaro3 months ago
  • So we just going to ignore the fact that he straight up showed his address lmao

    Christian NajeraChristian Najera3 months ago
  • She said father of 4!!!! Is she pregnant????

    Azo NkemAzo Nkem3 months ago
    • No 2 kids, 1 dog and now 1 bearded dragon

      Heather HarrisHeather Harris3 months ago
  • Well I guess that’s means they got rid of the white dog that Ryan got for her that she said she always wanted. I wander what happened she seemed very very excited at first. Does anyone know.

    Ruby RobertsRuby Roberts3 months ago
  • Love you Ryan and Leslie ur babies are beautiful 😍😘

    judy Kinnyjudy Kinny3 months ago
  • It's is soooooo bad the way it's was delivered 💔💔💔never thought rayn and leisle will ever support this type of act

    Yisum Bagra 038Yisum Bagra 0383 months ago
  • i love how she isn’t scared . bellamy is all over him

    Jessica’sWorldJessica’sWorld3 months ago